Alert - Western Shipping Express fraudulent Business Review

August 01, 2013

Hamilton, NJ – Aug 1, 2013. The Better Business Bureau Serving New Jersey is advising consumers to verify the identity of any business that offers work-at-home positions via email or job posting websites. 

Savvy consumers have been contacting the BBB of NJ about East Brunswick company called Western Shipping Express hiring  transportation assistants”.   The website displays the BBB logo and an A+ rating.  The use of the logo is licensed only to accredited businesses. Western Shipping Express has never been accredited by any BBB. The company’s  use of the federally registered  BBB logo constitutes trademark infringement. Additionally, it represents false and deceptive advertising further escalated by linking of the logo to a fake BBB Business Review.

Consumers were surprised when they wanted to verify the status of the company did not find it at, the BBB system national website. Following consumer inquiries, on August 1, 2013 the BBB has created a report on the company and gave it a rating of “F” . Key steps to verify if a company is real or not  include checking a firm’s BBB Business Review from the only, and finding out whether a company is located where it claims to be.

The BBB of New Jersey has found at that the address at 197 State Route 18 Suite 3000  E Brunswick, NJ 08816 is a virtual office location. Virtual offices  are set up to create immediate business presence for a company with an unknown address. They take care of a client’s mail and parcels received at an impressive mailing address .

The Unites States Postal Service warns about receiving packages and remailing them to a foreign address at . Please note that  victims of the scam may be considered unwitting accomplices in the crime.


Western Shipping Express registered its domain on 07/23/2013 and has been contacting job seekers nationwide.

When consumers INVESTIGATE Before they INVEST, they do not get caught in the web of too good to be true offers, like secret shopper, lottery winnings  grants or 'money mule' scams.