BBB Tips: Watch Out for Phony Craigslist Job Offers

August 14, 2013
August 14, 2013 Jacksonville, FL -Recently, BBB Serving Northeast Florida and the Southeast Atlantic has profiled several employment scams that have originated on Craigslist. We were made aware of these schemes via unsuspecting victims who contacted us when they felt that something was just “off” about a job offer they had received. Unfortunately, con artists look for vulnerabilities and prey on those weaknesses and job seekers are an easy target. Desperate for work, the unemployed may make decisions in haste that can cost them not only time, but money as well.

BBB is warning consumers to do their homework when responding to job ads online. Always make sure you check with the business that is hiring to make sure they are responsible for posting the ad. Don’t provide too much personal information up front, you are putting your identity at risk. Also, always check out the business with the BBB to get an overall view of the company before responding. Here are some examples of common phony job schemes to avoid:

Credit Report Scam- Here's an email sent to a Craigslist applicant: Company would like to take this moment to thank you for your response to our Craigslist job posting, as well as inform you that, after reading through your resume, we are interested in discussing this job opportunity with you in person. In order to proceed to the next step of the hiring process you will need to get your credit score checked. The applicant is directed to a website where they will input personal information including name, address, social security number, etc.
Pay for Background Check Scam-With this scam, a job seeker is told a position has just opened up and an interview is conducted. The applicant is notified that they would be responsible for the cost of the background check. Then the applicant is told that they have to purchase pre-paid $75 Visa debit card to pay for the background check.
Pay for Software/Programs Scam-The company conducts a job briefing and interview. The company then explains that the applicant will need to buy programs in advance and say they will reimburse the candidate.
Phony Personal Assistant Scam- With this scam the applicant is told they have been hired for a personal assistant position for an individual/company that is out of the area. After completing a few menial tasks, the company will FedEx the job seeker a check to deposit in their own personal account with instructions to wire most of the sum overseas. The deposited check will bounce and the victim is responsible for the funds wired by the bank.

As always, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Any pressure to give information or money immediately without giving you time to do your research is a red flag. To check the reliability of a company or find trustworthy businesses visit

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