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Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center

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6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Problems with Product / Service4
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints6

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Complaint Resolution Log (6)
09/05/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

business took advantage of my sons age and inexperience with auto service
my son took his truck to tuffy for a front end alignment. they then proceeded to tell him he had many safety issues with his vehicle and they should fix them all now, because it was unsafe to drive. he was told he could apply for a tuffy credit card, which he did - they gave him a $700 credit limit. they then proceeded to tell him he had $900 worth of repairs needed. i feel they tried to take advantage of him by telling him all the repairs were safety related and needed to be fixed immediatly. i was in meetings most of the day, so only found out about this after he had approved a couple of the repairs. they were making him wait on parts - one of the repairs was a whole new radiator, because there was a leak and needed replaced. when i found out about this i instructed him to stop any further repair and bring the vehicle home. he left with spending $400 for tie rod end replacement and valve cover gaskets replaced. he drove the truck home and said ithe front end pulled severely to one side. i took the vehicle back the next day and told the manager of the problems - first with the poor alignment and then my frustration with them taking advantage of the situation. i spent another 2.5 hours waiting for them to get the alignment done (my son was there for over 5 hours the day before) he tried to explain away the reasons for the repairs, but didnt address the fact they tried to scare my son into fixing the "problems". i took the truck to another shop and was told there was nothing wrong with thr radiator - the "leak" was from a loose radiator cap. the last issue only became apparent yesterday when my son and i were going to check his front brakes. BOTH OF HIS FRONT WHEEL LUG NUTS WERE SO LOOSE, WE COULD HAVE REMOVED THEM BY HAND!!! I AM SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. the repairs were completed on 7-30/7-31, so he has been driving around for more than 2 weeks with loose front wheels

Desired Settlement
i dont know what my optios are. if i can get a full refund, that would be great, but you will need to guide me on my options. thank you

Final Consumer Response
i recieved a phone call from the local district mgr, as well as the customer service dept in their corporate office. they both apologized and were very concerned about what happened. i was given a restitution of $340.00. i feel that was fair and they made every attempt to correct the problem. i feel much better after the efforts they made. you can close the compalint

04/16/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Dodge van had rebuilt transmission put in for $3,774. Van still experiencing same issues as when I took it in for repair. No compensation from Tuffy.
On vacation 7/21/2014 dodge van Ohio plate dukXXXX Xd4cp45r46bXXXXXX had shuttering between 8-10 mph and sporadic shuttering at approx. 40mph. Explained problem to Kendall at Tuffy Auto in Destin. After approx.20 minutes was advised new transmission was needed. Mechanic *** showed me trans. mission fluid which appeared deep red in color. *** said color was dark and dirty indicating worn parts in transmission. I asked if it would make it back to Ohio, he said "there is no way to know if the van would make it 1 mile or to Canada." I agreed to have new rebuilt transmission installed at quoted price. Picked up van 1:30 pm July 25. Paid $3773.44 to ***** using US bank visa. When leaving the van barely started (this was later determined by an Ohio mechanic to be Tuffy's failure to properly hook up a negative battery cable). As I left Tuffy, I quickly realized the van was exhibiting the same symptoms Which I brought it in to be repaired. I called Tuffy and returned to the shop. I drove the vehicle with the mechanic *** who did the work. *** could feel the shutter/hesitation at 8-10 mph, but said it was a normal gear shift and the " new transmission would break in and perform better after being driven XXX-XXXX miles". Traffic was heavy on state rt#98 and we were not able to get the vehicle up to 40 mph to check the vehicle performance at that speed. When back, I asked ***** for a work order on the repairs. He said he did not have one, but he hand wrote on my invoice, which I have , Broken Snap Rings All New Clutch Torque Convertor. I asked ***** to see the old parts which were replaced he replied "we don't have them". I left unhappily after being assured the 3 year warranty was good at any Aamco nationwide. Apparently Aamco had rebuilt the transmission and Tuffy put it back in. My family left the next morning at 3am heading home to Cleveland.The van immediately exhibited same symptoms we had just paid to have repaired. Made a few stops on our 16 hour drive home and left car running when possible to avoid car possibly not starting again (battery cable issue I spoke of earlier). Van was taking 4-6 turns to start. Arrived Cleve. approx. 7pm and took van to my mechanic next morning. Paid him 30.00 for battery cable and test drove. He felt it was a transmission issue but not something he could work on. I called US Bank to stop payment but was told I could not because I pre-authorized so I had to wait for statement to challenge . Called Tuffy who referred me to ******** ********** , director of guest services, at X-XXX-XXX-XXXX ex. 115. I explained my issue and she said I had to go to Aamco where the warranty was. Aug 5 I picked up van at Aamco 5911 Brookpark rd. Spoke to mechanic *** who stated it was not a transmission problem. Information from Aamco was sent to ******** and she was given ***'s number. Called ******** approx15-20 times left multiple messages. Finally talked to her and she talked about arbitration and told me to contact bbb, but would not compensate me. I challenged bill with visa who I sent numerous documents including a 3rd party estimate $1XXX-XXXX. which stated original repair facility is responsible. Visa negotiated with little success, but eventually Tuffy case number XXXXXXXXXXXX sent me a letter agreeing to pay me $680.89 labor costs. I was not happy but said ok. Surprisingly my credit card was rebilled the same amount 3773.44 without the $680.89 deduction they agreed to. Spoke to ******** ********** on January 27 and she said the check would be sent. Called numerous times since then , left messages, no check no response. From my perspective my family is out $3773 and have a vehicle which was not repaired. Either Tuffy's diagnosis was incorrect or the repairs done did not fix the problem or were not needed. The Tuffy organization, particularly ******** **********, have acted unprofessionally and dishonestly in addressing my complaint. Your consideration in this matter is appreciated. Thank you.

