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Emerald Coast Destinations, Inc.

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24 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 7 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Problems with Product / Service22
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints24

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10/16/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I requested Emerald Coast Destinations, Inc. to provide me a refund of my rental fee for a sub-par room and has yet to honor my request.
My family and I recently booked room **** ***** **** at the Edgewater Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, FL through Emerald Coast Destinations, Inc. Upon arriving late on Monday 10/06/2014, we along with our friends noticed a strange smell in the unit. We quickly realized the unit had not been cleaned in a long time when our crawling baby's knees and feet were black with dirt, dust and grime. We also notice the bottom of our other two young children's feet was turning black after taking off their shoes. This immediately gave rise to concern about unit 702's cleanliness. After further inspecting the unit we found many other problems with its sanitation, which we have documented below, including a roach infestation, mold and mildew.

We also had great concern come over us for not only the health of our young children and baby, but we also became gravely troubled for their safety when we discovered 3 separate outlets failed to meet the electrical safety code by not having outlet covers.

The following items are health, safety and quality issues we have identified in room 702:

* Mold, mildew and rot to baseboards in the laundry area and bathroom
* Curtains filthy and moldy
* Floors filthy-had to mop numerous times
* Dirt/grime/food particles in corners of kitchen and bathroom baseboards
* Linens on bed in alcove dirty-smelled musty, had to wash
* Food splattered on ceiling in kitchen
* Food wrappers found under bed in hall way
* Peeling/chipping paint on walls and baseboards, concerned about baby eating/chocking
* Rotting baseboards with holes in them.
* Cover plates missing on 3 electrical outlets (electrical code violation and safety concern)
* Dishwasher does not wash dishes
* AC unit did not get below 80 degrees, does not function properly
* Handprints on mirrors in living room
* Chair in living room is worn with holes
* Ceiling tiles have holes and water stains
* Heavy dust on décor and the headboards in the bedrooms
* Dryer does not dry clothes in one cycle
* Closet door off hinges
* Master bedroom is not where it should be with the master en-suite
* Burned out light bulbs, some missing
* Cracked mirror
* Clocks not working
* Remote controls without backs to hold batteries in
* Sliding door tracks filled with sand-hard to open and close

These compounding factors lead us to request a full refund of our rental fee so we can pursue safe, healthy, and quality housing during our vacation, which we have earnestly saved for and looked forward to for the last year.

Upon calling the number listed on Tuesday October 7th, I was told the management team are the only ones who can authorize our refund and they would contact them ASAP. I had to call back for an update later that day and still no answer. My family and I were forced to leave the facility on 10/7/14 due to its uncleanliness, safety issues and roach infestation. I called back the next day and was told the representatives could not reach anyone from the management team. I tried the next day October 8th and still no one could reach a member of management. Late on October 8th, the head of Housekeeping called me to try and resolve my issues, she assured me she would reach someone in management in order to provide a refund. Thursday, October 9, 2014 I called, the representatives and Head of Housekeeping and neither could provide me an update or has been able to contact management. At this point I found the name of the Manager, *** ********, and left him a voice mail at XXX-XXX-XXXX and an email trying to resolve the matter. Still no return call or refund. Today, Friday, October 10th I am still without an answer and still no refund. My Family needs a refund so we can find alternative housing money to survive on until we can return home.

Desired Settlement
We are requesting a full refund of our rental fee of $1,140 and our deposit of $300, by no later than Monday October 13th, 2014.

We have pictures documenting our above outlined issues and can provide signed affidavits from witnesses attesting to all of what I have written in this formal complaint.

I feel I am a very reasonable person, have been patiently awaiting an answer and just want someone from Emerald Coast Destinations management team to call me back and provide me with a refund so my family can enjoy our much anticipated and saved for vacation.


******* ******.

Emerald Coast Destinations Contact Information:
1) Main Number: XXX-XXX-XXXX
2) Head of Housekeeping: XXX-XXX-XXXX
3) *** ********, Manager: XXX-XXX-XXXX

I recently filed a complaint against Emerald Coast Destinations, Inc. Shortly after I filed the complaint their head of house keeping called and offered a $1,000 (69.4%) refund of my $1440.00. I tentatively accepted it. They told me they would put $300 back on my card and $700 in the form of a check.

Final Consumer Response
Hello: *** ******** has offered to have a staff member meet again with a partial refund. If this situation changes I will let you know. As of now, it looks like *** and I have reached a settlement

08/27/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We booked a condo in Panama City Beach, Fl & paid a $300.00 deposit? Company cancelled reservation 3 day prior to start date. Will not give refund.
We booked a condo in Panama City Beach, Fl on 5/23/14. We paid $312.00 deposit under invoice XXXXX. The rental was at ********** ***** ****** Unit **** for the week of 06/21/14 through 06/28/14. On 6/18/14 we received an email cancelling our reservation. A replacement was offered. It it was an additional $1000.00+. I have emailed and asked several times for the $300.00 to e refunded since the company cancelled and put us in a bad position days before our vacation. There is no phone number listed for this company.

Desired Settlement
I would like to get my $300.00 deposit refunded to the credit card it was charge to.

Final Consumer Response
Money in question was received on 8/15. Complaint has been resolved

08/09/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

3 days into a 2 week vacation condo rental - seasons of collected grime and disrepair unable to be brought to rental quality in time frame available.
We rented unit **** at ******* **** ****** from ******* ***** ************ for August 6 - 20, 2013. We received a 'deal' for approximately 1800 dollars which was all paid in advance via check except for a 300 dollar CC payment. There were arrangements made for a Tuesday arrival and departure due to our other commitments - Saturday is customary during the summer. At first glance, the condo looked as advertised, but after a few moments we began noticing the spilled food on the cabinets and in some of them, the build up of grime on the refrigerator and microwave, ripped bedding, soiled linens, heavy soiling and splashing on walls, doors and doorframes, thick coating of dust and grime on the a/c air return vents, missing vertical blind slats, neglected dirty carpet, mold on both shower curtains, tile that made your feet black to walk on it, furniture that was passed prime, dust build up on furnishings, mold or some kind of dark grimy material on exterior glass door frames, seasons of spilled food/drinks on balcony floor and walls, soiling around a/c vents, laundry door off hinges, and later found spent pistachio shells, crayon, lid and other trash under both beds. The floor is so dirty that it makes walking on it barefoot unbearable and soils socks quickly. The majority of these items were communicated to the company on the night of our arrival and they sent someone straight away the next morning. She stayed about an hour cleaning the kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, microwave, the bathroom curtains and a/c return vent. She was repeating, 'Nasty, nasty, nasty' all the while. Some items she would immediately respond, "Not my problem" or "I'll tell him" or say that he was aware of these deficiencies already. She pretty much just looked at the walls, carpet, balcony, linens and other items and assured us that she would report her findings. In a follow-up e-mail from the company it was reported that she did not support our claims. As we discovered more issues we asked for a refund and were offered to have this lady come back and give us 200 dollars. Well, we did refuse both of these after thought and further conversation with them because our concerns and problems were treated as opinions and our request to have someone with authority come out and look at the place went unfulfilled. In these e-mails it was told to us that due to the ending of their high rental season and the recent selling of the property that the condition of the condo was one to be expected and that little could be done about. We were also told that we were the only complainers. Oh, my! We did a quick search of *** ******** and Emerald Coast Destinations and our findings are echoed all over the internet. We want a refund and release from this unit ASAP so that we can continue on our vacation in a place where we can relax and feel it is safe for our boys to play on the floor. With the company's either inability or unwillingness to recognize our complaints as legitimate we find it unlikely that they will be able to correct the situation. And, since their QA housekeeper rep reportedly denied our findings that we shared as merely opinions, it is unlikely that she would actually be able to remedy a solution. We would appreciate any assistance that you can provide.

