Victims of Tech Fraud Targeted Again by Scammers

October 19, 2012

The BBB Serving New Jersey is issuing a warning regarding a new scam targeting victims who have already lost hundreds of dollars.  Following  the U.S. District Court Judge order  to halt seven alleged tech support scams,  the already fleeced  consumers are being contacted by phone with offers of purported compensation.  The same people are now targeted again by bogus refund companies.

The BBB has learned that the callers appear very credible and have a lot of information about the person they are calling. They inform the victims about the US Court order against the company that defrauded them by “servicing their PC “ and claim they are ready to offer a refund  if the consumer boots his/her  computer.  

“To target those individuals who have already lost hundreds of dollars in the first scam is particularly cruel” - said Melissa Companick,  President of the BBB Serving New Jersey.   “We are very concerned about the way the fraudsters  are now targeting the vulnerable victims of the original tech scam, taking advantage of the publicity given to the recent government action. “   

The BBB urges anyone who has been contacted in connection with either the original virus removal scam or the fraudulent offer of compensation to contact the Federal Trade Commission at 877- 382-4357, and The Internet Complaint Crime Complaint Center at  

The Federal Trade Commission action can be viewed at