Recreant Representatives, Concocted Coupon Offers, & Erroneous Emails...

August 15, 2014


From Better Business Bureau serving Northern Indiana

Marjorie Stephens, President and CEO, at 260.918.2067

Integrated Services Inc is not Frontier Communications!

[Fort Wayne, IN – August 15, 2014] – A phone call was received from a consumer regarding a telephone solicitation from someone who indicated that he was with Frontier Communications. He received this same call last month. The salesman stated that the consumer was paying too much for Long Distance phone service and that he had a special offer for him. Ironically, the consumer does not pay anything in addition for long distance, as it is included in his bundled package. Basically, the salesman knew nothing about the services that he was paying for. On top of that, the caller ID showed “Integrative Services 800-491-5611,” which is not Frontier’s information.

The consumer contacted Frontier, and the representative directed him to BBB to report this. Our report on this company shows that they have an F rating and that there have been 10 complaints reported. The type of phone call that the consumer received on two different occasions was not an isolated incident.

Please be warned that if you receive a call from Frontier Communications for a promotion, you may want to double check with the actual company itself and request that any offer mentioned be sent to you by mail. This gives consumers the opportunity to verify that the offer is legitimate, and that it is from Frontier. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Young adult selling coupon books does not represent Fort Wayne Newspapers.

[Fort Wayne, IN – August 15, 2014] – It has been verified with Fort Wayne Newspapers that they do have representatives going door to door, who are selling newspaper subscriptions. If you subscribe, you will receive a coupon book.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that someone (identity unknown) is going door to door and selling these coupon books for $20 and stating that he represents Fort Wayne Newspapers. It isn’t known if the coupon books are the ones that Fort Wayne Newspapers are giving away or a different coupon. What is known is that the young man says that he is saving for his college education and appears to be about 14. Should you see this person, please be forewarned that he is not authorized by Fort Wayne Newspapers to collect monies for these coupon books. If you can identify him, please contact Fort Wayne Newspapers (260-466-6397) and certainly local law enforcement (260-427-1222).

Concerns regarding emails from E-ZPass

[Fort Wayne, IN – August 15, 2014] – E-ZPass has replaced the I-Zoom service, which according to Google “is the electronic toll collection system used by the Indiana Toll Road.” Emails are circulating that state the information below. The emails are not coming from E-ZPass. Some are coming from an email address originating in South Africa (ZA), while others appear to be coming from a Chiropractor in Washington. If you have concerns with your account, please contact E-ZPass at 877-627-7745.