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01/15/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Total Home/Bath Depot mislead me in a contract for renovations of my home of which they abandonned due to my dissatisfaction of the product provided.
On September 9th of 2014, I presented myself to ********** where I was searching for guidance on the layout of my proposed bathroom, and more specifically I was seeking options to fit a narrow bathtub. I was given books to review and an appointment was scheduled for an onsite visit the next morning. When the Bathroom salesman ******* visited my home, he recognized that work was also being planned for the kitchen,dining and bedroom areas, of which would require structural work. ***** notified me that ********** also has Total Home Renovations, who could do all of this work and encouraged me to consider another visit with the owner *******. I shared with ***** what my ideas were, that I had contacted cabinet makers, and that I had contacted some architechts however none had returned my calls yet. He told that Total Home will arrange for an architecht too, and those drawings would make it easier for permits. He assured that a downpayment would pay for the architecht and would be applied to the cost of the overall project, should they receive the job. Our discussion included that ***************************************************************** *** **************************************** once the pricing was complete, that we could remove elements of work as discused. I received a phone call the next day that ***** had forgotten his tablet, and I agreed to drop it off. When I arrived at the store, ***** and ***** were present. After a short introduction and discussion, I confirmed that they would engage an architecht, and I agreed that I would provide the required deposit of $2500.00. An appointment was set for September 16th, 2014. On Sept 16th, ***** and ***** attended my home. I explained the layout again to both of them, and provided the required deposit of $2500.00 by cheque ****. The contract reads, "Fee of 2500 for plans to be able to price job as per new layout." The cheque was cashed September 19th.
************, a plumber, ************ and assistant attended my residence. ***** engaged in conversation with the architecht mostly, however on a few occasions I interupted to correct and clarify the detail i was seeking.
On October 6th, I received a call that the plans and quote were ready and scheduled a meeting for Oct 10th. I went to ********** to meet with ***** and ***** to discuss the plans and pricing. I was quite disappointed at the Quote that I was provided, since it was scribbled in pencil on one sheet of paper, undated, and listed as follows;
Sink, Faucet, Bud $600
Kitchen Cabinets Bud $1800
Counter Top Bud # 500
Bathroom Complete $16544
Drywall, walls ceiling
flooring dining room Kitchen
bedroom door
Beams Labour $15530
Permit $300
HST 4562
This quote did not take into account the features of the design that I was clear about wanting, did not include such things as electrical work, and appeared quite inaccurate in pricing and planning for the kitchen cabinets.
I was also disappointed to see that the plans were in error in more than three places where structural work would be involved, and that a layout plan for the bathroom/bathtub was not included. I raised my disappointment when asked if I was satisfied. I received high defence from both ***** and *****, until ************ provided me with the permit application and the "Draftman's" ******************************** stamped copies of the drawings.
I contacted the draftsman to seek correction to plan and asked him of the protocol for this engagement with Total Home. He told that he would contact Total Home, since they hired him, and he would get back to me. **** returned a call to me on the same day, and told that Total Home said that he would need to deal with me directly, since they did not expect to receive the contract for work.***** returned to my home to determine the corrections necessary and charged me for an additional four hours of work. I received the revised plans from***** and paid an additional $339 on October 24th

Desired Settlement
I am seeking a refund of $2500 less the monies paid from Total Home to *************************** in September of 2014.
I am seeking further refund of the $339 that I paid to ************ to correct the plans of Total Home.