Desired Settlement
Based on the fact the vehicle's problem that I took it in for was not repaired, from my perspective a full refund of 3773.44 would be equitable. I don't dispute that some sort of work was done on the vehicle. However, it should not be my loss if Tuffy misdiagnosed the problem, performed a repair incorrectly, or simply repaired something that did not need to be fixed. The bottom line is I paid 3773.44 for fixing a problem which still exists. In addition, I have wasted countless hours calling (with almost always not even the decency of a response) trying to come to a settlement with Tuffy's ******** **********. Add in the anxiety of my family driving home 16 hours in a vehicle not performing normally that we were not sure would restart when shut off to get gas. On top of that, the time getting estimates, borrowing a vehicle, writing down and mailing/faxing information has obviously been a major headache and cost to us. That being said, we would be willing to accept an amount in the $2,500. neighborhood to settle this and finally put it to rest.

Business Response
Thank you for presenting us with Mr. *****'s complaint and allowing us the opportunity to come to a resolution. Mr. **** ***** brought his 2006 Dodge Caravan to our Tuffy Auto Service Center in Destin, FL because he was experiencing a shudder when shifting. Our technician, ******* test drove the vehicle and determined that the vehicle shuddered at every shift. Upon inspection of the fluid in the transmission, we found the fluid burnt.

At this point our service center contacted AAMCO and Charlie from AAMCO suggested that the transmission be re-built. We utilized AAMCO's expertise and labor to repair the transmission. We took the transmission out of the vehicle and sent it to AAMCO. AAMCO then tore down the transmission. After tearing down the transmission, they found the snap ring was broken and all clutches were burnt. Due to their findings, a complete overhaul of the transmission was performed. These parts were replaced: filter, snap ring kit, solenoid block, output speed sensor, input speed sensor, torque converter, and a banner kit. After repairs, the vehicle was not experiencing the shudder, and the guest left with the vehicle. (Please see attached letter from AAMCO). The guest paid us, and we paid AAMCO for the outsourcing of the transmission overhaul.

Mr. ***** contacted us after returning home to Ohio, stating that he was experiencing the same issue. We recommended that he take the vehicle to an AAMCO near him, as the work was warrantied through AAMCO, as they have performed the work in tearing down the transmission and replacing the parts of the tranmsission.

