BBB Issues Alert on Fraudulent Company

January 09, 2013

The Better Business Bureau serving Northeast Florida & the Southeast Atlantic has received multiple complaints against a company purported to be selling auto accessories online and is sending an alert to other BBB offices throughout the country. The business website,, lists pages of inexpensive auto accessories all with the promise of free shipping. Complainants allege though that they never ordered anything from this company. The amounts the company is charging are very small and range from $6 -$11. Amounts that may be overlooked very easily when going over your monthly expenses. When pursuing a refund the consumers hit a dead end and contact the BBB to voice their concerns. We have taken this very seriously and done an investigation of our own. Here is what we have found:

Despite the website listing a contact number with a 904 area code, is not located in Jacksonville, FL. The website, which has only been active for 3 months, is registered to an individual in Chelyabinskaya, Russia. The IP address search has returned the same information. BBB tried to make a purchase from and received an error message every time we tried to add something to our cart. It seems the website is just a front for the scammers to charge consumers credit cards and not an actual online business. In addition, the BBB contacted the phone number listed on the website, (904) 638-1107, and after a brief conversation, we were met with a dial tone when we asked where the company was located.

Finally, this type of victimization will only increase as more people turn to the Internet for purchases, information, or other necessities.  Frauds are ruthlessly out to get what they can at the expense of the consumer (and businesses).  Use caution.

If you feel that you have been a victim of this fraudulent company, BBB recommends that you contact, the US government internet crime complaint center.

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