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Cable Motors, Inc.

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Customer Complaints Summary

2 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Problems with Product / Service1
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints2

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Complaint Resolution Log (2)
04/20/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

On March 17, 2015 we purchased a Yukon XL ($14,276.00) from Mitsubishi Cable Motors. Our sales rep, ***** Phillips verbally guareenteed that if there was any issues with the vehicle we could bring it to the service department and they would do what they could to help us. March 19, 2015 we left for a family trip to Houston, TX to visit family after a deployment overseas. March 22, 2015 the vehicle became disabled in its entirety in Houston TX. We were driving to go back to the hotel we were staying in when all of a sudden the car started shaking, the engine light turned on, the the traction control light and immediately after that it turned off by itself. March 24, 2015 I had to make it back home for a job related appointment. We made immediate contact with our sales rep, ***** ******** to let them know of the issue. We asked the dealer to help us with the price of the repairs because there was 7 components that needed to be repaired in order to have a driveable vehicle (Lifters on the right side,valve cover gasket, hard gasket, spark plugs and wires, O2 sensor, Fuel pump and filters)The sales rep, ***** Phillips said he would speak to the owner and see what they could do. I had to make it to my appointment so I was forced to purchase a rental vehicle. The next day I gave ***** a call to see where they stood as far as helping us with the repairs and shawn communicated the owner stood at a no as of then but he would keep pushing the incident. Two days later we still hadn't heard anything from the dealer so I took the initiative to go pay them a visit. Mind you, my husband was still stranded in Houston. I go speak with *****, the sales rep and he directed me to the actual owner. I go speak with the owner, **** ***** and explain to him the current situation of the vehicle and that I am wishing they would help us with the price of the repairs. He explains how he is not going to help because at the time of the purchase there was no issues. I go on to explain how it is impossible for a vehicle to break in a matter of 4 days and the company having no knowledge of the issues. The mechanic servicing the vehicle at this very moment explains that what the dealer did was reset the computer that way the engine light and traction control light won't appear on the dash board. My problem is the next, I go overseas, serve my country, I separate from my daughter only 7 months old, to come home and purchase a vehicle with money that I earned with sweat, blood and tears for the liberties of the citizens of the U.S and this person can't even help the repairs. I spent $14,276 for the shell of the vehicle because the engine was just a char. It is sad that there is businesses out here who have no integrity. The word of these people is worth nothing. They technically rob customers money. Today, as I am writing this March 27,2015. My husband is still in Houston away from his family because of this issue. It saddens me more because I went to this dealer in good faith, asked the sales rep, *****, to please sell me something that would not break in a month or two and he said it wouldn't. Instead it broke in 5 days and now I stand with no car and no help from these people.

Desired Settlement
I just ask Mitsubishi Cable motors to refund us the money we have spent on the repairs. I am not looking to return the vehicle or replace the vehicle. This situation is very saddening and just bluntly dissapointing.

Business Response
We are all very sorry for customer's problems, and hope that she is able to get everything resolved with her issues.
Customer was aware at the time of purchase that we had done everything that we can to make sure that the vehicle was in good condition at the time of purchase. The vehicle went through our Used Car Inspection with a vehicle technician. At the time of this inspection and during the entire ownership by Cable Motors, the vehicle did not present any of the problems customer states. The vehicle was sold as is no warranty and at the time of sale had over 100,000 miles on it. As a dealership we appreciated our customer and sold it to her at a drastically discounted price of over $5000 below retail. No offers of any future problems being fixed were ever made by Mr. ******** *********
When customer came into the dealership to express her concerns she became very hostile to the point that she has threatened to use the BBB and any social avenues that she can to make the dealer pay. She even went as far as to approach other customer on the property and slander the business.

05/30/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Car advertised as 100% mechanically sound and one which was never declined repair. While driving the vehicle home, many serious issues with car arose.
On January 9th 2014, I contacted **** ********** about a used car I saw online. I gave Dave my credit card information so that the vehicle could be held. On January 10th, I received eight low resolution photos. I asked if he could send higher resolution photos that showed the vehicle in its entirety. He said "i will do that as soon as its ready." These photographs were never sent to me from Cable Volkswagen.
**** told me that this car was a one owner/one driver vehicle, originally purchased from Cable Volkswagen by a retired Air Force veteran who was in his 50s, and that the car was up to date on all of it maintenance, brought in every 5000 miles, had all of it maintenance done at Cable Volkswagen and was in perfect mechanical condition because of this. This was the reason I flew to Oklahoma City and purchased the vehicle. One January 14th, I called the service department at Cable Volkswagen and spoke with ***** *******, Service Manager. ***** provided me with a Repair Order History. After looking through this, I asked ***** to provide me with detailed information on a select few work orders. These orders were of interest as they corresponded complaints about difficulty shifting/grinding into gears, lack of power upon acceleration, and a few other issues. I was told by ***** that "I can't give you the work orders as they have the previous customers information on them but I can tell you that the previous owner ... has never declined any repair on any of his cars."
Because of this testament of mechanical reliability, I didn't hesitate to fly to OKC on January 18 2014, purchase the vehicle and drive it home. I knew that time would be tight as I had business meetings on the Friday before this weekend and on the returning Monday, but this was not a concern as I was assured the car was mechanically in tip-top shape.
When I arrived at the dealership, I noticed that the vehicle had blacked out tinted windows, aftermarket headlights, was debadged, and had wires run for speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers. This came as a shock as I was told this car was owned by a 50 year old gentleman. Furthermore, upon inspection, I quickly discovered that the entire passenger side of the car was covered in rock chips that went down to the metal. These were not disclosed over the phone/email and were not detectible in the pictures. I had already invested my time and money in a flight to OKC, so I decided to purchase the vehicle anyway and was able to get the price reduced by ~$250.