*** from the AAMCO in Parma, OH looked at the vehicle and found only a technical service bulletin for the reprogramming of the Powertrain Control Module, which may fix the issue. (See attached Bulletin). Mr. ***** called us after his findings, stating that a transmission overhaul should not have been done or was not needed. When we spoke with ***, he stated that upon his investigation, he found the new parts installed and working correctly, and the only thing that needed to be done to resolve the problem that he observed was the reprogramming. He stated that he could not determine if a transmission overhaul had been needed, because it had already been done. He did agree that if the vehicle had come to him with the original issue that he would have had to tear down the transmission to determine its condition. Due to the dirty transmission fluid, the condition of the clutches, and the broken snap ring, Mr. ***** would have continued to have problems shifting, until the vehicle was unable to be driven, if the programming itself was only done.

After reviewing the 3rd party diagnostics, we still do not have a verified problem. The diagnostic does not list a reason for the continued issue, nor a resolution. There is still not proof that the original work completed in the overhaul of the transmission is faulty or causing the issue. With the work completed by AAMCO, the warranty for any continued issues is held by AAMCO. When the AAMCO from Parma, OH evaluated the vehicle, they provided a diagnostic to resolve the issue. In an effort to resolve Mr. *****'s concern, we offered to pay for the repair that was recommended by the diagnostic, which was to reprogram the Powertrain Control Module. Mr. ***** declined. This is a part that is listed on the 3rd party diagnostic as not changed. This is a new issue that does not relate to our original diagnostic. If the repairs that were performed on the vehicle were not done, Mr. ***** would have eventual irreparable damage to his transmission, and would not have been able to drive the vehicle.

Mr. ***** approved the repairs at the time of diagnosis and paid for the repairs after determining the issue was resolved. After contacting us when he returned home, we upheld the warranty provided by AAMCO and suggested that he have the vehicle looked at to determine the issue. At this time we feel that we should not be responsible for any refund to Mr. *****. The repairs performed were necessary and vital to the vehicle's drivability. When Mr. ***** found the new diagnostic, he felt this was evidence to show the repairs were unnecessary. Through our investigation, we find no cause to show that our work is at fault. This is an unrelated issue. We will continue to extend our offer to pay for the reprogramming of the Powertrain Control Module.

Mr. ***** decided to contest the charge through his credit card company. As stated above, we initially did not agree to charge back, and communicated to the credit card company the same as listed above. After discussion we offered this: because we value Mr. *****'s business and want to come to an amicable agreement, we offered to pay for the reprogramming of the Powertrain Control Module or the labor costs to re-install the transmission. The labor costs are $680.89. There has been no reason to believe that the parts or installation are cause for the issue he is experiencing now. It was at this time, we did not hear from the credit card company again and we considered this matter closed.

On February 10, 2015, Mr. ***** contacted me in regards to the issue, stating that he would just like to put this matter behind him. He apologized for his attitude in the beginning of the complaint, and asked for us to consider or original offer we made through the credit card company. Because we stand behind our work, I told him we would uphold our offer. I told hime we would need to issue him a check. Mr. ***** agreed to accept a check for $680.89. We issued the check on March 5, 2015 and sent it to Mr. ***** on March 6, 2015. At this time, we feel we have fulfilled our obligation to Mr. *****.

Consumer Response
, the facts stated from Tuffy are not true. They continue to state that after I picked the vehicle up I was satisfied. This is totally untrue/. After picking the vehicle up I called within 10 minutes and returned to the shop unsatisfied. As my detailed paperwork explains the mechanic told me the transmission would break in after driving it. The vehicle still today displays the same symptoms as when I took it in and no check was sent or ever received by me. Please call at your conveinence .

07/21/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

7 days for a clutch,lied on losing number(have proof). Continuously tried to up-sale more repairs. I called corporate. Now worse. Died 4x on way home.
I called them Tuesday June 3rd. Returned my call with quote for clutch. Dropped off car. Was told clutch would be repaired next day. Called and was told it would be longer. Called and told they had the wrong number by one digit even though I have on record they called me twice. Pressured me to get more repairs. I was told it would be done tomorrow, would call and would be pressured to get more repairs. After almost a week, I called corporate. They fixed car on Wednesday June 10th. Car died 4 times on way home, check engine light and oil light constantly stays on. Car is now alerting problems with Bank 2 sensor 1.

