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Hall Chevrolet

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7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Problems with Product / Service7
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

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Complaint Resolution Log (7)
08/25/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

GMC Sierra 1500 front right window glass was broken and audio/nav system was stolen. Owner paid deductable and **** insurance is paying the rest.
2009 GMC Sierra 1500 was turned into Hall Chevrolet Body Shop for estimate on July 21, 2014. Estimate was for ***** Damage included broken glass in front passenger door, damaged front passenger weather stripping, dismantled center console plastics, glass in door, and broken glove box mount. Vehicle was also dirty from black volcanic fingerprint dust from crime scene investigators. Vehicle was taken home and brought back for repairs on July 22, 2014. Shop estimated completion on July 25, 2014. Owner called shop on 25th and they said they were not going to be done until Monday 28th. Owner called on Monday afternoon and the shop said it was done but they had to clean and wash vehicle still. Owner returned to shop to pick up Tuesday 29, 2014. Owner instantly noticed front passenger weather stripping was new but damaged during installation and vehicle was extremely dirty still. After showing chevrolet employee owner noticed the center console plastics were missing numerous pieces. Chevrolet employee said they would take care of it right then. They proceeded to take the old parts off previous center console plastics and installed them into dash. While completing this owner noticed the passenger door was still full of glass. Hall Chevrolet technician claimed it was the sound of the new window power regulator that he had to install. The window regualator was not previously broken. Owner requested to take the truck, but did not want to pay for services as they were done incorrectly. Manager explained to owner the balance of **** had to be paid before they could release vehicle. Manager assured all repairs would be done and no further expense would be charged to owner or owner's insurance. Owner paid the **** balance and returned to truck. After returning to truck member showed manager damages to be fixed. Prior to leaving owner noticed the entire glove box had been replaced instead of just the mount. The glove box lock was not installed and there was a hole in center of glove box. While driving up to front of shop owner also noticed the 4WD service light was on and the 4WD selector was not working. The glove box and 4WD issues were brought up to the manager and the 4WD was fixed on the spot. The lock for glove box had to be ordered. Owner was told to bring the vehicle back the following Tuesday August 5, 2014 when the parts would be there. While departing the shop ownered noticed the power door locks in the two front doors did not lock after accelerating. Owner tried using keys and power door locks on doors but the front doors never worked. After arriving home owner locked the doors using keys and opened the front driver side door (as it didn't lock) and the vehicles alarm went off, but was barely audioable and made strange horn noises. After securing alarm owner tested horn and there was no response. Member then proceeded to attempt to set off alarm on front passenger door using same steps. Front passenger door failed to trip any alarm. Owner immediatly called manager ****** ******** back to report the additional damages that he had discovered. Manager assured owner that those would be taken care of. On Monday August 4, 2014 afternoon owner called Hall Chevrolet and asked if parts were in and if he should bring the vehicle in. Hall Chevrolet assured owner parts were in and they would be ready tom complete the repairs on Tuesday 05 August. Owner dropped off truck and used shop shuttle services to get to work. In the afternoon on Tuesday August 5th owner call Hall Chevrolet to see if truck is ready. Hall Chevrolet says the truck is not ready as they are waiting for some parts to come in still. Adjuster speaks with owner and says they need approval from insurance company to complete work on alarm and door locks as the damage wasn't in original estimate. Damage was a result of poor repairs. Owner asks to pick up truck, but is denied as it is taken apart. Chevrolet will not provide rental and manager won't answer.

Desired Settlement
I want my vehicle to be repaired to the standard it was prior to the theft and damage without **** insurance paying for damages caused by body shop poor workmanship. I would like a rental car paid in full by dealership to use while I dont have my vehicle. I would like reperations in some form for having to find alternate means of travel for an extended period of time and being given false promises. The unethical treatment of the owner and Insurance company is unexceptable and should not be permitted. Hall Chevrolet is abusing the absence of **** adjuster for its own personal gain at the expense of owner and ***** I am forced to continue to do business with Hall chevrolet as they still have my vehicle and repairs are not yet complete, but i have already paid deductable.

