Medical Providers Across the Country Hit with Phony Invoices

November 12, 2013

Clearwater, FL – November 12, 2013 – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning medical providers about a phony invoice scam that has been sweeping the country. Doctors and medical providers have been filing complaints with BBB regarding, a purported online directory that has been sending them invoices for unauthorized website advertising.

BBB received its first complaint against on October 24, 2013. Since then, 48 complaints have been filed, and more than 400 people have checked with BBB regarding the validity of these invoices.

“The invoices indicate that the medical providers must pay $89 for a 12 month listing of their ‘Internet Profile’ in an online directory,” said Karen Nalven, President of BBB serving West Florida. “None of the people complaining to BBB have authorized the ‘Internet Profile’ be listed on the website, or even heard of”

Many people who have checked their profile have indicated that there are problems with the listing (i.e. incorrect information listed, people’s home address being disclosed, or the person listed is not a medical provider). provides an address of Venice, FL on the invoice, with an additional address in the Czech Republic listed on the invoice envelope. BBB has determined that the Venice, FL address is a residential home.

As of today, has not responded to any complaints or calls from BBB.

Businesses can protect themselves from unauthorized bills by cautioning personnel about solicitations concerning business directories or yellow pages or business directories. Businesses should also alert their accounting department or bill-payers to be on the lookout for disguised solicitations and carefully check suspicious bills from companies with which they don't normally do business.

To check the reliability of a business sending an invoice, and for more tips for businesses, start at