BBB Consumer Alert—Phone Scam Running its Course Through USA

August 18, 2011
BBB Consumer Alert—Phone Scam Leaves Auto-Dial Messages Stating Debit Card is "Locked"

Consumers in various parts of the country are reporting to the BBB that they are receiving auto-dial telephone calls on both cell and land line telephones with messages telling consumers that their debit cards have been frozen and they need to press 1 to correct the problem. As soon as they do that, it tells them to press 2 and enter their card number.

Our local Spokane man received a text message that his card had been “locked.” The text came from which is a spoofed email address that goes directly to scammers. If you respond to this email, and give your personal info, you are handing it over to the scammers and not an official entity.


BBB warns consumers not to fall for this scam, and to protect your personal information and not give it out. Don't reply to the email. Hang up immediately if you receive this as a call. If you feel you are a victim, report it to your bank ASAP, file a police report, and regularly check and monitor all accounts for any fraudulent activity. Report any erroneous errors ASAP to the proper sources. You will also want to file a complaint with the FBI's complaint center at: if you have compromised info.

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