Better Business Bureau Warns Job Seekers About Summer Job Scams
May 09, 2013
Your Better Business Bureau serving Northern Indiana is warning students about job scams that could result in a loss of money and a waste of time. These could include work-at-home jobs paying high salaries for simple work and sales or pyramid schemes.

“Searching for jobs is not always easy and what may sound too good to be true probably is” said Michael Coil president and CEO of the BBB Serving Northern Indiana. “Job hunters need to take appropriate measures to avoid being deceived by scams.”

The BBB offers some tips for students when looking for summer job opportunities:

· If you are offered a job without a formal interview or job application, it is most likely a scam. Do not provide any personal or financial information, as it can lead to identity theft.

· If the employer does not provide you with the details of the job in writing, be wary. When you have details in writing, be sure to read them carefully and ask questions.

· If the employer does not have a website or contact information is missing, consider that a red flag.

· If the employer requires fees for training, background checks or drug tests, it is likely to be a scam.

· If an employer offers you a lot of money for simple work or to work at home, it is most likely too good to be true.

· If you cannot find reviews of the business anywhere on the internet, be wary as it is likely to be a scam. Check the potential employer’s BBB Business Review to see if the employer has a good rating.

If you experience or have experienced a scam, report it to your local BBB at

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As a private, non-profit organization, the purpose of the Better Business Bureau is to promote an ethical marketplace. BBBs help resolve buyer/seller complaints by means of conciliation, mediation and arbitration. BBBs also review advertising claims, online business practices and charitable organizations. BBBs develop and issue reports on businesses and nonprofit organizations and encourage people to check out a company or charity before making a purchase or donation.