Desired Settlement
A full refund and release from rental unit is requested.

Consumer's Final Response
I wanted to follow up on this complaint - Case # XXXXXXXX: Emerald Coast Destinations Inc - that was made yesterday against Emerald Coast Destinations. We have come to an agreement that a prorated refund of $1382 will be given in the form of $300 back to our credit card used for this deposit and $1082 in the form of a check drawn against funds held by ECDI at Regions Bank. In return, I would like cancel our formal complaint with BBB and will not seek additional judgment against ECDI. It is unclear who is representing ECDI in our e-mail history, but I will get that to you when the request for that information has been met.

Thanks again,
***** *****

05/24/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Need Advise on failed refund after several attempts due to medical circumstances beyond my control.
My name is ****** ******, I was wondering if you could please advise as to where to go from here. I had a reservation with Emerald Coast in Panama City Beach from June15-22 Res. #Gcj-XXXX-XXXXXX condo #****. Due to medical circumstances beyond my control, I have been forced to cancel my reservation. After numerous attempts to contact ******, i was contacted back stating he had been out of town, and was going to refund my money, but because of what was perceived as a rude email from another party that was with us, that he would no longer be able to refund our money in its entirety. He said that if he rented the unit by June 15th he would return out money, but only if he rented it. I feel like he taken advantage of our already hopeless situation. He has been given 2 months notice and plenty of time, he has been rude and unprofessional. We love the Gulf Coast area and would have been glad to book something else with at another date, but now all that I want is my money back. And he is unwilling to speak with me about it except by email. Please advise me on how to get my money back, I have now found several other complaints about ****** and Emerald Coast. I have his emails and mine saved if I need to forward them to you. Thanks so much for any help or advise you can give me. ****** ****** XXX-XXX-XXXX

Desired Settlement

Business' Initial Response
There are so many inaccuracies with this complaint I am not even sure where to begin. First off ******* ****** never booked a condo with my company at all. The very first contact I have had with her whatsoever what when she emailed on April 22 to find out our cancellation policy. I am not even sure why she is complaining to you. The simple facts of the case are that her friend ****** ***** booked a 3 bedroom condo with us on October 17 of last year for arrival of June 15-22. Our confirmation clearly states our cancellation policy that the $300 down payment is not refundable because we have taken this condo off the market for the past 6 months and have turned away all prospective renters for that condo for those dates. Occasionally when given enough time to rebook the condo we will be flexible with this policy. On April 18 her Mrs ***** emailed me and stated that she needed to cancel. This was a Thursday and our office was closed. On Friday morning before I even had a chance to respond to her email she emailed me this email.

You have until 1:00 est to respond,or the bank and BBB will be involved. ****** *****

I explained to her I was more apt to be flexible and try to work with her until she started making threats before I even had a chance to respond to her original email. Now we will simply follow our cancellation policy exactly as it reads on the confirmation which she received in October at the time of booking. Here it is.

Cancellation: We suggest you purchase trip insurance to cover all aspects of your vacation travel including accommodations.
* Since we offer discounted rates cancellations will be handled on a case by case basis.
* The initial non refundable rent deposit will not be refunded for any reason.
* If enough notice is given to allow us to rebook your reservation a refund of the total amount paid less the non refundable deposit will be granted less a 10% handling fee.
* If cancelled for any reason within 21 days 50% of the rent & tax is forfeited. If we are unable to rebook the property with another guest no refunds will be granted.
* We cannot be responsible for "Acts of God" and weather related conditions. We will not refund deposits or payments for cancellations due to "Acts of God" and weather related events.
* If the Panama City Beach area or the complex is not open for business during the entire period of your reservation, we will attempt to reschedule your visit during the following two months (60 days) after your scheduled check in date subject to availability.
* MONTHLY RESERVATION CANCELLATIONS - Monthly renters must cancel one hundred twenty (120) days prior to check-in. Monthly renters who make a change that results in a shortened stay must be made at least ninety (90) days prior to check-in

Therefore we are simply following our cancellation policy with this booking exactly as it reads. The down payment is not refundable and if we are able to rebook the condo then we will refund anything paid to us less a 10% handling fee. As of right now we have been unable to re book the condo but will process the refund as soon as we do. I have emailed Mrs ****** and also her Mrs ***** who actually booked the condo these exact emails. I have responded to every single email that have sent in a timely manner.

Thanks, ******

Emerald Coast Destinations Inc.
8214 Palm Cove Blvd.
Panama City Beach FL XXXXX

09/23/2013Problems with Product / Service
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11/15/2012Problems with Product / Service
10/03/2012Problems with Product / Service
07/14/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Unbelievably dirty and unsanitary condo
We paid $845 for 4 nights at a nice condo in PCB. The condo was terribly dirty from the dinnerware through to the comforters. The sheets seemed to be clean. We contacted Emerald Coast Destinations and after 22 hours we got a maintenance man and an hour later a cleaning crew. When we contacted this rental agency about our request for one days rental refund they refused and offered us 1-2 more days at this property. We do not want more time nor does our schedules allow for it. We only want $206 and they say they cannot do that.

Desired Settlement
It is mentioned above. We were inconvenienced for a full 24 hours of our short 4 day vacation. We want $206. We do not care to have more vacation time in this place.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I did ask for 3 days knowing full well that they would get a laugh out of it. We only wanted a refund of $204 dollars which is the equivalent of one day. I do not want to go back to Panama City Beach ever again so his offer of 1-2 days instead of the refund was not acceptable.

04/29/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Misrepresentation of Condo on line.
We booked a condo with **** ******** from 5-10-14 through 5-17-14 that looked absolutely beautiful on line. I sent him a down payment of $312.00 using my visa credit card. The remaining balance of $940.00 he wanted in a check or money order form. I did not feel comfortable sending the check so I researched how to reach him by phone. (until then everything was via emails) During my search I found over 100 complaints on the site Tripadviser against **** and this company. I had no idea that I could search that way since I do not work much with computers. I then contacted Edgewater Resort where the Condo was located and spoke with the Home Owners Services. I was advised to be very cautious about renting from **** ******** and they gave me names of other rental agencies. I contacted **** to Cancel and was told he would not refund the money since he did not think he would be able to rent the unit and had turned down others requesting the unit. I know the down payment of $312.00 was nonrefundable however I feel from all the reviews and what I was told the advertising of the unit was misrepresented. We are continuing to look for condo for our stay.

Desired Settlement
The $312.00 down payment.

Business Response
I don't know what Mr. ******** was reading, but it certainly wasn't about the condo he reserved for his vacation. The condo is absolutely beautiful and gets great reviews across the board. Misrepresented in no way, shape or form. He then called Edgewater, who is a private rental company themselves, and a competitor of ours, who strangely enough, didn't have good things to say about us. The truth that Mr. ******** spoke is that I probably won't be able to rent the unit now since we blocked it out for him and his family for that week, and I have turned down other prospective rentals. The down payment to block out the condo is nonrefundable, and this was very clear to him before he reserved, and he agreed to this policy when he booked the condo. As far as I can tell, all I've done in this situation to get this complaint is book him a very nice condo and follow our contract to the letter. Absolutely nothing was misrepresented.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
he knows exactly where I was looking to see over 120 complaints against him and his so called nice condos. We discussed the comments on Tripadvisor about him and the company. Please some one take a look at the site Emerald Coast Destination/ **** ******** it takes you to tripadvisor where you can review the complaints. This has to stop.

Final Business Response
I reserved Mr. ******** a very nice condo that has gotten terrific reviews for the 3 years we have managed it. I can assure you, Mr. ******** did not read one negative thing about the beautifully updated and well maintained condo he reserved. He backed out and cancelled and complained, and I'm still having a hard time understanding why. We take great pride in our condos (we rent over 120) and we have numerous return visitors who book with us every year. In this specific condo I have several guests who book their return trip as soon as they get home.

