Avoiding Infomercial Inconveniences

December 11, 2012
SACRAMENTO, Ca., – In those last-minute gift buying moments, an infomercial may be the inspiration behind a genius gift, but Better Business Bureau warns to think impulse infomercial buys through before giving out credit card information. 
“While infomercials can market some very unique gifts, it is important consumers research the seller just like they would any other retailer,” said Gary Almond, president of BBB serving northeast California. “Check out the complaint history and read the fine print before buying.”
BBB urges consumers to consider the following tips when ordering from infomercials:

Be skeptical of embellished testimonials and phrases. 

Read the fine print. Find out what the shipping and handling charges are and just how many of the ordered product you are purchasing before disclosing credit card information. 

Ask about membership programs. Find out if what you’re buying is a one-time purchase or a monthly membership. 

Research the company. Visit bbb.org to check out the company history and complaint information.  

Get a delivery timeline. Request purchase confirmations and tracking numbers. 

Pay using a credit card and keep track of receipts in case a dispute of the purchase is in order.

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