Beware of “Talent Agency” Sales Practices

September 30, 2008

InterFACE Talent Network Has Pattern of Complaints from Connecticut Consumers-Receives “Unsatisfactory” Rating by BBB

Wallingford, CT - September 15, 2008– If you are walking through a shopping mall, someone approaches you and tells you your children “have the look” to be  models or work in show business, beware.

Connecticut Better Business Bureau has received more than a dozen complaints since July about a South Norwalk company, InterFACE Talent Network, that has been using this tactic to attract clients, leaving a trail of unhappy consumers who feel they were bilked out of money by high pressure sales tactics, undelivered verbal promises and cancellation issues.

According to CT BBB President, Paulette Hotton Scarpetti, “We have processed a significant number of complaints since July, 2008 and there is a clear pattern of questionable sales practices, advertising issues and cancellation problems. Parents should be made aware of these.”

While sixteen complaints about InterFACE were filed with Connecticut Better Bureau in July and August alone, 139 complaints were received by BBB serving New Jersey during the past three years against the New Jersey-based Industry Model & Talent Studios, which is run by the same principal as InterFACE, Roman Vintfeld.

BBB serving CT has given InterFACE Talent an unsatisfactory rating. The company also goes under a variety of names in Connecticut and New Jersey, including Industry Model & Talent Studios, LLC, Nijah Models & Talent, NIJAH, InterFACE World Group, and Interface SoNo, LLC.

According to the files of BBB serving New Jersey, complaints about Industry Model & Talent Studios allege that parents are approached by "talent scouts" from the business at shopping malls, sporting events, movie theaters, theme parks, etc. The "scouts" tell parents their children can be models/actors and then schedule a "free" screening at the company's office in Edgewater.

During the screening/evaluation, complainants claim they are pressured to schedule a date for a photo shoot, sign a contract, and make immediate payment (ranging from $500 to $1500). Complaints report that the contract has a clause that says the contract cannot be cancelled once the photo shoot is scheduled, but this fact is not made clear during the meeting.

Some complainants attempt contact the business within hours or days to cancel the contract and request a refund, but are denied by the company. Others who complete the photo shoot are asked for additional fees (ranging from $400 to $1800) for posting photos online, producing composite cards, and/or providing photo negatives.

The business responds to BBB complaints by saying they delivered the services for which the customer paid. In some cases, the company offers free online membership to the customer. In other cases, the business eventually provides a refund.

InterFACE Talent Network operates a number of websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Though visions of stardom may blind some people, consumers should steer clear of high pressure sales tactics and promises, and check companies’ Reliability Reports at