Business Response
Sept 10, 2014 our salesman ***** arrived at the customers house for an estimate. After looking at the size of the project and work involved, ***** informed the customer that there would be a $2500.00 fee for to bring a carpenter and architect on site. The customer agreed and she made an appointment for a second visit with ***** and ******
On Sept 16, 2014 ***** and ***** went to the house an went over the customers ideas and looked at the work that the customer had began on their own. A contract was written for "Fee of 2500.00 for plans to be able to price job as per new layout". It was signed and paid for by the customer.
On Sept 19, 2014 ******************* (Total Home Centre Carpenter),*** ( a Licensed Plumber)and **** the architect arrived at the customers house. Measurements were taken and ***** went up in the attic to inspect the framing. The ideas for the renovation were presented to the architect in order for him to do the drawings.
On Oct 10, 2014 the customer meet with ***** and ***** in the store to go over the estimate. The estimate was in pencil with budget items. We carry many different brands of fixtures and give the customers budgets based on average prices. At this point the customer can choose to go ahead with the whole project, part of the project, on not go ahead at all. When the customer chooses to go ahead with part or all of the project the budget items are choose and signed off on by the customer and a proper contract is drawn up. This can not be done ahead of time as there are too many variables in a project this size. At that time the customer also goes over the layout of the project and makes any adjustments until the cost and look is what they want. The drawings and budget items are approved and signed by the customer before any work begins.
The customer decided not to go ahead and the drawings were released to her. Any changes made after that date are between the customer and the architect. The architect' standard price is $2150.00 plus HST for a total of $2429.50 for drawings.
The carpenter rate is $80/hour, ***** was over 2hrs with travel, no charge for plumber, ***** or *****. These prices exceed $2500.00 and that is why we charge a flat fee of $2500.00 for this service, which was written on a contract that the customer agreed to.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not consider the company response to be satisfactory. The ********** salesman attended my home on Sept 10th to view and consider options for fitting a bathtub in the narrow bathroom, an estimate was not the purpose of his visit. Discussion ensued about other renovations being planned for my home, of which would include structural work. The salesman offered that THC (Total Home Centre) could do all of this work, and would engage an architect should I be willing to provide a down payment of $2500. He told that the $2500 would be reduced from the price should they get the project contract. This was not presented as a fee, however the salesman did say they would arrange for the architect, and plumber with that down payment.
I do not dispute the business' comments of Sept 16, however will add that THC commented that I compromised the structure wall of where the closet was by cutting out the header.
On Sept 19, 2014 THC, brought over a Carpenter, a Plumber and ****, who is a **********, not an architect. The ideas for the renovation were presented to the drafts man by the salesman.
On Oct 10, 2014 when I went to the store, I met with the salesman over a displayed bathroom sink to review the plans and pricing. I was provided a Quote and not an estimate as stated by THC. I expected a more professional and complete quote that would detail the work tasks, so that I would have an opportunity to choose tasks to be completed by THC or otherwise. What I received did not provide me a fair opportunity to choose tasks since there was not a comprehensive break down of the work to be done.
I fully understood that the pricing for fixtures was based on middle pricing and may increase depending on my selection of fixtures. When I asked what size bathtub was being considered, the salesman showed me a standard 32 inch tub, which was too wide for the narrow bathroom. I raised concern about the kitchen Island since there was not mention of it in the quote, I reminded again that there was to be a quartz counter top and asked why pricing was provided for a laminate one. I noticed that the pricing for Kitchen cabinets was $9000 less than two estimates I had previously obtained from other companies. There was no line item listed for electrical, or plumbing work. I found this quote to be irresponsible, inaccurate, and unreasonable. ***** joined us. I pointed out that the drawings did not reflect my ideas that were shared with THC. ***** offered the draft mans business card to me and said that these plans can be adjusted, and that I could speak with **** to clarify. I was satisfied that these plan items could be corrected. The compromised closet was not included in the drawing, the engineered beam did not extend to the south wall to include the porch, and a pantry and bedroom closet were eliminated.
After some discussion, THC asked if I was pleased. I responded that I was disappointed that there was no bathroom layout to show the bathtub, and that the planning and pricing (excluding fixtures) provided appeared so inaccurate.
The salesman returned to the customer service counter, obviously angered. He was within ear shot while I spoke with ***** further to explain my dissatisfaction. After about two minutes, the salesman, in an abrupt manner, returned to me and handed me the stamped copies of the plans, with the permit application, and said I could have those, he briskly and immediately returned to the counter. *******************************************************
It was not I that decided not to go ahead, it was the salesman who abandoned this contract when he supplied me with the documents, and further THC told the drafts man to deal with me directly when he attempted to go through them to adjust the plans, since THC hired him.
Item 5 on the Terms of the Sept 16th Contract reads, "Seller agrees that all work done by the seller will be performed in a workmanlike manner." THC did not perform in this manner.
***************************************************************** ****** THC hired the drafts man to make the plans, to be able to price the job. THC, did not completely deliver what I paid for in terms of plans or pricing, and THC Abandoned this contract.

Final Business Response
The customer claims to have been misled into a contract for renovations and then abandoned, this is not the fact.

************* was told for a fee/deposit of $2500 we would bring in a architect/draftsmen and get blue prints/drawing made for the renovations, which are needed for a building permit and pricing purposes. We wrote a contract for this amount and the customer agreed to pay for it.

