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Pensacola Honda

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Customer Complaints Summary

4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service2
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

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Complaint Resolution Log (4)
12/02/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Took my car in for a diagnose test, I was told it needed a new cvt transmission and it would cost $4000.

2008 Honda Civic hybrid, vin # (LAST X) XXXXXX.
I brought the civic in to be diagnosed for hesitation under 50 mph.
Pensacola Honda representative told me they test drove the vehicle and it feels like the CVT transmission internal belt is slipping.
I was told it would cost about $4000 to replace the transmission.
The next day, I put gasoline additive in the gas tank and it took care of the hesitation.
The additive cost $5.00.
Looks like the motivation of Pensacola Honda is money, no matter how it is made.

Desired Settlement
Refund of $117.45

Business Response
The invoice for this customer clearly states that it FEELS like the belts in the CVT transmission are slipping, and that fluid condition and level are good. Extension fluid and fuel pressure test need to be done to properly diagnose, which will incur additional charges which the customer declined to have done. In the event the CVT trans needs to be replaced it would be around $4000.00. It never said that was the diagnosis, or that we confirmed the CVT transmission needed to be replaced. It also said we did check the PCM for any codes or outstanding updates which none existed. That is what the $117.45 charge was for. We did refund Mr. ****** the $117.45 is the interest of goodwill and customer satisfaction

Consumer Response
this case has not been resolved!! The consumer has indicated that they have not received the refund.

Business Response
**** ****** our office manager has cut the check and it will be mailed Friday morning. We apologize for the delay but our former service manager did not get this check request to **** before he left our dealership. **** received the request from ***** ******* our new service manager today. Thank you ******* *********

02/05/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

This dealership sold a vehicle out from under us. We were told once they approved our credit we could pick it up on Saturday.
On Monday the 11th we contacted this dealership through the Internet regarding one of their listings, a pretty owned avalanche. ******* responded that the truck was available for us to come see it. We told her we lived two hours away and could not make it there before they closed but wanted to leave a deposit on it. ******* responded that they don't accept deposits on pre owned vehicles, only new vehicles. ******* went on further to say she could transfer us over to ***** in finance who could get the financing in place for the truck. ******* e mailed us the buyers order which we signed and e mailed back. We then spoke with ***** in finance who gave us the prices on extended warranties etc. He then directed us to the table on the website for creating a finance application which we did. Our only request was no shotgun credit inquiries, only one ***** and us agreed on capital one auto, we explained to ***** that we lived over 2 hours away only having this upcoming Saturday to get the truck,even offering to do a wire transfer. He responded that since we lived that far away he understood our dilemma and an approved finace application would suffice.Tuesday we Called both ******* and ***** leaving messages on their voice mails,as they wouldn't answer. We also sent earlier mails with no replies. On Wednesday we got a hold of ***** who said we were approved at 3 percent. He did not have the file,saying he put it on ********** desk. He said he would have *****, ********** supervisor send it. He further went on to say if we agreed with the terms reply back to *****. We did just that. We agreed, accepting the deal by email and telephone to reshea which has just went to voice mail. We finally got a hold of ******* who came back to work. ******* went on to say that the truck have been sold after they pulled our credit without telling us we now have a hard credit inquiry on our credit report with no truck to buy then went and sold this truck underneath us after we had been told by ***** in finance since we live so far away all we needed to do was get the credit application approved and he would hold it through the sales department so we could pick it up on Saturday now we have a hard credit inquiry against our credit with no vehicle to use it for

Desired Settlement
This business uses deceptive practices to pull credit inquiries from prospective customers it is also not equal fair business practice to accept deposits on new vehicles and not accept deposits on used vehicles inventory is inventory all is fair game doing such business practices creates disparity and confusion amongst the customers who are the consumer nowhere on their website or on any of the forms they were email to us does it state anywhere that they do not accept deposits on used vehicles that they are sold on a first come first serve basis is not printed anywhere we want the same deal on the same vehicle that we apply for it which they pulled a hard credit inquiry on our credit in the alternative we will accept the approved credit voucher from Capital One from this dealership so we can take our business elsewhere without having another credit inquiry pulled

