BBB Issues Business Warning about Aliyah Rose Home Furnishings

April 10, 2014

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Nebraska, South Dakota, The Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa has issued a Business Alert - warning Aliyah Rose Home Furnishings, a Lincoln, Nebraska based seller of wooden bookcases and other furnishings has been the subject of unanswered complaints to the BBB. It has had a store in Lincoln and also marketed items on the Internet. Customers in several states reported that they had made full online payments for merchandise and received nothing after waiting for months.

Recently, BBB received a complaint from a consumer that had paid the business by credit card for half the cost of a bookcase she had ordered. One month later, the consumer found unauthorized charges to an electric company on her card. An investigation by the credit card company revealed that Aliyah Rose had used the consumer’s credit card to pay for its electric bill.

BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning orders placed and paid for by consumers that have not been received. Consumers have trouble contacting the business for response. In the past three months, the BBB has presented ten complaints for non-delivery of items purchased. Complainants are seeking refunds of amounts ranging from $115 to $1300. BBB has made numerous attempts to contact the company regarding these complaints and until recently, has refused to respond.

“BBB has advised company owner Isaac Herron that the company's failure to respond and resolve the complaints has resulted in this BBB Business Alert and that the BBB will refer the complaints to law enforcement authorities requesting appropriate action on behalf of the customers,” stated BBB President and CEO Jim Hegarty.

After learning that the BBB was issuing this alert, Mr. Herron stated that he has stopped operating the business. He indicated that the websites are no longer active and the store is closed. He acknowledged that he has not been responsive to the BBB regarding complaints but stated that many of his customers have been taken care of and have received credit for purchases, either from him personally, or through cooperation of his payment processor and their respective bank or credit card company. Mr. Herron further stated that he will cooperate with the BBB in the future to resolve outstanding complaints and refunds.

Aliyah Rose Home Furnishings also called Aly and Company and Aliyah Rose Inspired Children’s Furnishings marketed its products through multiple websites. Its location in Lincoln was at 5221 S 48th St in the Sutter Place Mall.

The January/February 2014 edition of “Buy Lincoln” magazine has an advertisement for Aliyah Rose at 4724 Prescott Ave. In the ad, the name Aliyah Rose is printed on its awning. A google search by BBB found the same picture online as the one that is in the “Buy Lincoln” ad. The picture seems to have been “photo shopped” to look like the business at the Prescott address. A BBB investigation found that there is no business currently open at that location, and the name Aliyah Rose is not on the awning, but BBB has learned that a furniture store called Faire Joli is moving into this location. The retail space for Faire Joli has been rented by Isaac Herron, the same person who owned Aliyah Rose. The BBB will be monitoring this location to determine if Mr. Herron intends to reopen his business using a different name.