Act With Caution When Dealing With Door-To-Door Sales, BBB Warns

March 27, 2013
SACRAMENTO, Ca.,  – As the weather heats up, so will the door-to-door sale activities. BBB reminds consumers to use caution when purchasing items at their front doorstep. 
Better Business Bureau received over 1,800 complaints in the last 12 months against companies and individuals selling products door-to-door. Complaint issues range, but many stem from non-delivery of paid for items and high pressure sales tactics.
“Whenever someone is at your door selling a product, it’s important to think the purchase over and research the seller,” said Gary Almond, president of BBB Serving Northeast California. “If you have a smartphone, check the business out on the spot to verify it’s a trustworthy source of business.”
Salespersons visiting homes in California are required to display identification when visiting a consumer’s home. They must also disclose their names and the products being sold. 
Better Business Bureau recommends those visited by door-to-door sales representatives remember the following tips:
Be safe. Ask for identification before opening the door and never allow a solicitor in your home.
Read before you sign. In California, a door-to-door seller’s contract must be in writing and must be written in the language the sales presentation was given in. Ensure you understand each point and that your contract matches the seller’s copy.
Be aware of your three-day right to cancel. Most purchases of more than $25 made outside of a seller’s place of business are subject to the Federal Trade Commission’s Three-Day Cooling-Off Rule.  Ensure you receive a copy of a cancellation form upon purchase of any items or services. 
Avoid high pressure sales tactics. If a sales person ignores your objections , raises their voice or uses scare tactics, be wary. 
Learn more about your three-day right to cancel. For more tips, visit
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