President Obama is Not Offering to Pay Your Utility Bills
A new scam is sweeping the nation by claiming that President Obama will pay your utility bills through a new federal program. FirstEnergy Corp. customers in several states have reported the scam, and se..
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Don’t get Steered into Paying Extra for a Rental Car
Gasoline prices have dropped for the 10th week in a row and are closing in on $3.50 a gallon, according to AAA. This just may be the perfect time for a road trip! Better Business Bureau recommends tips ..
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BBB Warns Consumers of Fake Computer Repair Calls
BBB has received calls from consumers who have received phone calls from individuals asking to gain access to their home computers.
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BBB Warning: Utilize Caution if Dealing with Home Improvement Sales Contractor Rick Warner
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Nebraska, South Dakota and southwest Iowa is warning consumers to be cautious if working with home improvement sales contractor Rick Warner.
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Be Proactive – Use Your Cell Phone Carrier’s Data Limit Protection to Your Advantage
Children and teens can easily go over their cell phone data limit playing games, surfing the Internet and downloading music. When it comes to monitoring your child’s cell phone and data use, there are e..
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Don’t Get Heated by High-Pressure Door-to-Door Salespeople
After receiving hund..
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Watch Out for Unauthorized Charges for Credit Reports
Check your credit and/or debit card statements closely this month. Consumers nationwide are finding charges for $19.95 or more for credit reports they never ordered.
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Is Financial Literacy Low?
During Financial Literacy Month in April, Better Business Bureau reminds consumers to keep track of their credit, debt and sensitive financial documents.
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New Round of Malicious Complaint Emails Claims They Are from BBB
Your BBB is issuing an urgent scam alert cautioning about an email that is purporting to be from the BBB about a complaint concerning an "unauthorized transaction." This is a new twist to the ongoing BB..
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Need a BBB Senior Line Magnet or File of Life?
BBB's Senior Line Magnets and File of Life Magnet are a service for seniors in our service area to help protect them against harm.
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