Keeping Your Inbox Free of Spam

March 28, 2014

Albuquerque, NM - Remember when your e-mail account was new and the only messages you received were from trusted sources? If you’ve had your e-mail address more than a few months or if you’ve used it to sign up for services somewhere then you probably receive your fair share of spam mail. Better Business Bureau Serving New Mexico and Southwest Colorado would like to offer you some tips to keep your e-mail account free and clear of spam and also protect you from harmful viruses that many times makes its way into our computers via spam.

Preventing Spam

If you’re lucky and don’t receive much spam or perhaps you were fed up with it and just created an entirely new e-mail account then you’ll want to protect your e-mail address. Try these tips:

1. When signing up for a service, look for an “opt out” option for receiving e-mails on sales and special offers.

2. Consider having a second e-mail account to use for things like checking out an unfamiliar website that requires you to register. You never have to check the e-mail in that account but you will find that it frequently fills up with spam.

3. Avoid signing up for things such as daily deals, horoscopes, and other free services. Many times the e-mail addresses used for these are sold to companies that market similar products. Sometimes those lists wind up in the hands of dishonest individuals or companies that will target you with phishing e-mails, viruses, and malware.

4. Consider investing in a mailwasher program that will weed out the annoying spam before it gets to your inbox.

Preventing Viruses

1. Never click on links in an e-mail unless you’re 100% sure who the sender is.

2. If the e-mail is in a foreign language, just delete it.

3. If the e-mail asks you to call and verify personal information, rather than call the number listed in the message, contact the company at a trusted number obtained from a more reliable source such as the phone book or the company’s website. Never trust the phone number that came with the suspicious e-mail.

4. If you receive an e-mail telling you a prize winning or foreign inheritance is awaiting your approval for shipment, don’t respond. This is a scam.

5. Keep your antivirus software updated and run a full system scan weekly.


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