Final Consumer Response
Obviously this is a lost cause. **** has convinced himself he is a legitimate businessman however I know better. There is a reason the BBB has given him a C rating as well. I obviously am not the only one that has a complaint against him. Yes I did read a complaint about this condo on the same site VRBO that he advertised the condo as well as an additional 100 plus complaints in general on tripadvisor.

11/05/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We paid for one category of condo and were switched to a less desirable one a day and a half before we were to arrive.
Our friend reserved a condo for all 4 of us in July 2013 for a vacation September 14-21,2013. She paid $325 by credit card.I paid $335 balance in August via ck.Confirmation was received via email on August 28-RTB-XXXX-XXXXXX.On Sept 12,close to 3:00pm CST,she rec'd email from *** *. that the owners were coming in and the condo would not be available. He said he would move us to an "upgraded one". The pictures we requested before agreeing were misleading about it being beachfront which was our main request. Upon arrival, the condo had a small balcony overlooking the shuffleboard court and parking lot.You could not hear the water at all and looked over rooftops to see the gulf. Our friend starting emailing *** **** express our dissatisfaction with the condo's location/view. He kept emphasizing the upgraded flat screen TVs;then he emailed saying we could go and look at the condo we originally would have. We all went to see it-no owners were there-it was not ready for occupancy-but we all agreed we would rather be in that one;13th floor and beachfront versus 5th floor over the parking lot. We were persistent in wanting another place.*** ****** if we paid $300 cash to a man in a yellow van in the parking lot, he would move us to another resort.However, when we said we wouldn't pay cash, we had a check, and also wanted confirmation on where we were going, he emailed back and said, sorry the one he thought was available was already rented. We were emailing back/forth from 4:00pm Sat, Sept 14, until after 6:00 pm trying to get him to refund our money or place us somewhere else.We ended up leaving and working with another agency who graciously rented us a beachfront condo at less than half the normal rate. My friend who made the reservation, wrote *** ** shortly after we returned home,requesting a refund.There has been no response. His emailed reason on 09-14-13, said no refund due to circumstances beyond his control. How do you rent a condo and switch it to a less desirable one a day before they are to arrive and call it beyond his control?

Desired Settlement
We are requesting a full refund of the deposit and balance paid. We only spent a few hours in the condo at The Regency Towers Beach Resort on ****** Drive in Panama City Beach, FL, trying to negotiate for what we expected and paid for.

Business Response
There are representations in this complaint that are not entirely accurate. The complainant's friend who booked the condo did not relay everything that transpired.

We compensated the guests giving them an extra night at no charge and also gave then a set of 2 free beach chairs worth $275 at no cost.

1. Unfortunately this situation was caused by a glitch in our automated website booking system (which has since BEEN CORRECTED to prevent a reoccurrence).

2. The owner of the condo had blocked it for personal use starting the NEXT DAY SUNDAY 09/15/13. This left Saturday 09/14/13 open and allowed the condo to be booked by their friend thru our website starting on 09/14/13 creating a double booking that was not discovered until a few days before their scheduled check in date.

3. Before their booking was accepted thru our website system their friend was required to READ & AGREE to the terms of our rental agreement which has the following clause concerning availability.

In the rare event that the property rented described in this rental agreement becomes unavailable for rent due to conditions beyond the control of Emerald Coast Destinations Inc., its owners, its business associates, or the individual property owner; Emerald Coast Destinations, Inc. may reassign you to an equivalent property and/or refund part or all of your payment at their discretion.

4. As soon as we became aware of this situation we contacted their friend who booked it to notify them of the double booking.

5. We sent 26 pictures of the upgraded unit which included the exact views of the beach as seen from the balcony. In fact the balcony is actually bigger than the other unit not smaller as represented in this complaint. Along with the pictures we sent a written description of exactly what the view would be.

6. Their friend accepted the condo with the following email responses.

"I do understand that this is a better unit, I also know it would be an impressive upgrade for most... I appreciate this is awkward for you and to a degree out of your control. Had I known sooner I might could have made better arrangements" "I understand is there any way we can get an extra night, or monetary refund?

7. We agreed to the extra night sent them a revised final confirmation email and also gave then a set of 2 free beach chairs worth $275 at no cost. But told her this condo rents for $300 more than the other condo and we could not give a refund.

8 On the day of their arrival two of us were out of town for a funeral trying to communicate with them by email. Our House keeping person was on site in the yellow van and was there to prepare the original condo for the owner's arrival the following day. Like any vacation rental business we could not accept a personal check on the day of arrival. There is not enough time for it to clear the bank. That is why we asked for cash to move them to a much newer resort.

9. When they refused to pay cash we were concerned but we offered to upgrade them to a 2 bedroom condo much nicer than the original unit with a straight out beachfront view with a large balcony in a much newer resort. But they did not respond and finally they sent an email they had booked something at another resort.

9. Finally for the record we spent over 3 hours while at a funeral trying to satisfy these customers. We upgraded them to a 3 bedroom updated condo, gave them a free extra day and gave them $275 worth of free beach chairs.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Can't believe they discovered this "glitch" in their system with our reservation based on other complaints that I read. We weren't notified until a day and a half b/f we were to arrive - didn't leave a lot of time to research.We were offered a free night in an email while we were en route.I can appreciate having to attend a funeral, not our problem since you are in a 24/7 business, you should have others taking care of your customers in a timely manner. *** ** was the main contact...frankly,his responses were not customer friendly,or accommodating;his responses were delayed and seemed fishy and shady. They had already received a check,and his response to our request for where we would be move,and a check offer, sorry, the one I was going to send you to was rented. Because we had not heard anything back from *** ** we decided we could not stay since we were so dissatisfied with the unit and the entire way business was conducted.
I realize it is our word against theirs,but the pictures could not really tell the true facts. ...until you got there you could not tell how small the balcony was,and how limited the view of the water was when sitting down.Our friend who made the reservations is a real estate agent, and would not conduct business in this manner.
All we got were excuses, delayed responses, and seemingly to us shady transactions.
If we cannot get our refund we paid for the balance due, I would like for our friend to receive a refund for the reservation part.
Rest assured, we will not use this business again nor will re recommend them to any of our friends or family members.

09/09/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Yes. I am staying at the ***** Of ****** ***** and the air conditioner is not working and we want a refund!!!!
We are staying at ***** Of ****** at A *** and the air conditioner unit has went at and the Emerald Coast Dest. will not fix the ac and we just want to go somewhere soon so we can enjoy our vacation. I have in laws with us and the require not to be in the hot. Just give us a refund so we can go rent somewhere else. This is really stressing all of us out. Instead of refunding our money, the go out and buy portable ac machines. And they promise to get the compressor replaced by Monday the Aug. 12. We are leaving the Sat the Aug. 17. Will you just try to help us resolve this issue. Oh not to mention that yesterday we didn't get checked in until 6:00 pm and the check in time was suppose to be 4:00 pm. We even had to help clean!!!! This is suppose to be our vacation. I even say let them have the one night rental fee and let us go somewhere comfortable!!! I am so disgusted right now. I dont even know what to do. Please please please help us!!!
I would like to add so comments to my case,Emerald Coast Dest. on Aug. 11 instead of refunding us 6 nights, they bought 2 portable AC units and were told they would not cool unit.They spent well over $700 buying them and having them installed and room was still 78 deg.,the unit had to be replaced and had wait until Aug. 12, unit was installed that day at 5:00 pm and 80 deg. and the immediately came and picked Portable AC units and room temp. never hit 72 Deg. unit next morning around 9:00 am.They would not leave portables until unit was cool.Talked with rental co. early morning Aug. 11 to find out what they were going to do about fixing AC unit and told them it was very hot, they told me if it was too hot and could not stand it put my keys in lock box and leave after refusing any refund.

