BBB Tips To Avoid Wedding Day Blues

July 14, 2014

A wedding is one of the most exciting events one can plan. Unfortunately it can also be the most stressful. Working with multiple vendors can be hectic. A couple will find themselves signing multiple contracts with varying clauses, conditions, and a lot of fine print. This opens the door for oversights and misconceptions. What is Better Business Bureau Serving New Mexico and Southwest Colorado’s advice? Relax, take your time, and do your homework!

The first step is checking out each vendor thoroughly. Check with BBB and get a copy of the company’s Business Review. Ask potential vendors for references and examples of work in cases such as photographers and florists. Remember that it doesn’t always pay to go with the cheapest company. Sometimes the lower price is due to less quality products used or shoddy craftsmanship. Use your head when choosing vendors and not your heart. Review each contract thoroughly paying close attention to cancellation dates, deposit requirements, and guarantees.

One of the most common wedding related complaints that your BBB receives are product issues. The product can range from limousine service to floral arrangements. Many contracts contain a clause that states if the desired product is unavailable, a suitable backup may be used in its place. In general, this doesn't sound like such a bad thing, but when the product is the white limousine that you’re supposed to leave the church in, things can get sticky. What will the limo service do if the car you have reserved breaks down that morning? Will they send their party bus in its place and if they do, is this something you would consider suitable? Be sure to define what a suitable backup is in your contract and never make verbal agreements. Make certain that everything discussed is in writing.

Consider getting wedding insurance. It may sound silly but a simple, inexpensive policy can help mitigate your losses from a no-show photographer or a venue that abruptly goes out of business days before your wedding. At the very least, use a credit card to pay for services. If there is a problem, a credit card company will often allow you to withhold the charge to investigate the issue.

Start With Trust and let BBB be there for you when planning your big day. Contact our office in Albuquerque at (505) 346-0110 or in Farmington at (505) 326-6501.