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11/11/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Took 2006 volvo s60 In due to check engine light and car was jerking and cutting off. *** stated he put it the computer and pulled codes that stated
*** stated that the fuel
Pump module needed to be replaced along with some orings and bolts that were in expensive. Runway imports had the vehicle from Sunday night until
Thursday evening when we picked it up. When reading the estimate, it stated that due to the module that was replaced in the fuel pump we would need to fill up the gas tank, so we did that took the car out on the interstate, floored it but to out suprise it had not power, there was no throttle power when you press the gas peddle to the floor. So we continued to drive then drove home. Called *** the next day and let him know he said he didn't know what the issue was.i drove to work the next day to niceville whack is about 80 miles round trip car was fine, get back to Pensacola pick my kids up from daycare at the YMCA, as I'm pulling out of the pArking lot, the car started jerking and sputtering and died like it did the first time it did when we took it with the original issues.

Desired Settlement
$800 the amount we were charged for the part and labor that was obviously not the problem that was supposedly fixed yet when the vechicle was taken back in on 9/16/13 *** stated the same codes came up again on the computer he was not sure what was wrong, now he is telling us that its the gas tank and debris in it and that needs to be cleaned out and the lines need to be cleaned out and that's gonna be an additional $700.00

Business Response
I am not sure what day the customer's vehicle was dropped off, but ow records indicate that the
vehicle was scheduled for Tuesday, September 10 for one hour of diagnostic time. The
customer's complaint on the service request form was that the vehicle would run for a while then
it seemed like the fuel pump would overheat. The pump would make noise and shut on and off.
Our customer also claimed that it only happened after driving for about 20 minutes. The
customer also noted that when the vehicle was stopped, the engine would jerk and stall requiring
the engine to be restarted. The customer's girlfriend claimed that the dealership had checked out
the vehicle and said the fuel pump module was at fault and that the customer had installed a new
fuel pump into the fuel pump module which had not made any change in the performance. The
customer's girlfriend also said that the fuel lter and pressure sensor had been replaced with new
On September 10 the vehicle was driven into a service bay and was sitting at idle while a scan
tool was connected and the engine control system interfaced. The stored codes were recovered
and recorded. A review of live data was in progress when the engine stalled. The engine was
started several times, but would only run for one or two minutes and would stall again. The scan
tool information from the fuel pressure sensor indicated that the fuel pressure was dropping off
and at a certain point the engine would stall. The fuel level was reading about half of a tank of
fuel. Our estimate indicates that at 3 :0) p.m. that day we requested and received authorization for
an additional 1.5 hours of diagnostic time for a total charge of up to $237.50 to diagnose the
The next morning diagnostics continued. The rear seat was removed to gain access to the fuel
pump module. The fuel pump module was removed from the right side of the fuel tank and to
our surprise; this side of the fuel tank was almost empty. We removed the fuel level sender unit
from the left side of the fuel tank to nd that it was full. We tested the transfer pump inside the
fuel pump module and found it inoperable which explained why the wrong side of the fuel tank
was full of fuel; the fuel was not being transferred to the pump side of the tank. We prepared an
estimate on replacement of the fuel ptunp module (the same diagnosis as the dealer had made).
When the customer was questioned on his replacement of the fuel pump module, he said that he
had not replaced the complete module assembly, only the fuel pump inside the module which
would explain why there was no change in the performance of the engine. The customer asked if
having the fuel tank lled with diesel fuel could have caused this problem to occur. Our response
was that possibly but more than likely it was just coincidence. Replacement was authorized and
the pump module was ordered for the following day. A new fuel lter was not ordered or
installed due to the customer claiming that the fuel lter was brand new and just installed.
After replacement of the fuel pump module, the engine was started and allowed to run at idle for
45 minutes to an hour. Live data was reviewed again and the vehicle was test driven with no
problems. The customer was called and informed that the vehicle appeared to be xed and the
customer was instructed to ll the fuel tank and verily fuel gauge operation and that there was no
fuel leakage. The customer picked up the vehicle on Thursday afternoon, September 12.
The next day I received a phone call from the customer's girlfriend to inform me that they had
lled the fuel tank as we recommended. She stated the fuel gauge operated ne and there were
no leaks, but when driven on the interstate and the accelerator was pressed to the oor, the
engine lacked power. The customer's girlfriend said she was going to drive it some more and see
how it was going to perform. She drove it to work that morning (to Niceville -- approximately 80
miles round trip) with no problem, but the engine did stumble after picking children up at day
care and that the vehicle would be returned for a second look.
The vehicle was returned to us on that following Monday, September 16, to re-inspect and
diagnose the problem. Diagnostic codes were recovered and recorded. Three of the ve codes
pertaining to the fuel system were no longer stored in the computer (ECM 291B: fuel pump
control module, signal missing and both fuel trim codes ECM 212C & ECM 2lEC), but four
additional codes for misres at start up had appeared. We chose to investigate the two codes
pertaining to fuel pressure as this was the system we had worked on. Live data indicated that at
high demand the fuel pressure was low. We performed fuel pressure tests at the fuel rail and at
the fuel lter. We then proceeded to access the pump module and verified that the pump side of
the fuel tank was full. We then removed the cover plate for the let side of the tank and veried
that is was low indicating that the transfer pump was indeed performing as designed. We
disassembled the original pump module for inspection and found that the foam lter material
under the pumps had turned gummy and had a gritty substance imbedded into it. We advised the
customer of our ndings and recommended having the fuel tank cleaned out, the fuel lines, and
fuel rail flushed and a new fuel lter installed. We also noted that although the fuel pressure
sensor that the customer installed was new, it was not always accurate and should be replaced.
The additional service was declined; the vehicle was reassembled and returned to the customer at
no additional charge.
A day or two passed when the customer called and asked if I still had the old fuel pump module.
l informed the customer that we did still have it (and still have it) and would save it for his own
inspection and testing if he desired. A day or two later I received a letter from our bank to inform
me that payment had been stopped on a check written for over half of the invoice total.

