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Paul Dobbs Construction, Inc.

Phone: (256) 233-2879Fax: (256) 216-0974

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Problems with Product / Service4
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Complaint Resolution Log (4)
07/28/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

this company did a claim for me in 2013. they replaced flooring that had buckled up die to a water leak. About a month ago I checked the water heater floor, it had dropped down several inches. I called Paul Dobbs, he came out and looked at it and he said he would fix it. I called him at least three times, last time he said he was going to make the repairs. He was suppose to did it today, but did not show up.

Desired Settlement
Repair the floor.

Final Consumer Response
Ms. ******** called BBB to say she has been taken care of.

09/22/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

REFUSED to properly complete job and did not pay subcontractor- forcing subcontractor to either collect from me directly or put lien on my home.
I hired Mr. ***** to install wood flooring in my home. His "project manager" would not give us itemized list of work that was to be covered under contract. I repeatedly ask for this information and was given different excuses why it was not being supplied. I have asked for invoices from Mr.***** to date I have not received anything.

My main issue is that before we started flooring quote I told the "project manager ******" that we had been told by previous companies that our subfloor was not sufficient for wood flooring (particle board on top of 7/16 OSB). I was told by the project manager: "Your subfloors are fine", "my way is to prep as you see fit and have installer verify. I already know what you expect but you have to let me work now, your number is set in stone and I am the one who makes it so. and I will. Promise!"

**When installer came out to my home he said the right way to do it would remove particle board but that we should check with flooring manufacture. I called Mr. ***** to my home and explained the situation to him and told him unless he could show me where the manufacturer says it is okay to install over particle board and 7/16 OSB that I wanted the issue to be fixed. After pulling up the particle board Mr. ***** handed me the phone to speak with his project manager and I was asked what subfloor I wanted- I replied that I was ok with OBS-but to use whatever the manufacturer called for.

Spending over $13k for wood flooring the least he could do is install it the right way. Mr. ***** suggested that if we had issues with it (particle board getting wet and swelling and messing up hardwood) that our home insurance would cover it. How horrible is that...he is saying that he is going to do job wrong and let insurance pay when it fails.

Mr. ***** did finally agreed with us and had the particle board removed and new subfloor installed. THEN- HE WOULDN'T PAY THE SUBCONTRACTOR!! the sub confronted me with this; and told me if I didn't pay him that he would have to put a lien on my home. When I confronted Mr. ***** with this he told me he never agreed to pay for this- Mr. ***** never said that this would be a charge to me; In the contract it clearly states "DEVIATION FROM SCOPE OF WORK: Any alteration of deviation from the Scope of Work referred to in the Contract Documents involving extra costs of materials or labor (including any overage on ALLOWANCE work) will be executed upon a written Change Order issued by contractor and should be signed by contractor and Owner prior to the commencement of additional work by the contractor..."

I was never told I would be responsible for anything more that what my contract was for- and I shouldn't be charged anything additional for requesting the job be completely properly.

Also- a job I had them do while in process of signing the wood floor contract is still incomplete. That should have been one the many signs I missed.

Desired Settlement
I would like to be refunded the amount I was forced to pay subcontractor to keep the lien off my home.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Mr. ***** came to our home- after the installer recommended we remove the particle board- My husband and I both explained to Mr.***** that we wanted the floors to be installed per the manufacturer recommendations.

The installer said that most manufactures suggested that the particle board needed to be removed and that hardwood flooring needed to laid on something thicker than 7/16th OSB-which is what we had under the particle board- Mr. *****, my husband and I knew our subfloor (under the particle board) might be an issue, but needed to pull the particle board to determine the thickness of OBS first. We discussed this the first time Mr. ***** was called to our home. (After the installer recommended that particle board be removed)

We told Mr. ***** that if he could show us in writing where the manufacture said it was ok to install the flooring on the particle board/ and or on just 7/16th OSB that we were fine with it. He could not prove the manufacturer said this was ok. This is when Mr. ***** suggested that we install over particle board and let insurance cover any water damage that may happen.