Desired Settlement
We are willing to let them keep the one night stay and let us go find somewhere else so we can enjoy the rest of our vacation. PLEASE!!!!

Business' Initial Response
When we found out the AC went out on a hot Saturday night in August, we immediately responded and sent out an after hours technician (450$) to try and remedy the problem. I thought it was taken care of Saturday night after this. It wasn't until Sunday morning that they called again to say that whatever the technician did, didn't work. We sent another technician out, who informed us that the whole unit would have to be replaced on Sunday, but the earliest they could get to it was Monday morning. We scheduled it immediately. In the meantime, we bought 2 portable AC units to make them comfortable on Sunday and Monday morning. The AC was completely replaced Monday morning and cooled the place within an hour. They have to admit that we did everything humanly possible to fix this situation. They were not very agreeable about any of the process either.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Yes we did not contact Emerald Coast Dest. after that. My husband was in contact directly with owner of the condo at least 2 or 3 times after the unit was fixed, why should we keep calling rental co. for them to ignore us or to rude us.He spoke with rental co. about them being rude and telling us to leave if it was to hot, he was not happy about us being told we could leave and if we had any other problems I could deal with directly instead of rental co.Emerald Coast Dest. is a rental co. not an A/C co.Maybe they do need get another unit, because it did not cool down until next morning. we had to buy fans after they took portable units out to quickly.There where 4 people in that condo that can verify that thermostat was at 79 deg. and they picked portable A/S units not much more than an hour after new unit was completed, they do not know because they were not there.A/c man said it would be a while for it would cool down since its 90 deg.With it being that hot,no unit will go 79 deg. to 70 deg. with in a hour, they are dreaming even with new unit.We have never had any one to be so rude,myself, husband and mother in law were all talked rudely when we called and could in touch with them.Many of our calls were unreturned, I do not call that bending over backwards.Like I said before I was told If I could not stand the heat put the keys in the lock box and my mother in law was right beside me and heard every that was said.I can provide phone records showing when my husband was called saying they were picking up portable A/C units if needed.Emerald Coast Dest. quit being so greedy, if you where in our situation and lost 3 days of our vacation due to these circumstance you would be demanding some kind of discount or reimbursement for the 3 days.And I also so no response on the situation of the condo not being ready at 4:00 check in time and that we helped clean condo to get maids out quicker.The rental agreement says the check in time is 4:00 pm and it took almost until 6:00 pm to get cleaned and that can not be denied.Keep in mind that there where 4 people in this condo and we have no reason to be dishonest about this situation versus 1 person from rental co.Do the right thing and reimburse for 3 days.Anything short of a 3 day reimbursement will unacceptable.

Business' Final Response
The customer did say one thing that was true in their response. They have had no contact with us since the Monday we fixed their AC. Not a word. We never were rude or didn't answer any complaint they had right away. We did not take the portable AC units away while the condo was still hot. We never told them to put keys in the lockbox and leave. There is no possible way that the brand new AC unit took overnight to cool down the unit. If that is the case, we need to go replace it again. All we did in this entire situation was bend over backwards to try and get their AC fixed and make them have a great vacation. Evidently, you can't make some people have a good time and you can't please them all. This is not I feel we did this as fast as was humanly possible given the circumstances. That is the best we can do as a rental company.

08/28/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Filthy carpet. We had no working pool, hot tub or Wi-Fi or water to shower Saturday - Tuesday night. Still have not received $500 deposit back.
Emerald Coast Destinations rents this house at **** **** ****** Panama City Beach Florida. *** is who we dealt with. Our stay was June 1st - 8th 2013. Upon arrival Saturday we found: NOT WORKING Pool, Hot Tub, Wi-Fi & TV's. Pool-foamy brown sludge floating & brown ring around, Grill & tables outside not cleaned & trash & cigarette butts all around outside area. Bathroom door off hinges & no water to shower. Carpet with huge barf & urine stains & stunk and 2 king beds very noisy & rickety with slightest touch. Broken ironing board, Dents in walls, owner's suite table broke propped against wall, Kitchen had no large pans/bowls/sharp knives/mixer, couch beds had dirty sheets & we found a pill inside one. We had 5 people in and out working on the pool & hot tub, shower & bathroom door, TV's & Wi-Fi from Saturday through Wednesday.It really was ridiculous! I texted *** that we were very disappointed and he called me an hour later with tons of rehearsed sounding excuses but felt since they had addressed the big issues during our vacation we should be happy. After seeing I was not happy, he mentioned compensation but he wasn't happy with a requested $2000 & said "that's not gonna happen" and would not give us an amount he felt fair. I decided to either call him back or go by after check out. I was trying to plan a wedding and didn't really have time! He did show up the next morning with an exaggerated complaint that the neighbor said we were throwing trash off the upstairs balcony and flipping cigarettes. I told him I knew we did not throw any trash but I would check with the smokers in our group. He goes "come on now lady". He was very rude. I really couldn't believe he was there making a complaint and not apologizing for our issues! I was speechless! Who knew cigarettes were an issue with the 100's everywhere you looked when we arrived! We saw the neighbor (Jeanie Bowling)outside later and apologized for the cigarette butts and she said she DID NOT say anything about us throwing trash off the balcony. We purchased a rake and cleaned the 100's of other people's cigarette butts and trash from between the houses. We spent hours cleaning and dealing with strangers in and out during 4 of our 7 days. *** said he was too busy to talk to me Saturday when I called him after check-out so I asked him to call me back. The address for Emerald Coast Destinations leads to a sub-division with no businesses around. I have emailed *** & *** "Business President" with no reply. I have called and left messages with no call back. We were to receive our $500 deposit back in 14-21 business days and still have not received that. They still ignore calls 1 month later and I have not heard from them since I spoke with *** after check-out and he said he was too busy with a condo!

Desired Settlement
We are seeking our $500 security deposit along with $800 compensation for the many issues and the many amenities we had to do without during our vacation. We spent hours cleaning what should have been clean when we arrived and spent hours inside with strangers working on broken things instead of enjoying our time at the beach.

Business' Initial Response
The $500 Security Deposit was refunded to the traveler's credit card. It was temporarily being withheld pending determination as to whether the pool pump motors were going to fail due to the customer's failure to keep the pool water levels above the bottom of the skimmer inlet. See below for a detailed explanation.

Unfortunately the customer has used the Internet and the BBB to post comments that are not representative of the facts. From the very beginning of their stay it was apparent to us that there was an agenda in place to attempt to gain an unwarranted refund.

It should be noted that two major vacation rental websites received similar negative reviews from this customer in attempt to force our company to pay an unwarranted refund similar to this BBB complaint. We forwarded complete email strings received from the customer to the websites with our contention that the customer was violating review policies of those websites. They reviewed the information provided and notified the customer they would not post the reviews stating "Our findings confirm that there was a treat to abuse the reviews system and use it to force a specific response. Based on this finding we removed the review from your listing. Since there was proof of a threat we have removed the review from your other listing (on their sister site.)

It should also be noted that the next week after this customer's stay a couple with a large wedding party rented this same beach house and were married there. After returning home the bride called us to say the house was wonderful, that it was just as or better than advertised and they could not be happier with how their wedding plans turned into a beautiful reality.

The complaining customer originally requested to reserve the beach house for 16 adults and 2 children even though the entire house will accommodate 32 - 34 people. Upon the customer's arrival there appeared to be more people than they had made reservations for but we did not take any issue with that.

Normally a smaller group of their size would only need to rent the main house section which has 9 bedrooms, 5 baths and 3 sofa sleepers and we would rent the owner's suite section to someone else. They wanted to rent the entire property but their requested group size was much smaller than our normal rental size. We decided to give them an early booking discount of $820 + tax = $914 to make it more affordable. We also included the separate Owner's Suite section with the additional 2 bedrooms 1 bath kitchen, living room with sofa sleeper that we normally rent for an extra charge at no additional cost.