While driving the car home, three significant mechanical defects, which did not show up during the test drive I took, manifested. Firstly, once the car was "warmed up," the transmission would grind horribly between gears. Secondly, the thermostat was bad so the hottest the water temp would get was 30+ degrees shy of where it was supposed to be, even after 7 hours on the road. Most significantly, an important part of the turbocharger was seized up and was causing the car to go into "limp mode" shortly after each start up. The car is unable to maintain the speed limit upon any incline and has next to no power upon acceleration when in limp mode. These issues with the car will likely cost around $2000
After realizing these issues, I contacted Cable VW and let them know. I spoke with the service manager and he told me that they had record of two of the three issues and yet they had not been repaired. This came as a surprise as I was told no repairs had been refused. The general manager initially told me I could turn around and bring the car back, but I told them that, due to my work schedule, this was not possible. He later responded to me via email and said I could return the vehicle. I wanted to take him up on this option, but I never got a response when I asked for clarification on whether they would reimburse me for the cost of picking up and returning the vehicle.

All quoted sections are direct quotes from emails of which I have electronic copies.

Desired Settlement
Cable Volkswagen has, and provided me with, knowledge of the defects they sold the car to me with. I only purchased the vehicle because I was told, in writing, that no repair was ever refused. This led me to believe the car was free of the previously documented mechanical defects.

Cable Volkswagen can make this situation right by making the vehicle's condition consistent with what was advertised: a mechanically sound vehicle to which no repair/service was refused. This can be done by having a VW dealership in the NW Ohio area fix the undisclosed issues the car was sold to me with.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: **** ***** General Manage
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: **********
Customer did full research on vehicle prior to purchase, as well as test driving and doing his own diagnostics with his computer. Customer repeatedly called and spoke with the service manager in regards to the vehicle prior to purchase. At delivery everything checked out fine by customer and dealer.
After delivery customer called in with complaint, and customer was given the opportunity to come back to the dealership for repairs or to return vehicle. Customer refused.
Customer wrote in and requested contact. Dealership contacted customer and again offered to let customer return the vehicle. Customer refused.
Customer then wrote in demanding all his problems be sorted, or else he take to social media, review sites, and the BBB. Customer was still able to return vehicle, but customer still refused.
The vehicle purchased was 13 years old vehicle. Customer was offered an extended service agreement to protect the customer during his ownership. Customer Refused.

As a dealership we have done everything we can for customer, and he continues to be unhappy with his ownership. The offer to return the vehicle was given a timeline and the customer did not complete by the date.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Before purchasing the vehicle, I did speak with the service manager repeatedly. This service manager explained to me the condition and history of the car, in writing, which contradicted the service records he later sent to me. These lies/inconsistencies are the reason for the complaint.

A diagnostic with my computer WAS NOT done on site. My personal computer was not one of the things I carried with me on my flight. This is, again, a lie from Cable VW. A handheld OBDII scanner was used to check for codes that cause check engine lights. These codes can easily be cleared in a matter of seconds. This had obviously been done in the recent past by Cable VW as the codes quickly returned upon driving the car home. As previously stated, I called to notify Cable VW as soon as this happened.

After calling in about issues discovered on my drive home, Cable VW did ask me if I would like to turn around, return the vehicle, and stay in Oklahoma City for the night. I told him that this was not an option as I had commitments at my work that I could not miss on Monday morning. The reasons for my many calls to the service manager ahead of my trip was to make certain that a situation like this would not crop up. It was only after I was assured by him that the car was in perfect mechanical condition, no repairs had been refused, etc., that I purchased my one way ticket to Oklahoma City.

Cable VW did offer to allow me to return the vehicle. After receiving this offer, I sent a reply asking for clarification on the terms of the return. I wanted to know if I would also be reimbursed for my travel to pick up the vehicle, if Cable VW would be paying for the cost to ship the vehicle back to their dealership, etc. I never received a response from Cable VW and therefore never refused this option. Again, this is a blatant lie from Cable VW. If I had received the requested information on the option to return the vehicle, I may have exercised this option.

