In the News -- Online Coupon Scams

March 18, 2013
Online coupons can be great deals but some are too good to be true, warned Doug Magditch of CW33-TV. Scammers could be phishing for your information or cash, said Jeannette Kopko of BBB in Dallas.

Great deals with coupons are out there on the Internet. But coupon offers online that are too good to be true are probably just that -- scams instead of genuine offers, reported Doug Magditch of CW33-TV, Dallas -- Fort Worth.

The scammers could be phishing for your information or your cash.

“There are some real coupons that you can print off of your computer, but I think anything that’s a really really high return, like a $500 gift card for participating, that would be a sign that it may not be legitimate,” said Jeannette Kopko with BBB serving Dallas and Northeast Texas. 

"Scammers know you’re looking for a deal because you’re looking for coupons. It kind of makes you an easy target," said Doug Magditch. "Don’t be an easy target."

Watch out for any offer that’s way more than the others. Manufacturers won’t be giving out their products for free. If you find something for 75 percent off, it’s probably a scam.

If you do respond to a scam coupon offer, said Kopko, "you'll get unsolicited texts, things that are going to try to draw you in to other things that are going to cost you money."

If you think a coupon is a fake, check out the Coupon Information Corporation. It has a long list of reported counterfeit coupons.

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