10/23/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Had car 6 weeks. Orig est $750. Increased to $950, ended up $1,150. Unauthorized oil change $91. Did not put car back together. I have pictures.
Although I had to choose one category to submit a complaint about, my experience fits several categories. They had my car for six weeks. I had a dash light on and they were suppose to fix the associated problem. The estimate was $750.They sent the Engine Control module off to have it rebuilt. The first place they sent it to does not repair those for Audi's, a waste of two weeks. The estimate then increased to $950. When the car was finally 'fixed', they had changed the oil at a cost of $91. Now the bill was $1,121.58. I never asked or agreed to the oil change. They explained it off as a misunderstanding but did not offer any money back. I just found a bracket in the back seat of my car that was suppose to hold in the EMC that they 'fixed'. Knowing that Runway likely took short cuts, I reached under the hood and removed a plastic panel that covered the ECM and not only was the metal bracket box not there but the good for nothing clowns did not even put the screws back holding down the sealed plastic cover. This part is located just below the windshield wipers, a wet area. The EMC is known to have issues from moisture due to it's location. A real mechanic should know that it is important to put the cover back over it and screw it down. When I picked the car up they told me that there was another light on now indicating that the brake pads were getting low. The Audi owner's manual shows that the light indicates an anti-lock brake issue. I have nothing positive to say about these people. Paid by Visa on September 13th. I will put the car back together myself. I will not be taking the car back there for any repairs.

Desired Settlement
I want my $91 back for an unauthorized, unneeded and likely never provided oil change. I want my original $750 estimate honored minus $50 to put my car back together. I want $421.58.

Business Response
The complainant is asking for a refund of $421.56. It is our position that the complainant is not
entitled to any refund. Yes, we did have his vehicle in our way for six weeks due to his choice
not to repair the vehicle with new parts. ln fact, we gave him discounts that he was not entitled
to. Also, the complainant failed to mention that we were not the rst to address the issues with
this vehicle. Nor did he mention that someone else had been into the electrical box with the
engine control module (ECM) and transmission control module ('1' CM) or that one of the two
modules had been sent out for repair with no success prior to our receiving the vehicle.
The complainant's Audi was brought to us on or about July 26 with the complaint of several
warning lights illuminated on the instrument panel (not "a dash light on" as he said in his
complaint to the BBB). In addition, he requested we remove headrests from the rear seat and
diagnose why the right rear power window would not go up (this alone required the vehicle to be
stored inside for the repair duration). The vehicle was assigned to a technician and preliminary
diagnostics were performed. The complainant authorized $190 for two hours of diagnostic
charges. On July 28, he was informed that the ECM had internal faults and there were two
options for repair. The rst option was the ECM could be replaced with a new one from the
dealer which the complainant declined. The second option was the ECM could be sent out for
repair as we were unable to locate a used one or remanufacturer that had one in stock to send out
as an exchange. The complainant was quoted on the lower price quote that we received when we
inquired with various remanufacturers. The estimate quoted on the repair including diagnostic
charge was $757.05 plus ii-eight and tax. In addition, the complainant was quoted $561.65 plus
tax on a scheduled maintenance due to the fact that one of the warning lights was for past due
The complainant was also quoted $482.46 plus tax to replace the right rear window regulator
assembly. The complainant declined the full maintenance (notation on the estimate said oil and
lter service only) and declined the window regulator replacement, but did authorize $757.05
plus freight and tax on the BCM repair. The ECM was packaged up and sent by U.S. Mail the
following week to SOLO Auto ECM in Miami, Florida. About four or ve days later we
received a call from SOLO informing us that they in fact do not repair ECM's for German cars
and that the person we had spoken to had quoted us a price in error and that they would return
the ECM to us at their expense due to the error. The complainant was informed of the issue and
was quoted on the repair being performed at BBA Remanufacturing in Taunton, Massachusetts
at a much higher price $1,066.05 plus freight and tax on the repair including the diagnostics. The
complainant authorized the new estimate on 8/20/13. Within a day or two the packaged ECM
was shipped by U.S. Mail to BBA for repair. About a week later BBA called and informed us
that they had found the problem with the BCM but had to order parts which would further delay
the repair time. The complainant was informed of this additional delay. When the ECM nally
arrived it was reinstalled and we veried its repair and proper operation. The complainant was
called that very day.
After receiving this complaint from the BBB, I asked our technician about the ECM installation.
He explained to me that the ECM was installed back the way he found it and if he had found the
bracket and bolts in the vehicle, he would have put it all back together correctly. Our technician
also informed me that we had discounted the labor charge by 1/2 hour due to the fact that there
was less disassembly and reassembly than normally required (book time is 1.4 hours. Our quote
was for 1.0 hours but our actual charge was .5 hour labor) in addition the diagnostic labor charge
quoted was for 2 hours at $190.00 but was billed at only I hour $95.00. The complainant was
also told that if he brought the vehicle back to us that we would install the bracket and screws at
no additional charge. The complainant never showed up to have this done.
Furthermore, the complainant was not charged for any freight charges or any service charges for
packaging or our time to take his package to have it shipped. The complainant may think we are
a bunch of clowns and not real mechanics but we can add Our quote to diagnose and repair the
BCM of $1,066.05 plus tax at 7.5% equals $1,146.00. His nal bill was $1,121.58 that included
diagnostics, the ECM repair and all shipping expenses, removal of the headrests, diagnostics on
the rear power window and an oil and lter change he said he did not authorize and six weeks of
indoor storage for $24.42 under our estimate. What a deall!
In conclusion, it is the position of Runway Imports' that the complainant is "Q" entitled to any
refund and is very welcome for the discounts extended to him whether he appreciates them or
not. In addition, we thank him for taking his business elsewhere in the future. Perhaps the place
he had taken it to before we repaired it!

