Scam Targeting Savannah Consumers

July 14, 2011

If they called or emailed you —it’s not Publisher’s Clearing House!

By Ross Howard, Vice President/ Investigator

Please be advised Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH) does not call or email their winners, EVER. Our office received numerous calls from consumers that say they we contacted by phone from representatives who claim to be with PCH.

The calls have originated from these two numbers: 888-269-1882 or 516-726-6217. The web site has a listing of over 100 different numbers used in this scam. The two phone numbers above are among them.

Most of the scams are by phone call but some scammers also send emails to people hoping to dupe them into believing they have won the big prize from PCH. In most cases the scammer is looking to gain money by asking the victim to send as much as $3000 and the common excuse for the money is to cover taxes on their winnings. Of course this is a lie as you are responsible for filing a Federal 1099 form for winnings when you normally file your annual taxes and never asked to send the money to the company or the individual. The other common thread is phishing, which occurs mostly with emails. The scammer is gaining your private information such as bank account numbers or social security numbers for identity theft.

PCH is aware of the issues regarding their well known organization. In fact PCH has a facebook page for comments at and a toll free number (800-392-4190) to call and report these scams. Of course you may always contact us at to report any potential scams.