Tips on How to Find a Comfortable Kennel for your Pet During the Holidays

November 27, 2012

As much as pet owners may want to take their furry or feathered friends with them wherever they go over the holidays, sometimes pets cannot come with. Finding a trustworthy kennel or pet care service becomes essential. The Better Business Bureau serving Northern Indiana (BBB) has created a checklist to help pet owners choose a safe and reliable home-away-from-home for their pets.

Consumers have become much more proactive in researching boarding facilities for their pets through the BBB.

Many pets are viewed as family members. Having to leave them at home adds more stress during the holidays.  Doing research before dropping off your pet will make you feel more confident that they will be well taken care of while you are away.

When looking for a reliable kennel, the BBB recommends the following checklist:

  • Check the kennel out with the BBB first to make sure they have a good track record for keeping customers satisfied at
  • Consult friends, neighbors, veterinarian or local animal shelters for recommendations.
  • Personally visit the facilities. Check for cleanliness and offensive odors, and note the overall safety of the kennel and cages.
  • If your pet is prone to running away, ask about steps the kennel has taken to make their facilities escape-proof.
  • Ask about how your pet may come in contact with other animals. Some kennels let animals play together while others keep them separate at all times.
  • Ask about the feeding schedule, water accessibility and frequency of – or fees related to – exercise.
  • Note the friendliness of staff members and how they interact with the other boarding pets. Ask about their background and experience.
  • Make sure the facility requires that all entering pets have proof of immunization and ask about their policies regarding flea and tick control.
  • Ask about the hours for drop off and pick up and make sure you understand their billing policy.
  • Ask what happens in the case of a medical emergency or other unexpected situations.

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