Check Florists Out Before Ordering Mother's Day Bouquets, BBB Advises

May 09, 2013
Flowers are a popular gift for Mother’s Day, especially from sons and daughters who live out of town. But how can you be sure the flowers you order will be as fresh and beautiful as the bouquets you see on a website or even in your local flower shop?

“A gorgeous bouquet or potted plant Michael Coil, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Northern Indiana. “But flowers that are past their prime or that don’t arrive on time can be a huge disappointment to both the sender and the recipient. The BBB can help you find florists who want to please you and your mom, too.”

BBB Business Reviews can tell consumers whether a florist has complaints and, if so, how the complaints were handled. The reviews also give background information, such as the owner’s name, how long a florist has been in business and other details like phone numbers, websites and more. Whether you are ordering locally or online, check first with BBB.