In the News -- Be Careful when Responding to ‘Work at Home’ Job Openings

May 29, 2013

Some job postings promise good pay for easy work at home. "But you should know from the get-go, there’s a good chance a ‘work-at-home’ job posting isn’t as good as it sounds," said Doug Magditch of KDAF-TV, Ch. 33, Dallas - Fort Worth.

“If you hear about it on Craigslist or one of the on-board postings, that’s something you want to be a little more careful about. Something can get on there and before it’s discovered, you may get taken,” said Jeannette Kopko of the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

Scammers often say something like “we’re a company located outside the United States. We’re looking for someone to process payments for us.”

You get a check from the company and they tell you to cash it. You keep your 'payment’ and wire the rest to the company. "Problem is, that was a counterfeit check," said Doug Magditch.

“They make the checks look very genuine. With today’s technology, they can get a check from anywhere and then make one that looks almost real. The bank may accept it at first, it’s only when it goes through the system that you find out it’s counterfeit,” said Jeannette Kopko.

“When you do that, you end up losing your own money. You have to make it up to the bank,” she said.

Doug Magditch listed some other things to look out for: a company that asks you to forward packages. They could be stolen goods. Also, you should never have to pay for training.

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