In the News -- Business Owners: Don’t Get Scammed with Unnecessary Paperwork and Fees

October 01, 2013

Businesses can get scammed just like consumers can, BBB tells Doug Magditch of Nightcap News, CW33-TV, Dallas - Fort Worth. One example is official-looking mailings offering a service for a fee -- either something the business really doesn't need, or could do itself for free or for much less.

"Many business owners might just think it’s a piece of paperwork they overlooked," said Doug Magditch.

“Business owners and managers have a lot on their plate, lots of forms to fill out and reports to turn in,” said Jeannette Kopko of the Dallas Better Business Bureau (Dallas BBB).

The documents may look official, sound official, and might be for something you need to do. But you can probably get it done yourself for a lot cheaper. Make sure you check out the fine print.

“There’s probably something that says, ‘This is not from the government. This is not sent to you under any authorization by the government.’ Then you know it’s an independent company offering to sell you a service you can probably do yourself, maybe even for free,” said Kopko.

If you try to complain, the company might say something like, “We disclosed it to you. It says it right there on the paperwork.” So be sure to read the mailing carefully, especially the fine print.

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