Business Response
As for the complaint that Hall Chevrolet takes advantage of **** because they do not have an adjuster present please note that all "Open Shop" assignments that are received from **** must have the estimates reviewed and approved by **** before any repairs can begin. In addition any supplemental damages must also first be approved by **** before we can continue repairs. If at any time **** questions a repair estimate or supplement request **** will send out their own field adjuster to inspect the damages. With that being said, there were some repair concerns that needed to be addressed after *** ******** picked up his vehicle on 7/29/14. All of those concerns were adressed and taken care of. Because the customer had been inconvenienced we did agree to diagnose and trouble shoot for free the reasons why the front door locks did not work and why the horn alarm would not sound. It turned out that the door had a blown fuse and the horn was old and worn out. Not related to the break in the damages. Again because the customer was inconvenienced the Body Shop Manager replaced the door fuse and purchased and replaced the horn at no cost to the customer or ***** **** nor the customer was billed for the additional work or part. In addition, for his inconvenience, *** ******** was alo offered a free oil change by the Body Shop Manager the next time he wanted to stop by. I believe that Hall Chevrolet and our Body Shop Manager acted in good faith and did everything possible to expedite the repairs and compensate *** ******** fo the inconvenience. Thank you, ***** ******* Director of Body Shop Operations

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

11/25/2015Problems with Product / Service
04/13/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I am writing seeking help with a car deal that has gone wrong. I purchased a 2008 Lexus from Hall Chevrolet Chesapeake. 3412 Western Branch Blvd, Chesapeake, VA XXXXX on April 28, 2015. When I first saw the car it had a flat tire. I went back 3 days later and they said they fixed the tire. I took the car home and 1 week 1/2 later the code came up with the tire needing air. This is still going on. I have taken to the dealership several times and they don't know what is wrong. The head mechanic (*****) said they have tried everything but can't fix the car. My payment is $612.00 and I suppose to ride around in a car with a constantly leaking tire? The car set 4 1/2 weeks in my driveway part of May and June. I became ill and had to get on medical leave May 18, until 7/20. I had to get the car towed to Chesapeake. I had the donut tire put on the car and was told I couldn't drive it especially that far. Well bought the car home and the problem continued. I have had 2 police officers check it out with the car manual and the first thing they told me that the tires were on wrong. The two wide tires should have been in the back and the small tires in the front. You can see how the tire has been rubbing on the car and you could hear the noise. Hall still want me to keep driving after telling them the officer told me that was a safety hazard and it need to go back to the dealership. Well I took it on July 24th. They were supposed to keep the car to try to find out the problem. The Friday before that I was there with the car and the mechanics told me they didn't even have parts for Lexus cars and my question was why would you sale them? They said they didn't even know how to work on them. When they were supposed to keep the car they only did what I put in an email to them about the tires and they were finish less than an hour. So that means they did nothing to see why this keeps happening. The car had a nice car fax but I believe something happen to that car that was not placed on the car fax. Something is wrong underneath with the wheels or something. I just know something is very wrong with this car. I trusted this dealership so much that I told my children about them and they went over and purchase a car. I was impressed with the young salesman ***** ****** but later found out he didn't keep his words. He lied to me and on me and my son and was supposed to have been speaking with the head sales manager and didn't. I didn't appreciate that from him since I thought I was helping him with our business. But I can't afford to make that payment while the car sits in my drive way. I don't want to kill anyone on the highway nor do I want them to kill me if the tire blows out. This is very dangerous and I have spoken to the salesman, service manager, corporate office and nobody seems to be caring about me in this car that is not working properly. I spoke with the bank that finance the loan and they told me to take the car back and tell them I need to trade out of that car since it had some terrible issues. You can see by my emails I'm including that I have tried to work with them but this is too much. Since I have been sick for a while I still have an opportunity to take a short trip. I can't drive that car out of town and I should be able to drive it anywhere I want to. Now I am driving my sons old work car that doesn't have air conditioning. How right is that? I need a car that works properly and is safe on our streets.

