Safe, Secure and Approved Places to Visit Online


BBB promotes trust and confidence on the Internet by allowing businesses with Web sites to display the BBB Accredited Business seal online following confirmation of their adherence to the BBB Code of Business Practices, including its online standard. 

These sealholders are BBB Accredited Businesses. As part of the accreditation process, the business has been determined to meet truth in advertising guidelines, to disclose information about their business and its policies, to follow basic privacy and security practices, and to respond appropriately to problems that arise.

Search the database of online businesses that have met our standards for trustworthy Web sites to find the goods or services you need. And when you see a BBB Accredited Business seal on a Web site, be sure to click on it. The seal should link to a page confirming the business is BBB accredited. Be cautious if the seal is not linked to a BBB page confirming accredited business status. It could be a sign of unauthorized use of the mark.