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
You sir, are a liar in every account. I did choose to have the part rebuilt, however, the first two weeks was wasted because you sent the part to a place that did not repair them. One would think that you would be responsible for your error rather than blaming me. I was never informed of any so called discount of any kind.
I took the car in for Runway Imports to find the problem and fix it. I told him at the time that the Transmission Control Module (TCM) had been removed by a certified mechanic and sent out for repair. The TCM was deemed not to have an issue and the car was put back together correctly. Runway imports determined that the issue was with the Engine Control Module (ECM) at chich time they gave me an estimate, removed the ECM and sent it off for repair. This ECM unit had NEVER been removed from the car previously.
You call it a warning light, I call it a dash light. Lets remain on point. The car was taken in for the dash/warning lights, not the window. A new window regulator was in a box in the back seat. There was nothing to diagnose. I asked that they give me an estimate to install the window regulator. Their price was over $482.46 so I told them I did not want it done. I have since had it replaced for $120 by another certified mechanic.
Another blatant lie. There was never a discussion for a $190 diagnostic charge, nor was there one on the final receipt.
The final receipt was $750 for the ECM. Again, no mention of a diagnostics or any $757.05 charge. Runway Imports is making this up as he goes along.
Runway Imports was informed that the car was for sale and that the only repair they were authorized was to repair the ECM, nothing else.
The original quote was around $750. When the ECM could not be repaired the quote went to $950 and ended up over $1,100.
Again, NEVER any quote exceeding $950. Lies, lies , lies.
So then, the mechanic and the owner are both liars. I called the owner prior to the BBB complaint and informed him that I found a bracket in the back seat and after further investigation found that the ECM was under the hood. The plastic cover was not screwed back down and the EMC was laying up under it without any bracket, the same bracket I found in the back seat. The rubber seal preventing water from running down on to the engine was not put back either. Runways imports response was that the car was brought in that way. That was previous to the BBB complaint. Now when again was it that you found out? You should put more thought into your lies before responding.
There were no labor charges of any kind on the invoice for the ECM. The only charge was a flat $750 charge. Where are all of these dollar amounts coming from? After reading Runways Imports reviews on the internet and seeing that they have been accused of pouring sugar into a complaining customers gas tank, I decided that I would never take my car back to these people under any circumstances. I would not expect to be charged additionally for any service not quoted. After all, what is a quote for if you have no intentions of honoring it? So what I am gathering is that you changed my oil for $91 unauthorized, took my ECM a part and did not put it back together, diagnosed a window regulator when one was sitting in the back seat (da), and wasted 22 days while you sent the part out for a repair to a place that did not repair the,. OK, Thank you for that. Oh yea, and thank you that my recent mechanic is getting multiple faults on the ECM because the car still shows the same warning light on that you 'repaired'. If they really believed the oil change was authorized, why would they have used full synthetic when the car does not call for it, I have never used it, and the oil change window sticker was clear what I did use? If they were not changing the oil intentionally then they would have asked what oil I preferred, at which time I could have again reminded them that I did not want the oil changed.
Anyone considering using this business should BEWARE!

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