I would appreciate help. I just got off the phone with the General Manager for Chevrolet (**** ********* He is telling me to bring the car back and let them fix the sensors. All that has been done and he is telling me I will have to pick up the negative equity to trade it in. The car has been giving me the same problem ever since I had it. I don't have time to keep trying to get air in the tire. I don't even drive it at night because of this problem. Then he had the nerve to say this is the last time but they never have fixed the problem the first time. This is not the way to handle business. The customer is supposed to be satisfied but how can I be satisfied with a car that isn't drivable 24-7? I just got the car and it's been down like every other week. I have to keep putting air in the tire. They take the tire off and can't find a hole but the rubbing makes the tire goes flat. Please explain to me how I suppose to be SAFE in this car? I feel this is an unprofessional way to run a dealership. As many times that car has been back to them they should be glad to get me a better car. The main thing I told they salesman I wanted a retirement car. I'm trying to retire in 6 years or less but wanted a good car. This car won't last that long. Mr. ******* also told me this my last time I purchase a warranty and they haven't never fixed the real problem. Now that it has taken so long I feel that instead of making their dealership look bad they need to take the car back and I be hassle FREE. I have had enough problems with entire situation. The tire was flat before I bought it. They lied and said it was fixed and it wasn't and still not. It is August now and they are dragging their feet and everybody is lying. So whatever is wrong with the car was wrong before I bought and I believe they already knew it had a problem. What I can't understand is how the inspector passed *** car in April with the tires on wrong? All the Head salesman could tell me they should have caught that but that was how the car was traded in. He was sorry. That isn't enough to say to me. Now that right there lets me know they are not checking for problems and not even trying to fix the problem after telling them what is going on. I'm just tire of their mess now and I want to be treated RIGHT AND FAIR!

I need a car that is safe to drive and that one isn't. I feel like I'm throwing away money when I have to make the payment because I'm not getting out of the car what I'm paying for. I feel that Halls is being very negligent with me riding in this car with the problem that it has. Please assist me with this problem. I just don't know how they could treat me or anybody else like this. Safety should be very important to a dealership. My safety isn't their concern and if that tire blows if I live to get out of that car they will have a big problem to deal with. I'm seeing myself begging but yet I'm paying and what they sold me is unacceptable now. They have proven to me they don't know how to fix the car. I also wonder have I damage the problem more with trying to drive it. That is why I have stopped driving it. Now that is a shame. Also when I took the car over to leave it on the 24th of July they said the car was ready and didn't keep it. I ask if they test drove the car and they said yes. When I got in it and started driving the alarm was on. I got out and looked all around the car and I drove it back to the service door I was told wax was left and the sensor was picking it up. But if they test drove the car why didn't they hear the alarm? This car is not safe for anyone to drive in my opinion!!!

My home number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. My work number is XXX-XXX-XXXX ex.XXXXX. My email address is ***************

******* ** *******

Business Response
Hi *******,

Ms ******* complained of a low tire. We replaced the tires AND the sensors free of charge. Please see the attached records documenting the money we absorbed. The service manager and the general manager assure me that the vehicle is safe to drive.

Thank you,


Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
When you purchase a car the safety of the car is very important to the buyer. They didn't care about anything but to get the car off the lot. I went through too much for that being a new car for me. This was to been my retirement car. The senzors are still going off. Transmission is dragging. the lock on the driver side on the back won't unlock. This was a problem when I first got the car. I have never been satisfied and if the car was inspected like it should have been then they would have know the tires were the wrong size. Both keys needed atteries. No full tank of gas and ot only me but both of my children bought cars. You would have thought since I bought them business I would have been treated real good. They promise 2 fifty dollars gift cards that I never received. The sales manager promised that I would get them. I don't have time for repairs at a costly price. This car is a lemon and they knew that. Tire was flat when I saw it. So it doesn't matter about what they paid. They should have paid that in the beginning before anyone saw the car so it would have been in a safe condition before they tried to sell it. I have bought somebodies else's problems and that is not fair to me. I paid for warranty but they can't fix nothing on the car. Then they worry about what the Lezus dealership will charge!! Don't sell nothing you can't fix. With all the problems from the beginning and still having problems I feel like they could have treated me better and my son who didn't received his second keyless entrance key. This is a car dealership that needs to be closed. They get over on people and right out STEAL from you. My car payment is $616.00 a month and what I have is a lemon. I have noit taken this car on a family trip because of the problems it has. What kind of life am I having with this piece of junk? They shouldn't be allowed to sell you anything that they don't want. The young man who sold me the car was a liar. He said h would have gotten that car for his mother if she hadn't just got a car! She wouldn't have wanted that at all. I have been told by other car dealership they could have did something with that car besides keeping me with it because I wasn't satisfied and had a right to not be with the car haven't problems befoire I bought it. That was so dirty of them. And I still would like to have something decent to drive that I'm not afraid to drive. I still don't drive at night. People are too mean for me to be out and get hurt for being on the side of the road. I shouldn't have to live like this. I need another car! I would not recommend them to anyone. I have taken too many safety classes to know how you are suppose to feel safe in your vechicle. They could have did a better job with me. I had some more people who was interested in coming to gedt a car but I couldn't do that to them. Bad enough doing it to my children was bad enough. My daughter is having trouble with her tires. I feel that they don't do inspections well at all. I need a car to feel safe in....