Desired Settlement
I would like it repaired by a third party mechanic and Tuffy to pay for the damage.

Business Response
June 12, 2014

Better Business Bureau of Northwest Florida
C/O ***** *********
P.O. *** ****
Pensacola, FL XXXXX

RE: Case # ********* **** ******

Dear Ms. **********

Thank you for allowing us to respond to Mr. ****** complaint. I have been in contact with Mr. ****** from the time of his initial concern with the service taking too long to the problem he experienced after he picked up the vehicle. I spoke to him at length about the issue she had experienced. I communicated my desire to help her achieve a resolution that would make us both happy, and asked if he would feel comfortable taking the vehicle to another Tuffy Service Center near him, as his warranty would help cover the costs if she would like. I did agree that we needed to have the vehicle diagnosed, and then determine if the issue he was now experiencing is an issue relating to the service we performed or any mal-treatment while the vehicle was in our possession. I assured him, if any tampering or bad workmanship was discovered, we would cover the cost to have the vehicle repaired.

Mr. ****** was pleased with our conversation, and told me he would have the vehicle taken to a dealership to have the vehicle evaluated and would be in contact with me with the results of the diagnosis. As of this point, I have not heard from the dealership or Mr. ****** as to what, if any, damage or issue has occurred as a result of our servicing the vehicle.

Please feel free to contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX ext. 115 if you have any further questions. Again, we thank you for the opportunity to respond to this complaint.


******** **********
Director of Guest Services

03/19/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

A misrepresentation of the extent of the damage.
My wife experienced car trouble on Friday, February 14. She pulled in to Tuffy's to have them look at it. Tuffys told her that it was the front right caliper locking up but that all 4 calipers, roters, pads, needed to be replaced and brake lines flushed (the works). She had the man call me at work to approve and he represented to me that all 4 needed to be replaced again. At work in Pensacola with my wife stranded in Destin, I reluctantly approved but asked to include an itemized bill (which he did) and the parts since I was shocked that all 4 strangely needed replacement when the brakes didn't even squeal before this incident. After the work was completed, my wife asked again for the parts because he did not include them like requested. He told her that they took out the trash to the dumpster already but after she persisted he pulled some from the back. The main issue at hand were the calipers but he did not include those as requested and provided no alternative for inspection. I am unsure that the parts that were sent are off of my vehicle because I would not have replaced the any of the brake pads that were included except the one which I assume to be the front right (the area of concern). I am also unsure why it was necessary to bleed and flush all brake lines if only one locked up. I am overall extremely disturbed by the assessment that was provided to me and my wife. I expected more professionalism, integrity, and an accurate assessment from a national franchise.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking Tuffy's to refund the 3 brake sets that did not actually need to be replaced and the "bleeding and flushing of the brake system." That brings the total refund to $1338.63. In addition, I am requesting that Tuffy's in Destin commit to training its staff in ethical business practices.

Business Response
February 21, 2014

Thank you for allowing us to respond to Mr. ******' complaint. Mrs. ****** brought her vehicle to our Tuffy Auto Service Center in Destin, FL on February 14, 2014, reporting an issue with her brakes. After evaluating the vehicle, the technician walked Mrs. ****** around the vehicle and showed her what the issue was with each of her brakes and what their recommended estimate would be for repairs. As per our policy, we always include the bleeding and flushing of the brake system to adhere to manufacturer's recommendations and the safety of our guests. Mrs. ****** was very receptive to our explanation and agreed with our recommendations.

Mrs. ****** was concerned about the amount of repairs that needed to be done and requested that we contact her husband before moving forward with the repairs. We are always more than happy to accommodate our guests, so we contacted Mr. ****** with the estimate for repairs and mentioned what was included in the estimate and why. Mr. ****** did seem hesitant on the phone, but at no point did the service advisor pressure or persuade. Mr. ****** gave verbal authorization for the work to be done.

We completed the work as requested and guest was satisfied with the work that was done. Mr. ****** requested the parts after the work was completed, but they had already been moved to be recycled, so we are unable to guarantee that the parts were from their vehicle due to the lateness of the request. We were unable to return the calipers due to the allotment time given for the core return and Mr. ****** did not want to pay the extra charge.

