Baby Recliner Manufacturer Refuses Government Request for Recall

December 06, 2012

Consumer Product Safety Commission Sues Manufacturer of “Nap Nanny”

Wallingford, CT - December 6, 2012 – The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has filed suit to force Baby Matters LLC to recall its baby recliner Nap Nanny, after the company refused to pull the product from shelves and refund consumers.

Five infant deaths have been linked to the product and 70 consumers have filed complaints after their babies fell out of the recliners.

Manufacturers typically respond to CPSC voluntary recall requests however, for five months, the manufacturer has ignored the government agency’s concerns that the product is dangerous.

According to court documents, a six month-old died of suffocation in April 2010, in a Generation Two Nap Nanny. The baby was not secured in the product’s harness, and a medical examiner concluded the death was caused by positional asphyxia. Three months later, a four month-old died of suffocation when she became wedged between the product and her crib bumper. The lawsuit alleges the baby was secured in the Nap Nanny’s harness but that it failed to adequately restrain her.

On its website, the manufacturer has posted a safety video and says no infant has ever suffered an injury that required medical attention when its product is “used properly.”

According to the Associated Press news agency, more than 105,000 Nap Nanny products have been sold since 2009.