Final Business Response
******* ******* is being sent her gift cards as we speak.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
What kind of response is that? Today is the 22nd of Feb and they could have put the gift cards in regular mail and i would have received them in one day but they don't tell the truth about anything. I shouldn't have had to put this in a complaint letter. They offered it to me for my children buying cars from them. Both of my children have had an issue with their car purchase as well. The customer is supposed to be satisfied with their purchase. When I first really started complaining was with the corporate office before seeking outside help and they pretended they were going to help and try to get me out of that car. Nobody is honest when dealing with Halls from the salesmen, sales manager, the GM and in corporate. They are all dishonest!! This is not the way to conduct business. When I took the car back they should have notice the tires being too big if they properly inspected the car. The recall that was on the car fax was not done. It didn't get done until the car was taken to the Lexus deaership. I want a car that I don't have to worry about if a problem comes up that the dealership can fix. Hall can't fix the Lexus. It will have to go back to the Lexus dealership. I have paid for a warranty from Halls for NOTHING! Halls don't take their business serious. They do people any kind of way and think you are suppose to accept it when they are dead wrong! At this date right now I have not taken that car on a trip and still will not be out at dark driving it. They said they replaced the senzors and that is a lie. they still go off and I'm getting someone to help me with that. I still have tire problems and I'm just so hurt of still having problems. All I have done was inherent somebodies elses problem. I am to retire in 5 years. This was to be my retirement car and it can't be nothing but what it is a LEMON!. They have no business selling anything besides Cheverolates. My daughter's car had to be worked on and Hall couldn't do it but left everything on her to get her car done but my daughter called Halls and told them she bought the car from them and they need to take care of what has to be done and arrange for her rental car. They put everything on her to do. Her car is a Jetta and they can't fix that either. They don't believe in being responsible for anything. It is a shame that Halls keep getting away with taking people's hard earn money just because they want to make a deal no matter how BAD it is. They need to take this Lexus and do what they do best and I need a decent car to buy since my car payments should be for a new car or I probably could get a cheaper rate than what I have. It just makes no sense for them to keep being in business when they don't care about people who make purchase's from them. You don't hurt people when they are buying anything especially a car. I need them to do much better than some gift cards that they are still lying about. They need to make things right with this bad car deal. looking at their website I'm not the only one who has had a bad experience with them. They need to be held accountable for their actions from the saleman on up. Stop lying and be honest!! If their mechanics told me there was something wrong underneath the Lexus and they felt my pain because they didn't even have Lexus parts and couldn't fixed the car. So now what do I suppose to do? I want them to handle my problem and they can take this car and do what they want. I want to be satisfied and I haven't never been and they know that but refused to do anything but continue to lie and say those few words like they have done in their response. They need to be put out of business operating in such a poor manner. They have wasted my time because they need to take the car back and I need something relieable.

10/16/2014Problems with Product / Service
03/06/2014Problems with Product / Service
02/27/2014Problems with Product / Service
10/04/2013Problems with Product / Service

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