It was explained to us by installer that the reason we wouldn't want to install over particle board is because when it gets wet it absorbs water like a sponge, and will ruin the flooring above it- destroying more or an area than if we had plywood or OSB subfloor- and that is one reason why manufacturers didn't recommend installing over particle board.

We did not know for sure how thick the OBS was until we removed the particle board- upon discovering that it was only 7/16th thick, Mr. ***** contacted **** and put me on the phone with him- Gene asked me if I wanted plywood or OSB to be laid to make the subfloor thick enough. At this time I told him I was ok with OSB- but to follow the manufacturer recommendations.

After repeatedly asking Mr. ***** and **** for invoices and itemized cost lists and not receiving it- I started keeping track on my own- this is why I asked Mr. ***** how much it cost. I simply wanted to understand where the $7000 I gave them was going. Never at any point did Mr. ***** inform me (per contract) in writing or even verbally that I would be responsible for the $1100 spent on new subfloors. We did not even know there was an issue over the $1100 until the subcontractor came to our home, and told us that he was going to have to put a lien on our home unless we paid him-because Mr. ***** was refusing to give him money. We immediately called Mr. ***** to see what the problem was-this is the first time that Mr. ***** stated to us that he wasn't going to pay the subcontractor. We felt so taken advantage of- all we wanted was new flooring and for it to be properly installed- we did not even know that it was possible to have a lien placed on our home for something like this.

In short, Mr. ***** has our $7000- which we can't justify where all that was spent. We know the flooring did not cost more than $4000 and we know that he paid sub. for removing particle board ($600)- I have no idea where the other $2400 went. I am not even disputing the $7000 (even though I think that is unfair) I am disputing the $1100 that Mr. ***** failed to pay- and therefore breached his contract.

It was only after Mr. ***** breached his contract and said he would not pay subcontractor that we ceased work with him. Mr. ***** left our home in shambles. I don't think we are being unfair in asking him to pay us back the $1100.00 we were forced to pay his subcontractor to keep the lien off our home.

Final Business Response
BBB called Mr. ***** for his position to the latest comments. Mr. ***** said "he was not refunding any money to Ms. ********. His contract did not have removal of sub-floors listed and he is not responsible for that additional cost."
Mr. ***** also stated this contract was terminated and turned over to the ********* to complete themselves. Mr. ***** left a mud pan and two putty knives there and would like to picke them up. Please set them on the front porch for him.

Business Response
In response to the above claim, my Contract states install red oak hardwood floors in all living spaces for a price of $13,200.00, dated April 2,2014 signed by ******** ******** and **** **** my Project Manager.

When our sub contractor began installation of the hardwood Mrs ******** called the and voiced concern about the sub flooring to **** *****

It was determined I should go to the job site and discuss this with Mrs ********. She was concerned about putting the hardwood over the existing sub flooring. Upon seeing there was no reasoning with her I agreed to remove the existing sub flooring with no cost to her. Mrs. ******** asked the price for installing new sub flooring which was comparable to the one removed. I quoted her $1100.00. Why would she ask me a price if she did not expect to pay for it? We also discussed water seeping through to the sub floor. I told her if water seeped through it would be an insurance situation this comment was only made to assure her that the floor would be protected, NOT TO CONSTRUE THAT THE FLOOR WOULD NOT BE INSTALLED PROPERLY.

To date the ********* have paid $7000.00 against this project, which did not include removing the old sub floor and installing the new. Since the ********* would not agree to any negotiation it was agreed we would cease work on the project.

The flooring was installed by the sub contractor, since our Contract was terminated they owe the $1100.00 installation to the Sub Contractor.

Regarding Mrs ******** 's request for itemized invoices. her job was bid for an exact amount. The only invoices normally sent are draws against project completion. A bid contract usually requires one half the cost up front with draws against completion of the project.

If I can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to give me a call.

