Rachel is back and is up to more trickery than ever!

August 01, 2014

From Better Business Bureau serving Northern Indiana

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Rachel is back and is up to more trickery than ever!

[Fort Wayne, IN - August 1, 2014] - Just when we thought that Rachel from Cardholder Services had left for good, she's back more determined than ever. For those unfamiliar with her, Rachel is the female robo-caller who bombards households with opportunities to lower their credit-card interest rate. Rachel says to speak to a representative, hit option "1" or to be removed from the calling list, hit "2". Consumers who hit option "2" have reported that they still receive calls; often, this is their way of checking to see if the robo-number is "live." "Rachel's" offer to lower one's credit card interest is false. Instead, you will be offered an interest reduction in exchange for 100s or even 1000s of dollars; that's the scam.

The new twist to this scam is that when these robocalls are being received, it appears that the calls are being made from local numbers. The con artists are using call spoofing technology to do this. If you are receiving calls from a local number, be aware that it may not be a local call. Unfortunately, you cannot trust what the caller ID tells you, especially with these robocalls from Rachel.

Should you receive a call from Rachel, hang up and don't hit anything. If she persists in calling, contact the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357 or the Attorney General at 800-382-5516. Your BBB can assist by providing updates to the community as well, or advice to you if you are not sure.