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BBB Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to educating consumers on a variety of marketplace issues. The programs offered by BBB Foundation span all demographics and reach hundreds of thousands of consumers each year. As we continue to work to enhance these programs, we look to the support of Pacific Northwest businesses and consumers.

Mission: To empower consumers in Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington to be confident and proactive by providing education, information and resources on marketplace issues. By doing so, BBB impacts the communities it serves.

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Consumer Outreach
We educate the general public on being educated consumers through trade shows, free tip information, our Speakers Bureau, and more.

Charity Review
The Charity Review program is designed to provide consumers with the important information they need when making donations to charities, and it sets forth suggested standards for charitable organizations to follow. Read about the standards used to evaluate charities, look up a charity, get a list of accredited charities, request a Wise Giving Guide, or learn how to submit a charity for review.

Young Consumers
Teenagers are making economic decisions every day. Who is educating them on how to be smart consumers? The Young Consumers program provides free information on marketplace issues to teens, their educators and families.

Students of Integrity Scholarship Program
The Students of Integrity Scholarship offered by BBB Foundation is designed to support students who recognize the importance of ethical and responsible marketplace practices. Scholarships are awarded to students in Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington in order to help further the opportunity for higher education.

Senior Solutions
Many scams are directed at consumers who are 55 years old or older. Senior Solutions provides information to seniors, families and their caregivers to protect this targeted group.

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Better Business Bureau Foundation, DBA the BBB Education Alliance, is a private non-profit organization with tax ID# 91-1313983.