09/16/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

On March 27, 2013 **** **** (XXX-XXX-XXXX) came to my home in answer to my request for an estimate to align my 19 Doors and install new drawer guides owned six drawers. Copy of estimate enclosed. Estimate was changed to include magnetic closures not mentioned in the original estimate. They said they were necessary because they could not get the doors to say shut with out them. The drawer guide on top drawer failed allowing drawer to fall out of. I called Dobbs and made an appointment to fix it. He failed to show up or call. I made a second appointment with same result and one time more. Total four times. I got in touch with Paul Dobbs after some difficulty. He said Brad would come the following Monday. I agreed, but he failed to show or call. I got a man to put the drawer together and I don't want Dobbs Construction to come to my house. I would like a refund of half of the total bill $525.56.

Business' Initial Response
Better Business Bureau,
I am taking this time to answer a complaint from Mr. *** ****** of Athens. My name is *********, and I am the Construction Manager at Paul Dobbs Construction. My duties include the estimating of projects, initial walk-throughs with clients on work to be performed, ordering all materials, and all scheduling.
I met with Mr. ****** on several occasions after the initial meeting. I will proceed in chronological order as this will show the extent our company and employees have exhausted in an attempt to satisfy Mr. ******.
My initial visit was on March 27, 2013 as Mr. ****** stated in his letter. Mr. ****** had removed the doors from his cabinets, and numbered the doors. However, he removed the hinges and pulls and did not number or mark them. When he assembled the doors again and hung them nothing would close or work properly, and this is the reason for calling our business. Mr ****** painted his cabinets himself. He did not know how important keeping the right door hardware with the right door would be until he placed the doors back in their original position and no doors would function correctly.
There were other items performed for Mr. ******. Because the hinges were sprung from initial installation, or as a result of the re-installation, the doors would not stay shut. Therefore we installed magnetic closers at the top and bottom of each of his 19 doors. A face frame piece was broken on his cabinets and was replaced with a piece of half inch plywood. Because of the piece being too thin, it could not be attached properly and the door hinged to this piece would never function correctly. The piece of face frame had a hinge attached and would turn with the door. We replaced this piece with three quarter material, painted the area, and hung the door properly.
The door between the kitchen and laundry room had been previously removed and left the door frame standing. Because the place where the hinges and lock set had been previously, the frame was a bit of an eye sore. We also replaced the door frame with a cased opening, and larger trim to hide the marks from the previous trim. We painted this new cased opening, baseboard on each side, and the new trim.
In our agreement we were to replace the old drawer guides on six drawers. These cabinets were built in place and were made for only one type of drawer guide. Mr. ****** did not want the same type of guide because the plastic wheels never really function smoothly. I purchased three different type of ball bearing guides and allowed him to choose the ones he preferred. The drawer guides installed have a track which mounts to the rear of the cabinet, the guide attaches to the drawer. When you replace the drawer you must drop a pin into the slot in the back to lock the parts together. Mr. ****** had a problem with one drawer.
Mr. ****** called the office and while praising the men for the work performed, complained that one drawer came out of the cabinet. He asked for a refund of $500.00 from ****. We tried to make an appointment to fix the problem and find out what else he required the men to do to please him. Mr. ****** would not give us a time nor day to be able to make one more trip to fix his drawer. His answer was always just to call before we come to see if anyone was home. I tried on several different times to work my schedule around Mr. ****** and called on three different times and no answer on his number.
Finally I spoke with Mr. ****** and set an appointment for after lunch on Thursday July 11, 2013. Mr. ****** said he had a doctor appointment at nine thirty in the morning. Frustrated, I asked him to call me when he returned home. My calendar said after lunch and I scheduled the week according to his plans. After noon on the eleventh I telephoned his number and was informed his appointment had been changed till that afternoon. Mr. ****** did not call me when the appointment was changed. I specifically asked Mr. ****** to allow a couple of hours to complete some other tasks which he complained he wanted done, which were also items in addition to the original scope of work. While in my office he only had a complaint about the drawer guide. However the real complaint was that the men on the job told him that they would help with some other things he wanted done that he was not charged for. My opinion is that he got the services on the contract. He also got other services he did not pay for. He also complained at my office, where the office manager heard him complain about some other things he wanted the guys to do for him and about a piece of wood above his dishwasher where you could see insulation between the dishwasher and the countertop.
In summation, the drawer guides Mr. ****** authorized were installed properly. The cased opening in the estimate was in place and painted. The baseboard was modified, as well as the threshold for this installation. The cabinet face frame was replaced properly and a divider inside the cabinet was rebuilt and repaired. All of his cabinet doors were adjusted in spite of the mishandled hardware, and magnetic locks were installed. The magnets were installed because the hinges themselves were sprung and would not allow the cabinet doors to fully close and stay closed. The one drawer that was a problem had the pin come out of the bracket in the back.
In closing I would like to explain that scheduling is always difficult to coordinate between homeowners, subcontractors, getting the materials to the proper jobs, and start and end dates from other projects. Scheduling is always being adjusted as problems arise, and due to unforeseen conditions. The cabinets were in much worse shape than previously anticipated. The amount of labor on Mr. ******'s job was a great deal more than estimated in trying to solve all of these. We persevered and finished the job and left his cabinets in much better shape than when we began. Upon completion of work (April 3, 2013) I met with Mr. ****** for final inspection and carried his invoice to him. There were no complaints about our work, and only praise for the workers and the fine performance in addressing the problems as they arose.
Some time after the April 3rd meeting the pin came out of the drawer guide. I was not informed about a problem until a month later when Mr. ****** came to our office and asked for a refund of $500. We requested that Mr. ****** make an appointment so we could keep our schedule running smoothly and take care of the problem. Due to the small size of our company, we can not operate on a "call before you come" basis.
The three previous times my schedule allowed us to try to get to his residence he was not available to answer the phone. I telephoned one other time after the doctor visit time was changed and got a message box. I informed Mr. ****** that when he was able to set a date and time we would try to reschedule and I never heard from him again until now.
I have no other information about the request for the $525.36 Mr. ****** requested to be refunded to him, nor do I understand the mathematics of one drawer guide having a pin fall out and cause $525.56 in damage.