While we appreciate the concerns that were brought to us from Mr. ******, we are unable to find fault in the workmanship or estimate that we provided for the ******. We do admit that we are not the least expensive, but we feel our workmanship to reflect the prices we ask. If Mr. or Mrs. ****** had only wanted one of the brakes to be changes, we would have happily done the work and provided an estimate for the rest of the brakes to be done another time.

Please feel free to contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX ext. 115 if you have any further questions. Again, we thank you for the opportunity to respond to this complaint.


******** **********
Director of Guest Services

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Though Tuffys may have been "unable to find fault in the workmanship or estimate" that was provided to me, I did not see any where in the response where they addressed the misrepresentation of the extent of the damage and the business practices that continue to cause these issues. There are other complaints on BBB and other websites that also speak to this culture that has been created and left to perpetuate by this national organization. This response from a corporate representative that was not involved in the original encounter is unacceptable. Much context is lost in second-hand situations. Please respond to the misinformation that was presented to me over the phone about the extent of the damage and an appropriate resolution to this matter.

09/02/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Unfair business practice of selling unneeded repairs.
On August 8, 2013, while on vacation in Destin Florida, my van apparently blew a hose and began leaking anti-freeze. I went to the nearest repair shop( Tuffy Auto Service Center) to get the hose replaced. It was very obvious which hose was leaking and all I wanted to simply have the leak fixed. After an hour of waiting, the service guy came out and had me go back to my vehicle with their mechanic. The mechanic proceeded to tell me that I needed a new water pump, thermostat, several new hoses among other things. When I asked him why I needed all that when I can see the leaking hose, he went on to tell me that I might need the water pump because I ran the coolant system dry. If I ran it dry, how come the hose is still spraying anti-freeze? I asked him how much it would be just to get the hose fixed and be on my way. He referred me to another guy who proceeded to tell me it was going to cost $1098 to have my van fixed. This is a good example of auto repair businesses taking advantage of those who don't know anything about cars such as the elderly. Trying to sell unneeded repairs. I asked about why the repairs were so costly and one of the reasons was the broken hose was only available through Dodge and costs $198. (Another shady practice of jacking up the cost of parts) The part ended up costing $102 at another repair shop, When they asked why I didn't want them to repair my van, I said they couldn't be trusted. Bottom line is I had to pay them $34.93 for me to wait an hour and then have them point out the obvious leak while trying to sell me expensive repairs that were unneeded.

Desired Settlement
I would like a refund of the $34.93 that I had to pay them.

Business' Initial Response
Better Business Bureau of Northwest Florida, Inc.
C/O ***** *********
**** *** ****
********** ** XXXXX

RE: Case # 19034578- **** *******

Dear *** **********

Thank you for allowing us to respond to Mr. *******'s complaint. Mr. ******* brought his vehicle to our Tuffy Auto Service Center in Destin, FL, reporting a coolant leak. As per procedure, we ran a cooling system pressure check to determine the cause of the leak and make appropriate estimates for cost of repairs.

From the cooling system pressure check it was verified that the hose needed to be replaced, and there were other things that were recommended as precautionary measures such as the water pump and thermostat. Our experience with these types of systems leads us to these suggestions, but it was entirely Mr. *******'s decision on what he would like us to replace at that point.

When Mr. ******* began making accusations that we were trying to sell him things he did not need, we apologized that he felt that way and welcomed him to take the vehicle elsewhere if he was distrustful of our service.

While we do not feel that we did any wrong doing in this instance, we would be happy to offer the refund of $34.93 to show Mr. ******* that we really do care about his business and hope to convince him that we do not try to advise our guests with repairs they do not need. We simply hope to educate our guests on our repairs and recommendations based on our experience and commitment to quality and customer service.

Please feel free to contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX ext. 115 if you have any further questions. Again, we thank you for the opportunity to respond to this complaint.

