Guest Blog: 15 Basic Tips for Facebook Business Pages

May 11, 2011

1. If you have a business page, use it! Post something interesting and informative at least three times per week. You owe it to the Facebook friends you have acquired!

2. Keep all your comments positive and sincere, whether posting on your page or others. Write your posting content on a word or email draft first to be sure it is exactly the way you want to present it.

3. Mix it up and keep your fans interested! Post photos, links, questions, events, discussions and videos, and vary them. All of this can be accomplished without using applications.

4. You don’t need special graphics or applications to have an effective Facebook page! Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling, thoughtful posts and quality photos always make a favorable impression.

5. Take the time to recognize and comment when others post on your page! Everyone likes to feel special. They took the time to comment and so should you.

6. Keep your content original! Copying and plagiarizing is not only poor etiquette, it is unethical. You will be caught in the act and it only reflects poorly on your business. By doing so, you also put the entity you copied from in a position of appearing like a plagiarist, which is definitely not right!

7. Engage your clients, friends and suppliers by inviting reciprocal discussion. Do not make the mistake of talking at your audience. Keep your postings light, informative and even fun!

8. Keep your postings simple. While your page is primarily business to you, remember that your viewers are there for other reasons. No one enjoys wading through long and complicated postings.

9. Keep your page clean! Remove inappropriate comments and obvious spam. Set your filters to medium content so that you can identify and delete foul language immediately.

10. For optimum exposure, be sure to “like” all of your suppliers, vendors, clients and business acquaintances. Remember, Facebook is simply a viral form of networking.

11. Only make claims, offers and comments you are absolutely prepared fulfill! The social media world is smaller than you think. Your reputation can be enhanced or damaged on Facebook.

12. Keep and eye of the Facebook “news feed” and take the opportunity to make thoughtful, pertinent and complimentary comments.

13. Make sure your contact information is in the “about” section so that prospective clients can find you with ease.

14. Watch your “view insights” regularly to determine details of your page activity. You can easily learn what your viewers appreciate seeing on your page.

15. Add additional page administrators if you are unable to regularly monitor and post on your Facebook page. Be certain that you coordinate with other administrators to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Article Courtesy of Debra Marbut, Social Media Consultant