Staff Directory - BBB of Central, Northern & Western Arizona


Matthew Fehling, President & CEO

Helen Esquilin, Vice President of Finance

Dory Gosar, BBB Foundation Director

Human Resources
Noelle Rooke, Director of People & Culture

Felicia Thompson Vice President of Communications
    Faustine Chan, Sr. Communications & Events Specialist
    Myriam Cruz, Director of Community Relations* 
    Rachel Harner, Creative Services Manager
         Andrea Camacho-Tiznado, Digital Video Producer*

BBB Accreditation Promotion
Chad Frank, Director of Digital Services and Brand Development
    Andrea Garcia, Community Marketing Executive*
    Katie Schaab, Community Marketing Executive

BBB Accredited Business Services
Koriann Morales, Vice President of BBB Services
    Quality Control
 Esenia Solano, Accredited Business Support Manager*
    Crystal Furnival, Quality Assurance Specialist
    Brenda Oropeza, IT Coordinator*
    Alex Wade, BBB Accredited Business Support Specialist
    Stephanie Peckham, BBB Accredited Business Support Specialist     

Marissa May, Director of Operations

    Dispute Resolution (DR)
    Cheyenne Plutchak, DR Consultant
    Karina Rodesno, DR Consultant
    Kelly Gilbert, DR Consultant
    Lyndsey Mullens, DR Consultant
    Marie Garcia, DR Consultant
    Nichole Winfield, DR Consultant
    Teresa Henderson, DR Consultant
    Samantha Oberdank, DR Analyst

    Investigations & Advertising Review
    Catherine Ralls, Trade Practices & Investigations Specialist
    Marisa Zavala, Bilingual Trade Practices & Investigations Specialist*
    Marissa Fellows, Trade Practices & Investigations Specialist
    Carol Dockstader, Special Projects Assistant
        Customer Service
        Earline Adams, Office Coordinator
        Helen Grayek, CS Representative

Business Relations
Tony Barlow, Vice President of Business Relations
    Brian Lawler, Business Relations Liaison  
    Marc Manzi, BBB Accredited Business Representative
    Beth Kahn, Business Relations Representative
    Cesar Montiel, Business Relations Representative*
    Charles Avery, Business Realtions Representative
    Faye DeBough, Business Relations Representative
    Gina Benavides, Business Relations Representative
    Jarred Hoffman, Business Relations Representative
    Joann Powers, Business Relations Representative
    Justin Ralph, Business Relations Representative
    Lisa Davis, Business Relations Representative
    Mark Borden, Business Relations Representative
    Pam Whitaker, Business Relations Representative
    Ruth Ann Laurila, Business Relations Representative
    Shelley Ericson, Business Relations Representative
    Stephen Farinella, Business Relations Representative
    Steve Leal, Business Relations Representative
    Tonya Griffin-Brown, Business Realtions Representative

Mohave County Branch Office
Elaine Cullen, Director

Yavapai County Branch Office
Tracie Schimikowsky, Director
     Marilyn Huffman, Customer Service Representative

Yuma Branch Office
Janet Torricellas, Director*

* Denotes Spanish Language Contacts