BBB Alert: Crimesense name being used by scammers to defraud local businesses

October 01, 2013

Local area company, Vantage Publishing Group Corp., has provided the Better Business Bureau with the following alert.


WARNING: Crimesense name being used by scammers to defraud local businesses

It has come to our attention that businesses in the Ottawa area are being harassed by calls from individuals who are soliciting advertising sales claiming to be affiliated with Vantage Publishing Group and Crimesense Magazine. According to clients who have contacted us, these individuals refer to their product as a “police magazine”. They exhibit rude and aggressive behaviour on the phone. In one instance an individual by the name of “Matt Green” phoned a prospective business using a private number and attempted to secure advertising support for a “police magazine”. Once the business agreed he gave them Vantage Publishing Group’s phone number and arranged to pick up payment.

Vantage Publishing Group takes this situation very seriously. We are not affiliated with a “police magazine” or “Matt Green”. This is a blatant misrepresentation of our company name and magazine.

Our sales staff treats every interaction with our clients with the highest respect and professionalism. All advertising purchased through Vantage Publishing is done in our office using land lines and the number appears on caller display. All sales are confirmed by email and hard copy. We will never insist on picking up payment.

To ensure you are interacting with a person representing Crimesense Magazine or Vantage Publishing Group consider the following:

- Confirm with the caller that they are indeed from Vantage Publishing Group.

- Take the name of the caller and indicate that you will call them back at 613-724-9907.

- If you have received an invoice ensure that Vantage Publishing Group is clearly displayed and that the address and information matches that of Vantage Publishing. When in doubt find the HST# and confirm with CRA that the number does in fact match with the company.

- Vantage Publishing will never insist on sending someone to pick up payment.

- Ensure all transaction are made out to:
Vantage Publishing Group
40 Colonnade Rd. N
Ottawa ON K2E 7J6

If you have committed to advertise in the “police magazine” and believe that you have been defrauded please make every effort to cancel any cheques or credit card transactions with your bank and call the Ottawa Police fraud division at 613-236-1222, ext. 5433