BBB Warns of Fraudulent Check Scam Using Local Business Name

January 31, 2013

January 31, 2013 Jacksonville,FL   BBB serving Northeast Florida and The Southeast Atlantic has received numerous inquiries about a company calling themselves SVF Solutions Corp. Inquirers allege that they have received an acceptance letter postmarked Madrid, Spain with a check in the amount of $1993.50 enclosed for mystery shopping services from the company. The letter informs consumers that they will be working as a Consumer Service Evaluator and instructs them to go to the company website to activate the check they have received and deposit it into their account. Consumers have reported difficulty with the website, and BBB received an error message upon our attempt to log on to the website. The phone number listed on the acceptance letter from SVF Solutions Corp. (904- 425-7357) plays a recording stating that the website has been changed to This website has fields to enter a job ID # and password, which are located on the mailing from the company. Both SVF Solutions Corp. websites are hosted by proxy servers and BBB has been unable to find any useful information about the website registrants. Checking with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations has yielded no information.

However ,a quick google search of the address listed on the mailings comes up with a record for Suwannee Valley Feeds, LLC located in Trenton, FL. The company has apparently been the victim of identity theft, a crime that is on the rise in the business community. BBB contacted Suwannee Valley Feeds, LLC and a company representative stated that somehow this fraudulent company obtained one of their checks with processing information.Thankfully, their local bank caught on to the scam before any funds were stolen. The account in question has been closed, and Suwannee Valley Feeds, LLC contacted local law enforcement to file a police report. The company is aware of the problem and has been getting phone calls from consumers wanting to know if the checks are legitimate. Savvy consumers are also returning mailings to the post office box.

If you are contacted by the company calling themselves SVF Solutions Corp. please be aware that this is a fraudulent company. BBB advises you to contact the Postal Inspector at 877-876-2455 to file a complaint. You can also contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center at

BBB Industry Tip -The Check in the Mail Could Be a Scam

People from across the country are contacting the Better Business Bureau about notices they received in the mail claiming they have won a substantial amount of money from a sweepstakes or foreign lottery. Enclosed with the solicitation letter is a legitimate looking check for thousands of dollars to "help pay" fees involved with claiming the money. The lucky lottery "winner" is instructed to contact their "agent" before cashing the check, to activate their account. Then they are asked to deposit the check and send the money by wire transfer immediately to the so-called lottery company in order to receive the remainder of their winnings, which they are told range anywhere from $405,501 to $675,000.

Everything goes smoothly at first. The banking institution listed on the check is a real bank, and the account number and routing number on the check are real. The "winner" is able to deposit the check in their bank account without a glitch. However, a serious problem arises weeks later when the lottery "winner" is notified by their bank that the check is counterfeit, and the victim is told they must repay the bank the thousands of dollars they withdrew against the bad check.

While there are numerous variations to this scam, they all have one common goal – to get the targeted victim to cash the check and wire the money to the scam artist. Whether you are offered payment for something you're selling or being paid to do work from your home, if you are asked to cash a check and then wire money back, it is a scam!

The BBB along with the National Consumers League suggest that consumers keep the following in mind:

There is no reason for someone who is giving you money to ask you to wire money back;

Just because you can withdraw the money from the bank does not mean the check is good, even if it is a cashier's check;

If a stranger wants to pay you for something, insist on a cashier's check for the exact amount, preferably from a local bank or one with a branch in your area.

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