I gave Cable VW multiple chances to right this wrong before filing a complaint, but they opted to not respond to my emails or return my phone calls. It is my duty as a consumer to warn others about the lack of integrity and honesty of businesses like Cable VW. I would have been equally motivated to give them glowing reviews if warranted, but their actions since the purchase had made this option impossible.

During the sale of the vehicle, its age was never mentioned. The only thing mentioned was how it was in perfect mechanical condition, one owner, all work done at Cable VW, no repair ever refused, etc. In Cable VW's response, they stated that I was offered an extended service agreement and refused. Upon reading this, I felt nothing put pity and disappointment at yet another blatant lie from Cable VW. During the purchase of the vehicle, the sales associated, finance manager, and **** *****, himself, all told me that this vehicle was sold as-is and no extended coverage was available. While the actual receipt says that I declined, everyone involved in the sale knows that this option was never available. With that said, this is only a distraction to and deflection of the actual reason for my complaint. An extended service agreement is meant to protect the buyer from unknown issues with the vehicle that may manifest at a later time. My complaint, however, is with the known and documented issues with the vehicle that Cable VW hid, lied about, and now is refusing to take ownership of.

In their response, Cable VW has refused to address my complaint. I have in writing, from the service manager, that no repair had been refused. I also have documentation of repairs that were needed but never done. I would simply like Cable VW to hold true to their word and fix the issues that had been previously identified and not fixed so that their actions match the promises they made prior to the sale.

Final Business Response
Sorry or the delay in response. I have talked with multiple people in regards to the issue.

The vehicle that we sold to you was sold as -is. We had done our inspections and found the vehicle to be in proper working condition.

We did everything we could prior to delivery. Customer purchased the vehicle as is.

We went above and beyond in trying to get with customer to return vehicle, but customer wanted too many stipulations other than to bring the vehicle back and receive the money he paid for it back to him.

He was given the proper buyers guides, signed the AS-Is statement, and agreed that he purchased the Used vehicle in the condition that he drove it home in.

To our knowledge we did not knowingly sell him a vehicle with problems, nor would we. Thus the reason for offering him the chance to return the vehicle. Which he declined.

Consumer Response

I understand the legality of an as-is contract. This is why I have filed this complaint under false advertisement. Most utmost concern is letting the public know that Cable Motors is not an honest company so that consumers can tread cautiously when deciding on purchasing a vehicle from them. If "false advertisement" wasn't a category for complaints on your website, I wouldn't have filed a complaint. This is, most definitely, a case of false advertisement. Cable Motors blatantly and intentionally lied about and covered up known issues with the vehicle in order to get my signature on their "as-is" contract and my money in their pocket.

Attached is the service records I received from the service manager. I have highlighted the records which pertain to this case. (The one new one would be the front speaker that doesn't work; both of my front speakers quit working within a few weeks of owning the car). I have also attached a copy of the email sent from the service manager saying that no repairs have been refused. Additionally, in Cable Motor's last response, they stated that they did not sell me a car which they knew had issues. As you can see from the provided documents, not only have they lied to me, but to you as well.

Please let me know if you need anything else. Also, please let me know what the next steps are with the BBB. Thanks again.


Business Response
All of the items that the customer has responded to are from information that was given to him prior to purchasing the vehicle. It was disclosed and given to him prior to the trip to Oklahoma. He asked for service history, and the sheet that is displayed are the RO Lines that are written for a very long record at our facility. All of the highlighted areas that customer has problems with have been corrected or given proper attention as described below:

In regards to the RO from 12/8/2004, Technician performed a Road test, unable to duplicate problem. The Speaker was working fine at the time.

In regards to the RO from 7/24/2006, Technician inspected vehicle and found vehicle had no acceleration power. Vehicle not smoking and ran at idle well. Technician used a test part (air meter) and test drove, power restored. Recommended replacement of air flow meter. Customer performed recommended repairs.

In regards to the RO from 7/25/2006, Technician inspected vehicle and found area where air flow meter had been replaced that the vac line fittings were not sealing. After restoring manifold pressure with air meter repair, boost pressure is pushing feed line to turbo apart. Repositioned and installed necessary clamp to secure line to fitting. Test drove vehicle and verified power restored. No charge for repair. Complete.

In regards to RO from 5/9/2006, Technician road test to verify concern, removed transmission and disassembled. Replaced 1st gear syncro, 5th gear syncro, 1st gear set reassembled and road test after repair. Normal Operation.

In Regards to the RO from 3/6/2010, from the technician: Test drove vehicle unable to duplicate at this time.

In regards to RO from 07/11/2011, from the Technician: Okay at this time.

Customer then came in 4 more times without complaint or problems. This vehicle was as described and all issues shown to current owner who filed this claim.

This vehicle was then again inspected by the technicians prior to sale and we did complete more repairs prior to delivery to customer. All known issues were completed and the vehicle was made available for sale.

In No way or fashion has Cable falsely identified or given information. We have gone above and beyond by giving MORE information than normal to a customer prior to making a trip from out of state.

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