Thank you,

**** ****
Construction Manager
Paul Dobbs Construction, Inc.

11/17/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Signed a 4 week contract with Paul Dobbs Construction to remodel the basement on March 28th 2014. on week 12 and refuses to give a completion date. Signed a contract with Paul Dobbs Construction to remodel the basement on March 28th 2014. Contracts states all work will be completed on or before the end of the fourth week. We are 12 weeks into the project and contractor refuses to give a definitive completion date. We have consulted attorney who says the contractor is in breach of contract. We have no desire to pursue legal action we just want our basement finished timely and professionally. Contractor has the same person doing floor tiling, electrical work, cabinets, finishing, granite work, and cleanup. There is no possibility that one person can finish in a reasonable amount of time. The job manager "Gene" has not been returning phone calls or text. I could be sympathetic with delays if the contractor would keep us informed on why we are delayed. We have continually requested that they keep us informed to no avail. We currently have not received any response on why the job has delayed so long. It appears that Dobbs Construction has decided that not completing this job in more advantageous than completing it.

Have already paid ~12000. with 5300 on completion. Latest contact with Dobbs he stated that He had never laid that type of tile before and unsure of what time frame is required to remove grout film that has been on the tile for the last two months. Refuses to give any type of definite time frame.

Desired Settlement
Sent a letter stating need to be completed by the 14th of June or cease work. Would prefer ***** to complete their contract or at least make a good faith effort. Should they not make the 14th of June I need to contact another contractor to finish the work. If other contractor comes under budget then pay ***** the difference, If new contractor goes over budget want ***** to pay the difference from the original contract price.

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