In the News -- Employment Agency Robocall Scam

May 14, 2013
Watch out for robocalls that seem to be from an employment agency looking to hire for well-known companies. The calls may turn to a live person who tries to get your information to sell career training.

Doug Magditch of CW33-TV in Dallas - Fort Worth talked to Jeannette Kopko of BBB in Dallas about the scam.

"You’ll get a call from somebody who says they found your information online. They’ll say it was from a job survey and ask you if you’re looking for a job. Most people, at some point, have applied for a job online, so there’s a chance your information is out there," he said. 

The caller may mention a business like Walmart, and ask you questions like your name, education, and salary requirements.

"It’ll seem like a preliminary interview, but they’re really just phishing for your information," Doug Magditch said.

That’s when the conversation changes. They’ll ask if you’re interested in returning to school or continuing your education.

What they’re looking for is to get your information from you and sell it or sell you something that you’re not really looking for.

“We think what they’re really doing is a sales lead collection,” said Jeannette Kopko of the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

If you get one of these calls, hang up. Don’t call them back, and don’t give them any information.Really, if you’re wanting to continue your education, look for it on your own. Don’t sign up with somebody who calls you.

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