Homeowners Tricked into Overpaying for Their Deed
Homeowners nationwide are receiving letters asking them to pay upwards of $80 to obtain a certified copy of their property deed. What the mailings don't mention is that deeds are available from the coun..
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Be Cautious of Online Penny Auction Sites
Online ads, often designed to look like news reports, are cropping up on popular websites claiming that you can get great deals on iPads and other electronics with online penny auctions. The discounts o..
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BBB Warns of Text Message Promising $1,000 Gift Card
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Nebraska, South Dakota, the Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa is warning about huge numbers of consumers throughout our BBB’s service area and the entire country ..
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BBB Alert: Websites Selling Fake Goods Lure Cyber Monday Shoppers
This Cyber Monday, be extra careful when buying online. Even the savviest online shoppers are finding themselves stumbling onto websites selling counterfeit goods. Arecent study conducted by Nielsen dis..
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Clicking 'Like'? You are Helping Spam Go Viral
The newest Facebook spam is probably clogging up your newsfeed right now. You've seen them: photos that have thousands of "likes" and a caption that promises something amazing. Despite what these pictur..
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Detect Sales Disguised as Charity Donation Requests
Near Veterans Day, consumers across the United States contact the Better Business Bureau to vet charities and other organizations soliciting on behalf of military members and veterans; however, not all ..
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Don't Let Online Goblins Play Tricks on You
October is the time of year for ghosts, goblins and ghouls. Generally, you will find them haunting houses, and graveyards. However, today you can also find them on the internet. The Better Business Bure..
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HELP!! These Telemarketers Won't Stop Calling Me!
"Who is this? Are you a telemarketer?" If you can narrow it down to what state the telemarketer is calling from, you may wish to contact that state's Attorney General. You should also contact the Fede..
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Twitter Taunts Lead to Maleware, Not Facebook Video
Twitter users, don't fall for this! A new scam uses direct messages to tease potential victims with a link to an embarrassing Facebook video. Try to view the clip, and you'll download a virus.
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Fake Attorney Website Sparks FBI Investigation
Be extra careful when hiring a lawyer, or you could end up giving away personal information and money to a scam artist. The FBI is warning attorneys and their clients to be on the lookout for scam websi..
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