Top Five Mistakes to Avoid in Donating to Typhoon Haiyan Relief
As the public’s attention and hearts are focused on the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, BBB Wise Giving Alliance advises donors to take steps to avoid being taken by questionable solicitors or was..
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Don’t Be Haunted by a Halloween Purchase Gone Wrong
Pop-up stores and websites offering Halloween costumes and deco..
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Protect Critical Infrastructure During Cyber Security Awareness Month
As increasing cyber threats challenge the nation’s infrastructure, such as power plants, power lines and emergency response systems, Better Business Bureau (BBB) and your State Attorney General’s Office..
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BBB Announcement: Still Operating Despite Federal Government Shutdown
BBB Announcement: Still Operating Despite Federal Government Shutdown In light of the temporary shutdown of the Federal government, we would like to remind you that all 113 local, independent BBBs acr..
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Subscribers Taken for a Spin by Phony Invoices
Keep an eye on your magazine renewal subscriptions. Consumers all across the country want others to avoid payment to Associated Publishers Network (APN) - a renewal subscription "business" claiming an a..
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Pirates Across the Seven Seas Bewail Better Business Bureau’s 100+ Years of Service
An anonymous pirate, speaking on behalf of pirates, rogues and thieves around the world, today bemoaned the Better Business Bureau’s 100+ years of service advancing trust between businesses and customers.
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9/11 Anniversary Reminds Us to Donate Wisely
Twelve years after September 11, 2001, Americans remain deeply moved by the tragedy of that day and generously willing to aid those who still suffer from the impact of 9/11 events.
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New BBB in L.A. Wins National Award
Better Business Bureau Serving Greater Los Angeles, which is less than four months old, is being honored with a prestigious 2013 Summit Award from the American Society of..
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Find a Reliable Auto Mechanic
When your vehicle needs repairs, you don't need a crash course in auto mechanics, but you should know how to find a reliable shop and mechanic. Better Business Bureau and the National Institute for Auto..
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Bogus IDBS Bills Designed to Defraud Businesses
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is issuing a nationwide alert on IDBS, a nebulous online firm which purports to be a provider of web design, website development, and e-commerce services. The BBB has de..
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