This is a large 5,500 square foot house. A large vacation rental property that has large groups of people there every week can have maintenance issues that occur during the prior week that must be attended to but cannot be accomplished within the check-out to check-in window of time. It was reported to us that these guests arrived early before the house was actually ready for them to check in and before our housekeepers and maintenance personnel were finished and before the pool had been serviced by the pool service contractor.

Both our housekeepers and our maintenance man called us to say the customers were immediately looking for any issues they could possibly find and making comments that led them to believe there would be trouble with the rental. It seemed apparent to them that this customer was on a mission to find something wrong and get some kind of a refund.

We dispute the posted housekeeping issues and their claimed hours of cleaning required as fabricated and/or grossly exaggerated. The housekeeping crew that we have assigned to this house is the same crew used every week. This house has been rented every week since mid-February and this crew has not had any complaints about their cleaning of the house or the grounds. In fact they have had guests leave them tips because they appreciated the cleanliness of the property when they arrived and the fact that it is always ready by the designated check in time.

There was never an issue of no water in the shower the problem was that guests broke the knob on the shower and it was repaired by our maintenance man the same evening they checked in.

The customer claims that amenities were not available for use also are not accurate. Yes there was a pool water clarity issue the first day of their (early) arrival 06/01 but it was taken care of between the 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM check in window. We had a contract with a local pool Service Company to maintain both the swim spa pool and hot tub twice a week sometimes 3 times as needed. However, the last week of May between Sat 05/25 - 06/01 the weather was very cold and rainy here and the contractor did not come during the week to maintain the balance and chemicals as we paid them to do. We did not realize this until late on Thursday afternoon 05/30 when we stopped by to do a property inspection and those guests informed us the contractor had not serviced the pool or hot tub during the week. We made repeated phone calls and text messages to the owner of the pool service company with no response. Due to this we fired that company and hired a new pool service company beginning June 1 the morning of this customer's arrival. Even though the pool had not been maintained as we had paid for during the prior week the new pool service company arrived at 4:00 PM and had it cleared up and usable within two hours after this customer arrived which is within the check in window.

The customer claims that the cable TV did not work but this is not true all TV'S worked fine. There was one remote control missing that we had to get a replacement from Comcast but that TV worked fine and the channel could be changed at the cable box.

They also claimed that the Wi-Fi did not work but they were trying to get onto the wrong network by trying to access a neighbor's network that required a password.

On Monday afternoon 2 days after they checked in we received a call from the customer with their first notification that the hot tub motor was not running. We immediately called the owner of the Spa Company and the motor was replaced the very next day as it was too late to get there to replace it on Monday.

While the Spa Company was there changing the hot tub motor he noticed that children were jumping into the pool splashing the water out of it. He reported to us that the water level was below the bottom of the skimmer inlet and he instructed the customer to keep the pool water level well above the bottom of the skimmer inlet or it would cause the pool pumps to lose their prime which is why the pumps stopped circulating between the time they checked in and he was there on Tuesday. In addition when the pumps are not circulating the water it cannot be filtered. This is one of the reasons the security deposit was being withheld as the spa company advised us to make sure there was no pump failure before refunding it.

The customer disputes that the neighbors called the owner of the property and complained that the customer's group was throwing trash and cigarette butts into their yard. There is no question that this happened. The neighbors are elderly and the customer confronted them with the issue the neighbors had reported which made them feel very uncomfortable so they denied saying anything. This was not a nice thing to do to these elderly people. The day we went to the property to report the neighbor's concerns there was a pile of cigarette butts at least 100 of them to the side of the front door under the carport next to the flower planter that were not there the day they checked in. There was no rude comment as was referenced "come on now lady". Instead what was said "We did not want to have to make this report to you but the neighbors called the property owner and he insisted we stop by and tell you because the neighbors were so upset and please do not shoot the messenger."

Even though we disagreed with the customer's complaints and exaggerated report, we were prepared to give the customer an even larger discount on a future rental in an attempt to satisfy them, but when the customer demanded a $2,000 cash refund on Monday of their stay we told them that was an unreasonable request and would not happen. The customer has twisted words and posted negative personal comments on this BBB site and other websites. The customer has made libelous statements in reviews and in this complaint about us personally and claims that our company is a dishonorable business.

We will always do everything reasonable to be responsive and make our customers happy but will not submit to unwarranted refund claims . We have a long list of satisfied customers who have rented this house over the past 19 months. None have written a negative review or BBB complaint. The only reviews written have been 5 star positi

