Small Business: Master Public Speaking

June 10, 2013
While public speaking may strike more fear than any other activity in your business, the necessity of mastering the task is second to none. Whether closing a sale, spreading your brand message or creating new contacts in your local business community, mastering public speaking is a benefit to both you and your business. 

The Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF), a BBB National Partner, offers the following tips to make public speaking easy for any small business owner.  

Practice, practice, practice. Speaking about something you know nothing or little about may leave you feeling nervous and incompetent. Those feelings may be evident to your audience, so practice your presentation several times before the engagement. Write your content, create short notes and practice using your notes. 

Be Confident. Practicing means that you know your material. You are a successful leader and you have been given the responsibility to speak to a group of people. Be proud of this role. Stand up straight, make eye contact and speak clearly. 

Focus, but be personal. Remember to focus on key points, but give your audience a way to relate. Provide personal stories that illustrate your key points. 

End with a call to action. Give your speech purpose and direction by calling your audience to action. Reinforce your main points by empowering your audience to take action. 

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