BBB Advice: Steps to Take to Avoid Receiving Unwanted Calls
While more than 150 million numbers have been added to the National Do Not Call Registry, the Better Business Bureau continues to get calls from people who aren't aware of this resource. The registry be..
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BBB Study: Debt Collection Industry Thrives, Complaints Soar
“They threatened to try and take my disability away,” one complainant said of a debt collector, and another said they “threatened to file criminal charges of check fraud” and contacted my friends saying..
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BBB Updates Advice for Recipients of Phishing Email Claiming to Be a Complaint
The email scam using the Better Business Bureau’s name continues to proliferate across North America, and even to some overseas addresses. Most of the emails carry the famous BBB torch logo and come wit..
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Got An Unwanted Gift? BBB Advises Shoppers To Check Return Policies Carefully
No matter how hard you shop for the perfect gift, occasionally the item is the wrong size or color, or it simply doesn’t meet the recipient’s desires or needs. To minimize the hassle of post-holiday re..
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BBB Alert: Don't Click on Suspicious Email From
Consumers across the country are complaining about an email they received from what appeared to be
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BBB Holiday Hints for Smarter Spending
Shop or donate online only on sites that use technology that encrypts your personal and financial information before sending it for payment processing. Encrypting sensitive information makes it inaccess..
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How You Give is Just as Important as What You Give – Give Wisely this Holiday Season
Whether you’re giving money, canned goods, used items or your time, BBB Wise Giving Alliance reminds donors that how you give is just as important as what you give.
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Don't Let Online Spooks Play Tricks on You
October is the season for ghosts, goblins and ghouls. Unfortunately, they’re not all friendly like Casper nor are they like neighborhood kids ringing your doorbell in search of treats. Instead, you need..
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BBB Advises Debit Card Users to be on the Lookout for New Fees
Better Business Bureau is alerting consumers that they may be seeing new fees on their bank statement for using their debit card.
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BBB Advice for Making “Golden” Gold Transactions
With the price of gold at an all time high of more than $1,700 per ounce, Better Business Bureau is advising consumers to do their homework before making tempting gold transactions.
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