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BBB Encourages Students to Safeguard Identites
August 27, 2013
SACRAMENTO, Ca., Aug. 9, 2013 – Better Business Bureau Serving Northeast California warns college students returning to campus to safeguard their identity from theft this school year. 

In 2012, 57,491 consumers between the ages of 20 and 29 fell victim to identity theft, according to the Consumer Sentinel Network database. The age group, just entering their own in terms of finances, is an attractive identity theft target due to clean credit histories. 

“Starting out adulthood with a case of identity theft is not an ideal situation,” said Gary Almond, president of BBB Serving Northeast California. “We encourage college students to take a moment to evaluate how safe their identity is and take steps to secure it further.” 

To protect against ID theft, BBB recommends the following tips to college students:

Consider rerouting your mail. Campus and apartment mailboxes are not always secure. Protect yourself from identity theft by having sensitive mail sent to your parents’ house or consider renting a post office box. 

Disclose your social security number sparingly. Before providing your social security number to everyone who requests it, find out why they need it, how it will be used and whether you can use some other piece of identification as a substitute for your social security number. 

Safeguard personal belongings. Consider purchasing a lockbox to store your social security card, birth certificate and other belongings. Shred all sensitive documents you receive and do not need to keep. 

Check your credit report annually at Review reports from all three credit bureaus for inaccuracies. 

Review your bills and statements. Be on the lookout for suspicious activity and report fraud immediately. 

If you believe you have been victimized by identity theft, contact the Federal Trade Commission at or via telephone at 1-877-438-4338. 


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