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To advertise affiliation with the BBB, Accredited Businesses must meet accreditation standards and these additional standards:

  1. accredited businesses must be in business in the BBB's service area for not less than one year (unless the principals previously operated a firm with a satisfactory record in this or another BBB's service area or the firm is a branch of an existing accredited business that has met the standards), and

  2. in the case of unresolved complaints, the accredited businesses must agree to participate in and comply with any decisions rendered through a formal dispute settlement process.

BBB Accredited Businesses may identify themselves in print and broadcast advertising (newspapers, periodicals, billboards, posters, telephone, TV and radio ads, flyers and direct mail), in yellow page or other directories, on business cards, and on stationery, invoices, facsimile cover sheets and other business documents solely in the service area of the BBB or BBBs with which they have signed a license agreement. BBB Accredited Businesses may also display a BBB Accredited Business decal or magnet on company-owned or -operated vehicles.