We delivered the drawings to the customer with a rough estimate/quote (estimate defined as "roughly calculate, or judge the value, number quantity or extent of" or quote "a quotation-giving the estimated cost for a particular job or service") for discussion or approval. It is quite apparent that the customer was disappointed with the quote. The customer did not want to discuss the quote at this time and when I asked her opinions she kept claiming she wanted to call ****** to design her bathroom and kitchen. At this time we gave her the drawings ********************************* ****************************************************. She asked if she could contact **** (draftsman )about some corrections, when she contacted **** (as per conversation with **** )she wanted to make some additional amendments to the drawings. The corrections could've been made without a site visit but **** had to do a site visit for the amendments for extra beam therefore there was an additional cost which the customer agreed to pay. The drawings the customer now has are different than the ones we discussed and priced, and the drawings have been used to obtain a building permit. Her and her father are doing the work (as per the architect).

The contract of $2500 that the customer is disputing was for these drawings. I understand the customer is upset and expected a more complex quote with details of work tasks. That was a first quote where we discuss budgets and tasks. We can only invest so many hours into pricing large jobs until we know for sure that we have the contract. As per the comment of line items listed for electrical and plumbing budget there is a budget of $2500 for the plumber in a bathroom break down and we were told that she was going to supply and electrician****************. As per last comment, "it was not I that decided not to go ahead it was the salesman who abandon this contract"..... I disagree I personally ***** offered to do another site visit and help her design the bathroom and kitchen she no longer wanted anything to do with THC and never contacted us about changing the drawings.

THC did completely deliver what she paid for with the plans and the pricing as we said. The fact that she didn't like our pricing and did not want to go ahead with us, was her decision which is, and always will remain the customers decision to decide to go ahead with a contract. We have been serving Sudbury for over 15 years ***************************************************************** ***************************

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not consider the company response to be satisfactory. I was told that for a deposit of $2500, THC would bring in an Architect to draw plans for my proposed renovation so that THC could more accurately price the work projects to be be completed. Further, that work projects would be divided to permit me opportunity to select work projects to be completed by THC and that the Architect's plans would simplify permit requirements.
Terms and conditions of the contract, #2, provides that unless in writing, the permit is my responsibility.
I was provided a plan and a quote that substantially and essentially defeated the objectives of the agreement. The quote I was provided appeared significantly inaccurate, and when questioning the detail of it was faced with resistance and disrespect by the salesman. I did express my disappointment and expectation of a more accurate and detailed quote. I highlighted the multiple plan inaccuracies, and was told to contact the drafts man to make corrections. I was provided all copies of the drawings by the salesman as he appeared to give up, and relinquish any further responsibility to me, or the contract.
I told that I had drawn up about 10 estimates of this simplicity, and expected more from THC, and further that I expected at least a layout for the bathroom. On only one occasion did I suggest I would go to ****** for designing advice, and this was on my way out of the store and after the salesman acted so irrational and irresponsible.
Many corrections were requested from the draftsman, and certainly these were not additional amendments. An additional site visit was required, because of the multiple inaccuracies in the plans I paid THC to have designed for me. I had a discussion with the draftsman to determine the protocol since THC hired him. He reported that after a conversation with THC, he would deal with me directly. When **** reviewed the plans with me he commented that he was curious about why I would delete the closets from the bedroom, as it seemed an odd choice. This was never my intent, and that can be substantiated by multiple conversations I have had with others since last year when designing my layout.
The drawings I have now are significantly different from what THC provided and priced.
***************************************************************** ***************************************************************** ********************************************** My Father and I did do the work and have since completed it. I never said that I would hire a relative for electrical work, in fact I myself have done the electrical work.
I am upset and expected a more complex and accurate quote with work task details, as well as an accurate plan of my proposed layout since that is what I paid for. A second contract was to be considered based on that presentation, however the presented quote was so simple it did not provide me an opportunity to consider any separate elements of work and the drawing presented was too inaccurate to proceed. I was told to contact **** to make the corrections, was provided ****'s business card, and then through **** was told that THC wanted no part of it, thereby refusing to satisfy their obligation to deliver the plans or to accurately price. At no time did THC offer further performance, or another visit to satisfy this contract. At no time did I say that I wanted nothing to do with THC. I maintain that THC did not deliver the service I paid for and I believe their conduct and responses provide false, misleading and deceptive representations, ************ ***************************************************************** ******************************** There has not been a valid reason provided that explains why THC did not take responsibility to have the corrections made with with the draftsman or for THC to incur the additional costs. ***************************************************************** ***********************************************************

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