Tan and Tone America Closes its Doors

July 23, 2012

The Better Business Bureau Serving Central Oklahoma has become aware of the closing of Tan and Tone America.  According to the company website, effective July 23, 2012, the firm was forced to close its doors.  The text of the website is as follows:

"It is with great sadness that after twenty-six years of serving Oklahoma City, that we must announce the closing of the metro Tan & Tone America locations.  We had hoped that the revenues would begin to increase, however they have continued to decline.  We have exhausted every possible financial resource to save the company, including the value of our personal life insurance and retirement funds, but we were still unable to establish the necessary capital for the company‚Äôs survival.  This weekend we received financial advice from several sources and unfortunately we have been advised that the company is no longer viable.  To our customers:  We thank you for your business.  We hope all of you will continue the healthy habits you have established with Tan & Tone America.  It has been a pleasure serving you all these years. To our employees:  We would like to express how much we appreciate each and everyone of you for all you have done to take care of our customers and business.  As this door in your life closes, we pray that another door opens with greater opportunity and personal satisfaction for your future."


Rarely is a company shutdown a good thing, especially for the employees and customers of the business.  Consumers, especially former customers of Tan and Tone America, should understand that, when a company closes, the customer generally loses any fees paid to that business.  One exception may be if the company files for bankruptcy protection or if the customer paid via credit card.  A credit card issuer generally offers protection, typically under a "Failure to Provide Services" option, that may allow the credit card company to refund all or some of the fees paid.  Contact your credit card issuer for details, and note that the policy does not generally apply to bank debit cards or electronic withdrawals.  In addition, some protections may be available under the Oklahoma Health Spa Act.  To file a complaint, visit the Oklahoma Attorney General's website at http://www.oag.state.ok.us/oagweb.nsf/complaint.html.

Some consumers set up for monthly electronic debits from bank accounts have raised concerns about future debits being taken by a company that no longer exists.  There's no indication that this would be a probable outcome, and switching banks or bank accounts can come with serious delays and problems.  Until there are reports of additional billings, the BBB does not recommend going through the effort to switch accounts, but that is the only certain way to avoid future debits.