Business Response
Mr, Dated 14 January

I would like to sincerely apologize for any misunderstandings or confusion that came from conversations with Pensacola Honda staff. I do understand that you were coming from 2 hours away, and that you do not understand why we would not take a deposit. I will cover the reasons for our policy on holding/not holding vehicles or taking deposits.
1.On new cars as they are replaceable ( we typically have many of the same models and colors in stock) so we take deposits on a routine basis.
2.On pre-owned vehicles we do not take deposits. Most of the time they are unique - condition, miles, exact options, and price.
3.In the past we had people call and set an appointment. We then had a local person come in to purchase, but we had held the vehicle so the customer left....the customer who said they were coming many times did not show up.
4.We had customers call in a deposit for a delivery date in the future, and they had not yet seen or driven the vehicle, and either called to cancel and get their deposit back, or decided on arrival that they did not want it. Again, we lost two sales: the incoming customer and the one who we had told the vehicle was sold.
5.Our goal is to be fair to all of our customers, and our sales associates. Several years ago we implemented the policy of no deposits or holding of vehicles with two exceptions.
A. You have not yet seen the vehicle :If you are coming the same day and are coming in from more than 15 miles away you call us as you depart to come here. From that time, allowing plenty of time for travel we will hold the vehicle. We would never want anyone to drive a decent distance only to find the vehicle gone.
B.If you have already test driven the vehicle and are not financing with us, proof of the check or funds written out to us for the full amount will hold the vehicle for a limited amount of time.
As I understand it, you had asked our finance manager about holding the vehicle, and there seems to be a misunderstanding as he is well aware of same day only transit hold on used vehicles. Yes, we did secure financing on your behalf. It was our understanding that you were almost 100% sure that you were going to proceed with the purchase at the time you were informed of the approval. If at that time, you had said you were on your way to accept delivery the same day, the vehicle would have been held for you per our used car holding policy. I again apologize for any inconvenience and misunderstanding. If you have not purchased yet, I would like the opportunity to show you what we are really all about, and earn your business. If you are open to that, please contact me with a description of what you are really looking for. I will then reach out and try to find the right vehicle for you. I may not be successful immediately, but will continue working hard to find you right the right vehicle, so that you can see Pensacola Honda is a great place to shop!

The above is the response and explanation given to the customers. In addition, we have provided the financing approval ID that they can use at another dealership to help secure their financing without having credit pulled again. I have also been searching daily for a replacement for them, and today found on in their home town, called the dealership finance office to verify that they indeed were a partner with the same finance company. I passed ***** that information, and am hopeful that they can work out a deal with that dealership.

11/03/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I purchased the above automobile from Pensacola Honda on 8/31/2015. My husband is retired from the US Navy. We are both senior citizens and we are on a budget as many consumers. The salesman and the General Sales Manager agreed to purchase price for auto $17,538, $2,800 trade in 2004 Honda Civic, down payment of $5000, $500 Honda loyal customer in addition Pensacola Honda would include All Season Floor Mats at the cost of $152.50 to be paid by the dealership. The Sales Manager agreed verbally to the proposed agreement. The 2004 Honda Civic purchased from Pensacola Honda on 11/30/2003 when traded was in excellent condition, milegae 122,484, all repairs since have been performed at this dealership.

I as the customer did agree to pay for the following options, Body Side molding $330 and Splash Guards $209 for a total of $539. It was my decision to be without transportation until I picked up my new Civic on 9/3/2015. I left the Civic at Pensacola Honda so that the options could be installed. The Civic was picked up on 9/3/2015 as promised. Customer service is excellent. Employees at Pensacola Honda are very professional.
I did however notice on the sales contract that Pensacola Honda had charged me $152.50 for the All Season Floor Mats. The total on contract shows initial ASM for a total of $691.50. I dispute the total amount showing. The total should have been $539. I feel that Pensacola Honda does owe this customer $152.50.
I returned to the dealership on 9/5/2015 to bring this error to the Financial Manager's attention, I was assured that the dollar amounts were correct. I have attached the sales contract and Pensacola Honda internal use estimate sheet for review.

