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Why Should Businesses Become Accredited with the BBB?
 BBB Accredited Businesses choose to uphold BBB  standards  of ethics and trust--Start With Trust  
 “Trust has never been more relevant in today’s world,    especially in such difficult economic times.  Now more  than  ever;  the ability to establish, grow, extend, and  restore trust  with all stakeholders—customers,  business  partners,  investors, and co-workers—is the  key … of  the new global  economy…” --Stephen M. R.  Covey,  author of ‘The Speed  of Trust”
  • BBB Accreditation demonstrates the trustworthiness your company has earned.
  • BBB Accreditation tells consumers that you choose to uphold the BBB Standards
  • BBB Accreditation distinguishes your business from non-accredited businesses.
  • BBB Accreditation allows you to use the BBB Accredited Business Seal in your print advertising


Positive Customer Perception & Buying Decisions Based on Company Reputation as Ethical and Trustworthy
  • Over 82% of consumers say that they are more likely to buy from a business that displays BBB Trustmarks – Accreditation Seal and Letter Grade. Customer Journey Survey #BetterBusiness, Nielsen, June 2015 
  • Eighty percent of people say they decide to buy a firm’s goods or services partly on their perception of its ethics.  - Wirthlin Worldwide
  • Edelman’s Trust Barometer® survey reports that nearly three-quarters of consumers say they will actively avoid doing business with a company they don’t trust, while 85 percent will go out of their way to buy from a company they trust. - Edelman 2011 Trust Barometer®, “Trust Has Tangible Benefits,”(video),, January 2011; Building a Corporate Reputation for Integrity, Ethics Resource Center
  • Positive Corporate Reputation contributed an average of 26% to market capitalization in 2012. – The 2012 U.S. Reputation Report, Thackway McCord
  • Corporate reputation added more than $3 trillion to shareholder value in the S&P500 alone in 2012. - The 2012 U.S. Reputation Report, Thackway McCord


Why is Company Reputation so Important?
  • A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%
  • Reducing your customer defection rate by 5% can increase your profitability by 25 to 125% - depending on the industry. - Customer Retention, Repeat Sales, Referrals– are Business Imperatives: Bridging with Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Lifetime, Score…, Biz-Shift Trends,
  • Customer retention may be best supported by operational integrity. After all, when you think about your personal relationships as well as your business relationships, you tend to stick with the folks that are really good at showing they sincerely care about you, and doing what they say they're going to do. It boils down to trust. Customer Retention Begins With Trust, Lynn Hunsaker, ClearAction,, 2009


What Programs & Services Does the BBB of North Alabama Offer?



  • Scam and Fraud Alerts for your Business as well as Consumers
  • Competitive Advertising Opportunities in the BBB Online Directory, Google AdWords, Email Campaigns, and the BBB Consumer Resource Guide
  • Training Opportunities for Employees in Customer Service, Professional Telephone Skills, Conflict Management, Business Ethics, and more....
  • BBB Assistance with Consumer Complaint Resolution
  • Mediation and Arbitration Services
  • Online Bid and Estimate Services - eQuote
  • Website Development



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