BBB Scam Alerts
The IRS has issued an urgent warning about an old scam that has come back with a new twist.
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It never takes long for scammers to exploit the latest news. Just a day after the announcement that as many as 80 million customers of Anthem could be victims of a data b..
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Jacksonville, FL-BBB Serving Northeast Florida & The Southeast Atlantic is issuing warning about several tax related scams that are targeting consumers in our area. 1..
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Jacksonville, FL  The holidays are fast approaching and with them are scam artists desperate to grab a little extra cash during this special time of the year. BBB ha..
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Perfectly timed for the back to school frenzy, on August 20th, 2014 The Better Business Bureau Serving Southern Nevada received its first complaint against Scholastic Sch..
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BBB Serving Northeast Florida & the Southeast Atlantic is warning local metal recycling companies to be on the lookout for a scam that uses the Jacksonville BBB address.
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