Consumer's Final Response
There are so many inaccuracies with the long awaited response from Emerald Coast Destinations it's hilarious. We were anxious to finally hear anything from them since they have completely ignored us since we checked out. Their excuses for their treatment of us are laughable. I sent 2 emails. If they call that a "string" I guess it is. After all the house's issues and them ignoring us completely 2 emails and 3 phone calls is not that many. If they were told we were "trouble" by the fix-it guy, why did they never call us or stop to check our issues?? With all the problems we had *** should have visited us the first day if their business is always willing to make customers happy? But he already knew the house was not ready for us, so why would he do that? He only called me Tuesday, after I texted him of how disappointed we were.
I guess we have higher standards than ECD. When we rent a house for 7 days with a pool, hot tub and Wi-Fi we expect that. It's not like we had one little issue or 2 or 3. We had 3 major amenities we depended on and needed not working along with all the other problems. We have rented numerous vacation houses and condos for the last 25 years and I have NEVER complained or done a negative review before EVER. The only reason they thought we were trouble is because they knew the house was not ready!
The reviews were accurate and not blackmail but just what we experienced in hopes of saving anyone else from the grief we experienced during our family vacation and my daughter's wedding. I've learned it's very easy for vacation rental companies to get negative reviews removed. If a business does not like negative reviews then they should not ignore customer's emails and phone calls.
YES "right from the start" we did call as directed in our "final confirmation" to report all the issues we found with the house so that we would not get blamed for the damage/filth/broke things.Including the hot tub! We could not email as directed because our Wi-Fi did not work. The teens that normally rent the house probably don't report issues because they are there to party so ECD is not accustomed to hearing from this house's renters. The beach chair rental people, neighbor and the pool fix-it guy all told us that we were staying in the "party house".
Facts are the Pool was looked at on Saturday by the guy who said he only cleaned the pool and applied chemicals but he could not fix it. He was there less than 30 minutes and my husband scrubbed the brown scum off after he left. He also said the reason the hot tub didn't work was an electrical issue. Only 2 of the 10 or so jets worked on the pool and it was very nasty and 105 degrees and full of sand. It was not fixed until Tuesday evening and even then not fixed completely. They sent someone to fix the hot tub late Tuesday after the electrician and the pool cleaning guy could not get it going. It was under warranty so the man who came was only to fix the hot tub and he was not called to fix the pool. He kindly did look at the pool for us though. He got some of the jets working easily on the pool but said it needed more work to get it running as it should. We constantly kept the water hose in the pool and running often to run off sludge build up and to get rid of the nasty water that was in it when we arrived. The pool guy pumped tons of sand out of it Saturday and told us to just keep running water into it. None of the 3 people who looked at the pool or hot tub witnessed the water level below the line and if they told ECD this it was a lie. ECD tends to believe whatever benefits them. In fact it was way over the line at all times and even ran over at times. We asked the last pool guy if that would harm the pool and he said no just not to let it go below the line. The pool did not work when we got there and never worked properly and it was broke when we got there! We had no Wi-Fi until Tuesday night and it took their guy 3 times coming to work on it to get it going and he was on the phone for an hour before they got it going. We had students relying on this. The water was broke to the shower when we got there and the door was busted and hanging off the hinges. It was obvious this bathroom was mistreated. Barf stains outside the door and smelled like urine. The fact that ECD is blaming us for this is crazy. They never were there to seen anything for themselves while we were there and the fix it guy had no way of knowing who broke the shower so why would he say that we did.
I don't brag but we do not need to beg for compensation money. If ECD believes not having a pool, hot tub or Wi-Fi from Saturday - Tuesday night of a 7 day stay is acceptable practices then that should be known by anyone considering renting their properties. "Amenities are not guaranteed to work," should be added to their contract. Also, if the carpet cleaner doesn't show up to clean the carpet before you get there just live with other people's body fluids and stink all week without complaining so also add "if it's not clean live with it or clean it". If you have 2 beds that squeak with the slightest touch just don't roll over at night much less anything else on vacation. These are all little issues to Emerald Coast Destinations and if you complain you are made to feel like you are being too picky or grossly exaggerating. No compensation is warranted if that is known beforehand but I guess then you might lose a few people with "higher standards".
The neighbor was a very nice person and not that elderly. My mother-in-law and Mom spoke with her so I doubt she felt threatened. They are both elderly also and she was more than friendly and willing to talk. She said a group of teens rented the house the week prior and lots of party people rent the house. She also said a family rented the house a few weeks prior to our stay and had many of the same issues with the house that we had. She also said the man who owns the house is very nice to speak with (unlike Emerald Coast Destinations). Maybe ECD are the ones who are intimidating?? The way *** spoke with me was proof enough to me.
Yes we did have a pile of cigarette butts outside where the smokers went (it's a non-smoking house). We cleaned them before we left. If we piled up all the butts we found there when we arrived it would fill up a large garbage bag. Just read all the forums on Trip Advisor about ECD and you will see how they do business. I am glad we got the house in shape for the future vacationers and weddings. The house was a perfect location and size and could have been a wonderful experience for us.
When we left a carpet/tile cleaning van was pulling into the drive and the cleaning women were there at 8 am. I am glad they were making an effort for the next renter. I requested $800 in compensation for the pool/hot tub and Wi-Fi not working 3 days of 7 along with the other issues we had with neglect and filth. That is not unreasonable to me. $100 for each person that went in on the $8670 cost of rental.
We had exactly the amount of people in the house that were supposed to be there. See below from ECD's final confirmation.
Final Cofirmation SDB-XXXX-XXXXXX The **** ***** ***** ***** - Whole House
Check In: 06/01/13 After 4:00 PM CST
Check Out: 06/08/13 Before 9:00 AM CST (4 Loads of towels washed and dried load of sheets started in each washer prior to departure)
26 guests are authorized to check in.
And we only had 26 people the last 3 days of our stay and only 19 up until then.
*** never offered any form of compensations and he was rude after he saw that we were not happy and accepting of all his excuses for the issues we had. I just received the $500 deposit back today! 7 weeks after we checked out! The very last day this complaint could be responded to by ECD.
I can understand issues that Vacation Rental Companies might have in keeping so many properties going. There may be times things break or carpet cleaners don't show up but it shouldn't be the vacationer paying with their 1 week vacation time and doing without major amenities. We had no mission or agenda and I know the cleaning people didn't say that because we never saw them until check-out day?? She was flabbergasted when I told her what was in the washer and dryer that *** did not inform me they had a linen service doing the laundry as I was up at 5 am doing the required laundry for no reason. We left her tons of unopened food and flowers from the wedding. The only people with an agenda here is Emerald Coast Destinations. They were very rude to ignore us and unprofessional not to apologize or offer compensations for their failure to have this house ready to rent.

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06/25/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

After a few days in the dirty condo, we found bed bugs. Upon arriving home, all three members from the infested room have gotten bed bug bites.
We stayed in condo 1210 of Tidewater Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, FL. We arrived 3/15/14 (Saturday) and stayed in the stated condo until 3/18/15 (Tuesday) when we found bed bugs in one of the rooms. 3 people were sleeping in this room. After contacting *** ******** of Emerald Coast Destinations, we were told to move all of our things to unit 2811. They items from the infested room were laundered and heat pressed and were returned later that night. We never received word of findings in the room, etc. or what they were doing about it. We departed the condo on 3/22/14. The next day, one member of the room found bed bug bites over her entire body and was treated. A call was made to *** ******** about the situation to seek compensation, but we were told no compensation could be provided because they were not able to find bugs. We had killed all bugs we found prior to calling when we found the bugs. On 3/27/14, the other two members staying in the room also have bed bug bites and are in the process of treating them.

Desired Settlement
We are seeking a full refund of our stay at the condo, totaled at $2,240.

Business Response
Regarding Clean Condo: A local phone number is provided in advance to all of our guests for reporting any housekeeping or maintenance issues. We make every effort to provide clean and safe accommodations for our guests.

No calls were received from these guests upon check in 03/15/15 nor anytime during the 3 days prior to 03/18/15 for housekeeping concerns.

The only call received from these guests was on 03/18/15 concerning some "bugs" they had found in a bedroom but the guests did not indicate they were bed bugs.

In January, 2014 winter guests travelling from Canada occupied this condo for 3 weeks. They stopped along the way here and by their admission stayed in a cheap older motel for 3 days due to a snow and ice storm. Then they continued their trip to the beach. After these guests had occupied this condo for 3 weeks they called to say that they had found some bugs in the condo. We immediately called the Panama City office of Terminix Pest Control a nationally known exterminating company to perform an inspection and determine what the bugs were. Terminix found a few adult bedbugs but did not find any eggs, nymphs or shells in the condo. Their opinion was that the winter guests had transported the bedbugs with them. They told us when there is an infestation there would be evidence of the complete lifecycle including eggs, nymphs, adults and shells .

We paid to have Terminix treat the condo with their protocol for exterminating bed bugs and any other "bug" using a combination of chemicals and heat treatment with steam. Terminix also installed bed bug proof encapsulating mattress covers. There were 3 subsequent inspections by Terminix and no bedbugs were found during any inspection. After their final inspection they told us it was free of any bugs.The condo had been shut down for 5 weeks and all bedding in the condo was discarded and new bedding was installed

When we received the call from these guests we were very shocked given the assurance that we had received and paid for from Terminix. As a precautionary measure we immediately moved these guests to another condo and asked them to leave all items of clothing and their duffle bags in the room where they saw the "bugs" for an inspection by Terminix Pest Control. Within an hour two Terminix Pest Control Technicians and the Terminix District Manager went to the condo along with a representative from our company to completely inspect all of the guest's articles of clothing and the entire condo. Our representative was there for over 3 Hours and observed the inspection. The Technicians inspected every piece of the guests clothing and their duffle bags and the entire condo including disassembling all beds.

Again Terminix assured us that they did not find any evidence of bedbugs that these guests had reported. However, we insisted that they treat the entire condo with their recommended extermination method for killing bedbugs.

After the guests clothing was thoroughly inspected it was all sealed in plastic bags and as a precautionary measure we followed Terminix protocol by taking all of their items to a commercial laundromat to have them professionally laundered and high heat treated which kills bedbugs. We delivered the guests clothing and duffle bags to them and notified them that no bedbugs were found by Terminix. .

The guest's complaint stated that they did not know what we were doing about it, however during the Terminix inspection one or two of the guests returned to the condo and actually spoke with them. Terminix told the guest that NO BED BUGS were found.

We feel that we did everything possible and paid Terminix who are professional exterminators to insure that this condo did not have any kind of bugs.

We sincerely regret that these guests have experienced some kind of bites that did not show up until after they returned to school. We do not know how this might have happened. But, subsequent guests have stayed in this condo and the condo these guests were moved to and there have been no reports of any bugs or bites of any kind from guests staying in either condo.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We did not call for housekeeping issues, however when we did call in regards to the bugs, it was made very clear that they were found in the bed, and we suspected they might be bed bugs. We have not found any further bugs upon returning from our trip after the treatment of our clothes and bags.

