Staff Directory - BBB of Central, Northern & Western Arizona


Matthew Fehling, President & CEO

Helen Esquilin, Vice President of Finance

Dory Gosar, BBB Foundation Director

Daniel Marin, Director of Facilities Strategies & Logistics
    Amanda Brost, Community Concierge

Human Resources
Noelle Rooke, Director of People & Culture

Felicia Thompson Vice President of Communications
    Faustine Chan, Communications & Events Manager
        Marilynn Quintana, Communications Assistant (student-worker)
    Myriam Cruz, Director of Community Relations* 
    Helen Grayek, Historian
    Rachel Harner, Director of Creative Services 
        Jake Roberts, Digital Video Producer
        Michael Lluvera, Creative Services Specialist

BBB Accreditation Promotion
Chad Frank, Director of Digital Services and Brand Development
    Deric Millis, Account Manager (based in Yuma)
    Katie Schaab, Community Marketing Executive
    Marc Manzi, BBB Accredited Business Representative

BBB Accredited Business Services
Koriann Morales, Vice President of BBB Services
    Samantha Oberdank, Systems Coordinator     

    Quality Control
    Crystal Furnival, Director of Accredited Business Services 
    Teresa Henderson, Billing Support Specialist
    Alex Wade, Senior BBB Accredited Business Support Specialist
    Joanna Holt, Accredited Business Support Specialist
    Stephanie Peckham, BBB Accredited Business Support Specialist     

Marissa May, Director of Operations

    Conciliation & Engagement
    Chris Marder, Conciliation & Engagement Specialist
    Claudia Lozano, Conciliation & Engagement Specialist*
    Jasmine HillConciliation & Engagement Specialist
    Karina Rodesno, Conciliation & Engagement Specialist*
    Marie Garcia, Conciliation & Engagement Specialist
    Nichole WinfieldConciliation & Engagement Specialist

    Trade Practices & Investigations
    Alexis Patterson, Trade Practices & Investigations Specialist
    Brittney Williams, Trade Practices & Investigations Specialist

    Customer Service
    Earline Adams, Office Coordinator
    Tiffany Johnson, Information Specialist

Business Relations (BR)
John Ponder, Vice President of Business Relations
    Brian Lawler, Business Relations Liaison
    Esenia Solano, Business Relations Liaison

    Ann Campbell, BR Representative, 602-212-2247
    Carol Ohlund, BR Representative, 602-212-2217
    Carolyn Morrison, BR Representative, 602-212-2250
    Cesar Montiel, BR Representative*, 602- 212-2256
    Charles Avery, BR Representative, 602-212-2239
    Colton Ohlund, BR Representative, 602-449-3960
    Craig Bolger, BR Representative, 602-449-3961
    Dorothy Burbank, BR Representative, 602-212-2206
    Edith Strickland, BR Representative, 602-212-2212
    Justin Medard, BR Representative, 602-449-3962
    Justin Ralph, BR Representative, 602-212-2200
    Kathleen Baker, BR Representative, 602-212-2249
    Kathleen Oliver, BR Representative, 602-200-0794
    Lisa Davis, BR Representative, 602- 212-2225
    Luann Hardy, BR Representative, 602-212-2248
    Mariano Valdez, BR Representative, 602-449-3963
    Michael O'Quinn, BR Representative, 602-449-3964
    Norman "Sonny" Sonnenberg, BR Representative, 602-449-3965
    Pam Whitaker, BR Representative, 602-212-2234
    Paulina Kacprowicz, BR Representative, 602-449-3966
    Renee Cavallaro, BR Representative, 602-449-3967
    Ruth Ann Laurila, BR Representative, 602-212-2208
    Stephen Farinella, BR Representative, 602-212-2236
    Steve Leal, BR Representative, 602-212-2238
    Sue Pitzell, BR Representative, 602-212-2204
    Theresa Mohle, BR Representative, 602-212-2206
    Toby Harris, BR Representative, 602-449-3969

    Regional Directors
    Bob Cote, Regional Business Relations Director
    Guy Zee, Regional Business Relations Director
    Traci Caroll, Regional Business Relations Director

Mohave County Campus
Elaine Cullen, Regional Director

Yavapai County Campus
Marilyn Huffman, Regional Director

Yuma Branch Campus
Janet Torricellas, Regional Director*

* Denotes Spanish Language Contacts