Business Response
Ms. ****** has discussed this with dealership personnel on at least two occasions, but I believe more. She has contacted Honda about this issue. I forwarded Honda a bit more in depth information, but they could clearly see that we were correct in our math.
Basically, as we advertise, we had a Sonic Price (discounted selling price off of MSRP)
Mrs. ****** wanted all season mats. We have it set up to offer accessories as a service for our parts department, sales does not have any profitable interest in them. When they are sold, we have to show them on a separate line. On this particular sale, the customer wanted the mats for free. As you can see below (I held the selling price out) we discounted the price of the vehicle $152.50, and then added the $152.50 back in on the line where accessories go. By doing this, she received the mats for free. She on two occasions has agreed that she does understand, but then she files the complaint with another outside source.
Discount 152.50
As I mentioned, this issue has been discussed multiple times now, and in each case it is described and shown that we were straightforward in our dealings. At this point, our team probably has 3-4 hours in re-explaining this issue. If it will satisfy Ms. ****** I will have a check cut for $152.50 as I am sure this will not be the last time we have to explain it, and I would rather have her feel good about the deal in the end. Please feel free to contact me directly at (XXX)XXX-XXXX
Thank you ,
**** ***** General Manager, Pensacola Honda

Consumer Response
Thanks for your quick reply. Denied, employees did not spend as you stated 3-4 hours Re-explaining the charges. I kept a log o my one visit and multiple phone calls. Total time spent by your staff was approx, one house total.
No, it will not be necessary for you or your staff to re-explain the charges now or in the future to this customer.
Yes, let this letter serve as a formal request that your ofice prepare a check in the amount of $152.50 as to the mats purchased. Once the check is received, I will return the all season mats to the Honda Parts Dept.

02/22/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Purchased a used car and 4 days later the check engine light came on, then it was discovered that the OBD2 port was not working as well.
Sorry to be contacting you with negative feedback.
On Feb 1, 2013 I purchased a used vehicle from one of Sonic Automotive dealerships, Pensacola Honda. On Feb 4 , 2013 the check engine light came on. I tried driving to autozone to have the code scanned and to my surprise the OBD2 port was not functioning. I contacted the dealer to ask for assistance and it was arranged that I bring the vehicle to a mechanic. The dealer agreed to pay $200 to get the OBD2 port working. The mechanic found extensive corrosion on the backside of the OBD2 port consistent with water damage. He changed the port out and was able to diagnose an EVAP canister code. Total price minus 200$ for fixing the OBD2 port is $483.90. The dealership has refused to pay any part of the cost to resolve the CEL. I find completely insulting that on Feb 1st I am being told that the car is in great shape and Feb4 the CEL comes on and the sales department starts telling me "well, it is a used car". Really? That's the best they can come up with. So, basically I am stuck for 4 days without a car now, 3 more days until the car is repaired and I have to fork out another $483.90 for a vehicle that should do what it is supposed to do and drive without safety issues and warning lights, but instead my vehicle is sitting around at the mechanics. This will be the last time I or anyone from my family ever purchases a car that has anything to do with Sonic Automotive, Inc. Oh and the "True Price" is just a big lie when you turn around and slap a $499 Doc Fee on the sale.
****** ******

Desired Settlement
The dealer should pay for the repairs so the vehicle is operating as it should be, as I was told upon purchase.