No one from our party returned to the room and found Terminix inspectors. Once we were relocated, we did not return back to the room.

Bug bites are known to take up to two weeks to appear on the skin, which explains why we could see them just days after returning. All three bed bug cases were diagnosed by a doctor.

The business has now refused to take any of our calls, as they are angry for the negative review. They refuse to give us even our security deposit back saying we had done something to not recieve it, but will not tell us what that was. The condo was left in perfect condition as we swept, vacuumed and followed all check out directions perfectly.

When calls were made to attempt to get even our security deposit returned, we were told they were not the people to call about deposits, but would not refer us the correct person. When pressed on the issue, we were hung-up on multiple times. The immaturity in the handling of this situation is shocking. After multiple emails and calls, it seems we will not recieve our security deposit and with no explanation.

We fully understand these kind of things can happen, especially in beach-type resorts, but efforts to reconcile the matter with us has been non-existent.

Business Response
Terminix a nationally known company was called to inspect the entire unit on the same day the complaint was received. Terminix tore every bed apart and inspected every inch of the entire unit and did not find any bed bugs.

Terminix inspectors had no reason to lie to us about 1-2 of the guests returning briefly to the condo while the inspection was being performed. We can only speculate that perhaps during Spring Break activities the reviewer did not know the whereabouts of all members of her Spring Break group?

Terminix told us they asked the guests where they had seen bed bugs and they said they were everywhere. Terminix told us no bed bugs were found and that they had advised the guests that no bed bugs had been found in the entire condo.

We disagree that no efforts were made to address this situation. Even though no bed bugs were found by Terminix we followed all recommended protocol to protect the guests clothing and person(s) as previously described in our earlier response.

We upgraded the group to a much larger condo and they were not charged any additional money for they upgrade and were not charged for all of the laundry expense we incurred.

Therefore we consider this complaint closed. We will not make any refunds and will not respond to any further rebuttals in this case.

Consumer Response
We were told by *** ******** to leave all of our items of the infested room in that room and shut the door. After moving condos, we had no reason to return to the condo as we had moved all other items that morning. We were as a group all day.

It was made very clear multiple times we would not receive a refund. However, it must be noted we were moved to an identical room, simply different furniture and on a higher floor. We would like our SECURITY DEPOSIT back as stated in the contract we would get back within 2 weeks of returning from our trip. It has now been over 3 months and the he refuses to cooperate. As seen in his rebuttal, once we try to recover any money that is rightfully ours, he will not respond. We have not even received an explanation as to why we are not receiveing our security deposit back. This is extrememly unprofessional.

09/17/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Failed to return deposit stating damage was done to condo but i have pictures showing state of condo before check out. Took weeks to receive response.
My son and several of his friends wanted to go on a senior trip so I found a condo at ***** of Panama that was rented to me by ******* ***** ************ and **** and *** ********. I told him they were 18 and he was ok with that. I wasn't worried because I knew the guys would do right and take care of the place (I'm not stupid, I'm sure they had fun and it was probably a wreck at some point but I knew they would leave it as they found it). Upon arrival the guys repaired the microwave, hung a blind that they found under the bed along with a lot of trash. When my son called he made the statement this place is kind of a dump but they were ok. They had a great week but before he left I had my son take pictures of the condo. I always do this. 3 weeks after they checked out I emailed **** to see where my deposit was and he said he would check on it. After several attempts I finally received an answer "were you aware those kids absolutely trashed the condo" so I asked for details which at the time he could not give me. I spoke with all the guys and they said that is a lie. Not to mention I had pictures of how it was left. I asked for the cleaning company contact which he would not give me and continued to ask for details and even sent him the pictures. Eight days later he came back with a story I could not believe. He stated the guys defecated in 8 towels. Now please note they had already told me there were only 6 towels and 2 guys had to use beach towels. **** had no proof and would not let me speak to the cleaning folks. You would think if something like this had happened they would have called immediately. I believe they keep this condo to rent to underage kids then take advantage of the situation and keep the deposit. Not to mention they will not talk to you on the phone. Only by email. I can have an affidavit from each renter if necessary.

Desired Settlement
My deposit of $300.00.

Business' Initial Response
We rent many many condos and have lots of happy repeat customers. You don't get this by unnecessarily keeping people's deposits. I told Mrs ******** when she inquired about her son's deposit return exactly what her son and his friends had done to the condo. One of the many things was defecating in the nice new bath towels. When people have a total lack of respect for property, we have no choice but to keep deposits to recoup our losses and pay our cleaners extra.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Once again I have proof of how the condo was left and you continue not to acknowledge I sent you pictures. You have no proof. I by no means believe they can do no wrong but I know they didn't do this. I have been given a list of places to ace complaints about this company and I will. If I stop one person from renting from you it is well worth my trouble. Again, why will you not acknowledge the pictures I sent you?

Business' Final Response
We take thousands of deposits a year and almost never have to keep one. When we do, it is very necessary. Apparently, she thinks her 18 year old son and his friends can do no wrong. All I know are the facts. Her son and his friends stayed in the condo and trashed the place and left it a mess. I had to replace all the towels and pay extra cleaning. I'm sorry she doesn't accept this. We like every customer to leave happy and rebook. I would not rent to these people again, though, because of how they treated the condo.

08/09/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

dirtiest nastiest room I have been in ever,and absolutely no help from company purchased from,treated us and others it seems very bad
there was nasty brown sludge all over the top of box spring also running down side onto floor. carpets were so worn that the tack strips were exposed.I called the number on the paperwork and got a woman who told me when I asked for a safe and clean room, there were no other rooms and she would send housekeeping right away. Three hours of waiting they arrive.It has now become my job to show these ladies all of the disgust I found.I am the guest this is not my job.I begin with the reddish brown streaks on walls beside the tacks sticking up from floor.They told me they are paid in once a year to clean walls and that's in the month of March. They wiped away what looked like blood once I asked them. then showed them in bathroom what looked like feces smeared on door . they left the feces on door. I watched them clean what they told me was diarrhea with a sponge and water.Then to cover stain placed a sheet over it which absorbed the water and left a poop juice stain I had the pleasure of looking at. the maids told me they couldn't un ghetto this room that we got the ghetto room and they were just maids they couldn't do anything about the room.Next was maintenance,he removed exposed tacks also apologized for room and said he couldn't help us either.There were holes in walls.Wallpaper peeling at every seam and ripped from walls.Red and brown stains on walls mold.moldy ceiling tiles,mold around mirror frame in tub.Old dirty q tips beside dresser.water dripping from ceiling in kitchen.Found more exposed tacks in other bathroom in kids room.dry rotted baseboards debris covering walls ,dirty,old box fan with broken handle to make air flow,2&1/2 of 3 windows cloudy from debris on inside so no matter how much I clean wouldn't come clean,towel racks broken laying in bottom of closets ,extra pillows yellow, extra blankets covered in hair and food,mold in toilet,1/2 of the blinds were broken in a closet.3 extinguishers one from 1997,2007,2010.Searched for smoke or fire alarm found in closet between wall and a pipe yellow with age 1/4in of dust clearly not in working order.that broken dirty alarm was the only one. They kept asking what they could do to make me happy while at the same time telling me another room is out of question.I brought up what looks like feces and blood the office was ambivalent it appears after doing some research the company and its employees **** ******** *** ******** bill ******** have multiple issues with customer satisfaction with there business