Sincerely, ******** ********** Director of Guest Services

05/09/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Improper service to my vehicle brakes caused two other parts to lock up and go bad. Leaving me to pay much more money for their mistake.
On February 02 (Saturday) of this year, I went to Tuffy Auto Service Center to get my brake pads replaced on my pick up truck. The breaks had just started squeaking a couple months prior.
I was one of the first vehicles in that morning but was the last one out that day. The cost was a total of $289.28
I did not use my truck until Monday for work. I work 33 miles away from my house. I noticed the smell of brake pads and brake fluid when I pulled into my drive way after work. Upon further inspection of my wheels, I noticed the rear passenger rim was cover in brake fluid and the pads were smoking. I immediately called Tuffy and informed them of my situation. Since they were already closing that day, they asked I bring it in next morning.
I brought it in that Tuesday morning and went home to get ready for work. They called me back and informed me both Calipers had locked up because the brake pads had been so low when they changed them. They never informed me of this when I picked the truck up on Saturday. They had also assured me they had inspected their work and took it for a test drive.
This was a ridiculous excuse that could have fooled anyone else, but having changed the pads and rotors out on my truck before, I knew they had failed to inspect that rear passenger caliper or failed to bleed or seal the valve correctly. (The only reason I did not do them myself this time was because upon my PCS move from NC to FL, I had no access to a shop on post) I went as far as calling other shops in the area and my cousin who is a Master Mechanic in Houston, Tx. No one had even heard of such a thing ever occurring, but all came to the same conclusion of human error on their part.
I tried to reason with the manager and explain what I thought happened, he only played the part of being concerned just to get me to go to work and him do the new job again.
I even had the courtesy to speak to him outside so his customers in the lobby would not hear my concerns. He showed me NO courtesy in return. Even knowing that I was a returning customer and a Service Member.
The new job called for two new replacement calipers, brake fluid, and labor. A total of $472.65. In total, my original brake job ended costing me $761.93 because of their mistake.
I called their service "satisfaction guaranteed" line on the 5th and 6th of February. I left two messages for Julie Kreda, their director of gust services. She or no one at Corporate Tuffy has even made an attempt to contact me!
If this is how they treat Military, I hate to think of how they treat regular folks, especially people that have no clue about mechanic work!

Desired Settlement
I would like to have $472.65 refunded to me for the second work I paid for that they caused themselves.

Business' Initial Response
March 19, 2013

Re: Case # 19033008

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond to Mr. *********'s complaint. Mr. *********brought his 2003 Chevrolet Silverado in on February 2, 20013 for a break pad replacement.

Mr. ********* called February 4 and informed us that he had a brake fluid leak. As this was at the time of closing, we instructed him to bring it in the next morning. Upon inspection, the rear calipers had locked up because of the previous brake pads. We installed new calipers and performed a flush on the brake system as well as adding new brake fluid. A road test on the vehicle was performed for proper brake operation.

At this time, we feel we are unable to accept responsibility for Mr. *********'s repairs, as the caliper replacement was due to the previous condition of the vehicle and would have needed repaired at a future date. However, in the interest of trying to keep Mr. ********* as a valued guest, we would like to use your BBB arbitration process. While we are confident we are not at fault, we are concerned Mr. ********* will not continue using our services. A third party expert may be able to convince him of our innocence and we will then be able to continue earning his business.

Please feel free to contact me at 800-543-5823 if you have further questions or if he is willing to go to arbitrations.

Thank you,

Madeline Copenhaver
Director of Guest Services

Consumer's Final Response
I apologize for the lateness of my response. According to this email I just recieved, the case is probably closed. I was away for training for a month to WV and access to internet or phones was not authorized!
I am a Sergeant First Class in a Special Operations unit and we have a very demanding daily schedule. This issue of getting ripped off at Tuffy's Automotive Care had to be put on the back burner for a while.
Tuffy replied with an "awesome' email of how they were not at fault and how they wish we could resolve this issue. If they cared so much, why did no one at guest services return my calls? Why did Miss Galligher never return my calls? I left two voice mails! This shows this companies true colors, they don't care. The only reason they replied is because BBB got involved.
I am angry that Tuffy is just walking away from this with no consequence of their neglegent actions! I am extremely busy with my proffesion and service to my country! At this point, I don't think anything anything will be done by Tuffy to make this right!
I am spreading the word here at our work compound about my horrible experience at Tuffy and still have intentions of speaking with our JAG about action against Tuffy for ripping of soldiers!

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