Business' Initial Response
We understand Mr. ******'s frustration, as a person would like to not have to work on their vehicle soon after they purchase it. Keep in mind that the the vehicle purchased was a 1998 with just under 101,000 miles. The customer drove it from the panhandle of Florida to Louisiana, and it took 4 days for the light to come on. We have our customers sign AS-IS disclosures, so there is no misunderstanding up front as to warrant able condition. Despite the above, as a reputable dealer we attempt to resolve any misunderstanding or issues. In this instance, we have agreed to pay $345 which is 50% of the total repair. It is our sincere hope that Mr. ****** finds the outcome satisfactory, as we feel that we have made a sincere attempt to take care of the customer.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Thanks for your understanding of my frustration, but the right thing to do in this situation would be to admit your dealership was wrong and make a stronger gesture toward resolution. It is obvious that the vehicle was taken in as a trade and was not properly inspected before being offered for sale. Evidence to this point is the fact that the OBD2 port was found to be non-functional when attempting to diagnose the CEL. Corrosion on the back side of this port, annotated by the mechanic which performed the repair, indicates water damage that was not disclosed at the time of purchase. Further inspection of the vehicle electrical system (tail lights, wire harness, horn, etc) all show signs of corrosion consistent with water damage. AGAIN, not disclosed during the purchase. Which other electrical and/or safety components are going to fail next b/c of this problem. I guess the dealership is willing to take a chance with my safety and my family's safety. This statement "Keep in mind that the the vehicle purchased was a 1998 with just under 101,000 miles" is just insulting. 01FEB2013 your salesperson couldn't stop talking about how great of a condition the vehicle was in, now problems arise and the tone is switched in an attempt to make the vehicle look "bad" b/c of the age and mileage. There is no question about warrantable condition, instead the questions is about UNFAIR and DECEPTIVE Practices. Sincere??? attempt??? Sincere - Free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings, not dishonest or hypocritical. I don't know if your dealership got duped on the trade-in or if you tried to pass the problems off on the vehicle's next owner, but I know that ignorance of the law excuses no one! There are only 2 possibilities I will be satisfied with; 1) Arrange for the entire electrical system to be checked and repaired ensuring all safety features of the vehicle are operational and pay all costs or 2) Buy back the vehicle for $8000 which will cover my purchase price, taxes and registration paid, and travel expenses.
Just to clarify my "ignorance of the law statement".
I am very annoyed by the whole incident and got off on a rant. I wanted to say that it shouldn't matter if the car dealer knew of the defects or not before selling me the vehicle. I was told the vehicle was mislead by the sales team to believe the vehicle was thoroughly inspected and was in "great condition". Also, the entire point is that the CEL lead to the discovery of underlying problems being discovered and these problems have implications that safety features of the vehicle are now in question.
Just keep thinking of stuff... The vehicle was advertised to have power locks, power outlets, power windows, power passenger seat, cargo shade, etc. Well, power locks do not work (suspected electrical issue, wiring harness corroded as well), power outlets do not function (connections corroded) only 3 power windows work (can't find the problem there), power passenger seat was not working, but I have fixed this and have the corroded/burnt connector from under the seat as proof, never was a cargo shade there. This evidence just shows that all the dealer did was copy the list of specs for their advertisement and never thoroughly inspected the vehicle before offering it for sale. Also bought a wiring harness kit that would allow me to tow a trailer and the kit was plug and play, no wire cutting, well no taillights were working and I had to remove the taillights to find the problem, the entire rear lighting system is rewired to the front of the vehicle with nonOEM wire completely bypassing the original wiring. I wouldn't be surprised if this was do to corrosion as well. Unfair and Deceptive Practices.

Business' Final Response
I would like to include the attached information/documents in this case. On the day of delivery, the customer did a very thorough personal inspection of the vehicle, to the point of looking underneath it, and signed the attached documents. On the check engine issue, if it had been on at time of delivery it would have been addressed then. The fact that it happened 4 days later and after several hundred miles means that we would not have known of the issue to fix it. On our vehicles that are classified "C" cars/trucks (older or higher mile vehicles) we perform a basic safety inspection. As you can see in addition to the basic safety inspection we also replaced both front CV boots which in itself totaled $619.

We are fully aware that we are under no obligation to make any concession in this matter. The offer we have made is strictly in the pursuit of customer satisfaction, and implies no warranties of any kind. In our opinion, we have been more than fair and do not intend to add anything additional to our offer. Hopefully you agree with our assessment. I am asking that the attached documents are not made public, I have included them for your office viewing only.

I appreciate your taking the time to assist with this matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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