Desired Settlement

Business' Initial Response
This complaint is full of lies and I think it is unbelievable you would publish something like this without a shred of proof. The customer stated they were happy on Monday of the week and had no problem staying the rest of the week in the condo, then when they get home they demand a full refund. That is not the way business works. To read this complaint, you would think the whole condo is covered in blood and feces. Ridiculous lies. As was the lie about the cleaner stating that they are paid to clean walls once a year in March. Totally untrue. This is a nice condo and this amounts to a clear example of somebody trying to smear our name in hopes to get money. Totally outrageous.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
All this man is going to do is keep saying all was ok,when me and my family and kids know the room was a total disaster,Everything we said is true with video and pictueres to prove it.We have been in contact with multiple people who have the same problem as we do, Mr. ******** you sir are nothing but trash to treat hardworking familys in this manner,i would love to see you dispute the pictures that have allready been delivered to you from another agency and the complaint that follows.All the reviews we have found on you and your company are all very fimilar in that your service and status of the rooms you rent are horrible. I will continue to post on vrbo ,by the way my review was approved and WILL BE POSTED.AND ON tripadvisor etc to the extent of the nightmare you gave us on vacation as well as other sites. Between the maids and the handyman this room was horrible and they could do nothing just like you. Do i expect you to do the right thing and refund probably not its obvious your not that tyoe of person and treat people like this always SEEMS IS WHAT YOU DO,but i have plenty of time to keep the reviews and complaints going.

Business' Final Response
Everything I said was true. He lied about all the blood, feces etc as well as what the cleaners said to him. He wants a free vacation. He's not getting that from me. He stayed a week in my condo which is not in any way in the condition he says it is in, and now he wants his money back.

03/03/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Emerald Coast Destinations will not refund a deposit from a property I reserved. The property had a 100% refund clause, and we canceled a day later
I attempted to reserve a vacation rental with Emerald Coast Destinations through on Friday, January 30th, 2015. After giving my credit card info, I was told that the house would actually be more expensive. They revised the booking email, and I authorized a $1000 down payment. I did this based on the 4 separate cancellation refund policies noted on the vrbo website and in the emails from Emerald Coast Destinations. I photographed all of these and still have them. After the payment was already made, Emerald Coast Destinations sent an email stating that the deposit was not refundable. The payment went through on Saturday, and I attempted to cancel the reservation on Monday. I immediately reached out to Emerald Coast Destinations about the refund. Instead of quickly granting it, I was told that they turned away another renter and that they didn't know if the boss would allow the refund (despite the 100% refundable cancellation policy). On top of it, the person from Emerald Coast Destinations emailing me was incredibly rude. They are no longer even responding to my requests.

Desired Settlement
I want my $1000 refunded immediately.

10/14/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Terrible conditions of a condo unit that was dirty and did not at all meet the advertisement. Never given a quality resolution.
Terrible conditions of the condo unit, complete lack of support or standing by the product by the owner. Broken bed, dirty conditions etc...
We have been severely disappointed with our vacation condo. Not only did we arrive to find it in a terrible state the owner found reason after reason to blame us, regardless of procedure, never once standing by his facilities and offering anything near just to rectify the situation.

My family arrived at the condo at the designated time, we had paid fifteen hundred and forty five dollars for the week. Upon arrival we started to discover many issues, some of which were severe to other minor issues. The most egregious of the issues was the king bed in the second bedroom. The bed was literally broken in the middle, if you laid on one side or the other you would roll to the middle, this is not an exaggeration. My wife, myself and my 5 year old son would be sharing the bed but that didn't work out because it was a danger to him that we would roll on him, so I resorted to an air mattress.

We found the facility dirty. There was a panty liner in one of the dressers for example, the towels in the second bathroom were wet, un-useable. The shower curtains were very dirty, the master bath one was the worse of the two. The sheets on the master bedroom king bed had a terrible stain, so bad in fact my parents covered it up and used their own linens.

There was only one dish towel and rag and they were a mess as well, with no dish stopper at all. We found the place so disturbing (office hours close shortly after arrival with a sign letting Ocean Reef guests know that Sundays they are closed, so basically you are stuck Saturday night and Sunday with the bad conditions)that my family went out and purchased our own cleaning supplies and cleaned the unit ourselves to make it livable. We literally cleaned the tubs, the toilets, sinks and living room area ourselves.

This was supposed to be a vacation condo ready for us, we found the opposite to be true.

Other minor/moderate notes: The mattress, if you call it that on the pull out sofa was also unusable. The secondary chair in the living room had one side caved in, the outside light on the balcony did not work at all.

Reading through the instructions as best we could we called the resort on a couple of occasions with no luck, visited the office with no luck (they have cameras that could confirm this) and on Tuesday we resorted to using an e-mail we found. By this time we were making due as best we could, the e-mail went unanswered for 2 days and then we e-mailed directly who we booked with. What we got was a lecture on how we had screwed up the process of reporting these issues and an offer of a free night with a future booking (really, like we would come back) and use of beach chairs. At no point standing by the product or being embarrassed by the way we found the unit.

How does a bed that is literally broken down the middle go un noticed? How does the owner not feel awful about this and want to make it right? I am very upset by the lack of compassion *** customer service. Basically he got our money so who cares if we had a miserable experience with his product.

Please help us here, he will of course when you contact him blame it on us for missing the correct reporting procedure. He will not take the blame for the false advertising of what we paid for on the VRBO website. This was an unmitigated disaster and now our vacation is over and we can no recoup the time lost or money spent.

XXXXXX Listing number
Unit number ****
Owner: ***** ******
Sorry forgot to include that information.

Desired Settlement
We want a refund of at least 50% ($772.50.) The right thing for him to do would be to have given the full amount, but we have no doubt he will not even want to refund any at all based on our correspondence. We do not desire a free night on what was already a terrible experience. A sincere apology for the state we found the property would be welcomed other than a "IF YOU DID THIS THEN WE WOULD HAVE FIXED IT" would also be welcomed. It is not our fault how we found his place that we had paid for. It is not our responsibility to clean the place. It is certainly not what we paid for to have to sleep in a dangerous situation for our family. Thank you for any help you can provide.

09/02/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Tried to book a condo with a $2300 payment and now suddenly unavailable. NO ONE will answer email or calls. Alternate place 1/2 the cost and not wante
Tried to book a condo with a $2300 payment and now suddenly it is not available. NO ONE will answer email or calls now!! At first when we contacted them ******* said they would place in an alternate place, the one he said list for about 1/2 the cost on website to what was paid. ******* said the website just wasn't updated and that it usually is what they paid. NOT OUR FAULT and you would think all the other parts of website are good looking and great that this would be only part not updated. I THINK NOT!! We want money back QUICKLY to book somewhere else and they will not answer us in any way we try to contact them. We can't book somewhere else without out the money they have. This can't be legal. This is Very Unprofessional and Unfair! We need someone to help us and not let this happen to other people.

Desired Settlement
We want money back quickly or the place that was booked.

07/01/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I payed a $312 damage deposit I was promised I would get back and now they refuse to refund my deposit.
We rented a condo for spring break through Emerald Coast Destination. We stayed at The ****** room ********* we booked we put a $312 deposit down that I was assured I would get back and then $740 for a week's rent. We were supposed to get the deposit back 14-21 days after checkout, we checked out April 12 and it's now June 3 and we still haven't got it back. After having been checked out about 3 weeks I started emailing them and calling them they never answered the phone but would always reply to emails with responses like "they are working on them this week" or "we mailed them yesterday you should have it next week" Well I still haven't got it, so today I called them and spoke with a lady at the office who was extremely rude! She ended up telling me I wouldn't get my money back, that I didn't understand anything, and that just because Richard (the booking manager) made a mistake they were not going to just give me money. She ended up hanging up on me so I called the only other number I had and no one answered. I left a message and they started texting me so sent them a picture of the email where I was assured I would get my $312 deposit back and they stopped responding.

Desired Settlement
Thee settlement I want is for them to give me my $300 deposit back.

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