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Has your nonprofit already earned the right to display the BBB Accredited Charity Seal? If you've met all 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability, but haven't yet joined the BBB's Seal program - we'll be glad to tell you what's involved! To learn more, just email us at or call 212-358-2873. The Seal is a valued trustmark that instantly communicates your charity‚Äôs high standards to potential donors. Program participants may display the Seal in fundraising solicitations, websites, and certain other venues.

The BBB Foundation is proud to announce that 254 charities now participate in the BBB Accredited Charity Seal program. Participation in the Charity Seal program is wholly voluntary. All BBB charity reviews are done free of charge. Once a review is complete, eligible nonprofits are invited to join the Seal program. There is a modest fee for use of the BBB Accredited Charity Seal, scaled to the nonprofit's size. Seal-holder charities must stay in compliance with all 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability. Current charity reports can be viewed on our website at



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