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Thrasher, Inc.

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Customer Complaints Summary

11 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 5 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service10
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints11

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (11)
06/28/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I wanted the problem fixed properly. over time i will have the same problem again. I feel it is not fixable with this company
on or about ******** they came to fix my basement wall. they had to dig holes outside my basement wall to secure the wall. I was told all the dirt would go back in the hole with the sod on top. Everything looked fine until it rained, I had a foot sink hole in two of the 5 holes. After mowing my yard, I noticed that they threw the dirt that did not go in the hole under my neighbors yard. (About 5 wheelbarrows) Thats a lot of dirt. I carried dirt to the holes. Another rain more sink holes. carried more dirt. another rain I called thrashers and wanted the problem fixed. After complaining a couple of times, they would fix it on thursday ******. I would take the day off from work and make sure they did it right.(dig the dirt out and properly stamp the dirt down and make sure it all went it the hole.) I got home from work at 4:35 on ****** thrashers was at my house and just put dirt in the holes without fixing the problem. I had no time to talk because I had to do a ******************* and go to work at 5, I also work part time. they were to be at my house on the **. when they left they took the dirt with them, it should of gone in the hole if done properly.They had no business taking the dirt with them. Now if they fix the problem I cant tell if they do it right because the dirt is gone. over time I will have more sinkholes. other people told me they had this done and all the dirt does go back if done properly.The representative told me the dirt does go back all of it. I feel like I have been taken advantage of because I am a single female. coming on the **** tells me that they are sneaky. I paid good money for this **** dollars. **** in check and the rest on credit card. I have been ripped off. sick thinking about it. tired of talking to them, one secretary even told me the dirt should all go in the holes. thought of his makes me sick

Desired Settlement
since the problem cannot be fixed because they took the dirt with them, I cannot tell if they do it right or make it worse. I want reimbursed for the problem and more sink holes that I am sure to have.

Business Response
This is in response to complaint # *********. This longtime Customer contracted with Thrasher in *********** to install wall anchors to support the foundation of one wall of her home. The contract was executed on *************. The project was completed by Thrasher on **************. Subsequent to the installation, the Customer was unhappy with the work because she stated there was excess dirt around the work area.

After the Customer called our office to voice her complaint, Thrasher immediately scheduled time to go to the Customer's home to review her complaint and resolve it. Thrasher was scheduled for ************. On ************, a crew had time to go to the Customer's home to resolve the issue. We take complaints very seriously and do not like Customer's to be unhappy. The crew thought the Customer would be happy they were arriving a day early but instead the Customer thought that there was an ulterior motive---there was not. The wall anchors were installed correctly and the work was impeccable. In this case, we would agree there may have been more dirt than normal for some reason but we rectified the situation and thought that had resolved this Customer's complaint.

The Customer also states in her complaint that "I feel like I have been taken advantage of because I am a single female." Thrasher does not take advantage of females--single or married. This is a very offensive statement as it could not be further from the truth. Thrasher helps many families, single men and single women on a daily basis. We do not treat any customer differently due to their race, gender or marital status.

I have reached out to the Customer and believe that we have reached resolution to her complaint. I am just sorry that she had to submit a complaint to the BBB when she could have simply called Thrasher again to relay her concern. We always listen to our Customers as they are why we do what we do.

09/12/2016Problems with Product / Service
08/09/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

This company says its the best but its far from! The work was done sloppy and not professional. They have had to come back several times now.
They put in drain tile and well ducts from my window wells. The workers left concerte on the floors and walls, scratched paint, and all over did messy work. I also wasnt informed that an outlet was my responsibilty once the sump pump was installed that was just assumed. They pounded in nails half way into the walls. I had the project manager come back out to look at their sloppy work and he acted like it was an ok job but had them come fix several things. Then not even a wear later i once again have water in my basement after getting new carpet and drywall. I had to run fans and a dehumidifier for almost 2 weeks down there before anyone could come look at it. Then when they did I was told that there was no way that the carpet pad could be dried and it pry was from my cats. Talk about rude and insulting! So they did a water test and said there was a pin hole that could of been causing the leak and foam was also in the way but everything should be good now. I do not recommend this company to anyone. They are expensive and not personal at all!!

Desired Settlement
I feel like the job was not done right and I still am going to have problems. Im not happy with the way my basement looks. It looks poorly done so I wish there was some way to fix it but I feel its too late. I also think I should get sometime of compensation for the leaking and having to run fans etc for 2wks due to their faulty system. The job was done poorly from the start and for Thrasher to be calling themselves the best they are far from it!

Business Response
We would like to acknowledge the concerns addressed by ***** to the BBB. Upon receipt of the complaint, we immediately called ***** to address her concerns.

***** explained that she has not had any leaks since we sent a Service Technician to her home on ********; she knows that we flood tested, and is confident that this is fixed. She is not happy, however, with the grey window well duct on her white concrete wall, and feels that this was not adequately explained in the sales process. We offered to remedy this for her by painting the well duct white, and she agreed to consider it.

***** called later to ask us to remove the CleanSpace liner from her walls. We agreed to do so, and to patch her walls where needed. Our customer service reps are working with ***** to get that scheduled at her convenience. Our Director of Field Operations, with whom ***** has been communicating, will be on-site to make sure that everything is handled to ******* satisfaction.

One main area of contention for ***** was that she was very offended by our Service Technician, who implied that the moisture was in part caused by her cats, in addition to the well duct leak. We apologized on his behalf and explained that he only said this because ***** herself mentioned that the cats were often "naughty" in the house. The situation has provided our Technician with a learning opportunity in that regard.

Thrasher is keeping lines of communication open, and is hopeful that this project can be resolved to the satisfaction of all.

06/13/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I have had water problems in my basement.
I have had water issues in my home since **** now. I have had thrasher basement out here numerous times every year to rectify the issue and they have not fixed the issue. Every time I call them out here they want more money to fix things that are not working in the first place. Now my foundation has numerous cracks and pipes have been busted that need to be fixed but they cant do anything about that they said. I paid them $********* on ********* and then $**** on ********** because they said it would fix the issue but it did not. I have more issues with my basement now than I did before they came out and did the work that they did to my house.

Desired Settlement
I would like them to just give me my money back. They did not fix the issues I have had with my basement.

Business Response
I have received and reviewed the Customer's complaint. At the outset of this response, I'd like the BBB to know that I believe we have been able to resolve the Customer's complaint. However, I still feel as though I should respond.

I am disappointed as the Customer failed to indicate that Thrasher has offered the Customer numerous solutions to their water problem, but unfortunately due to expense the Customer has not been able to resolve the problem in total. The Customer's property is located in a high water table area.

On ************ the Customer and Thrasher entered into a contract to complete work at the Customer's Property. The Customer was getting water and sand in their basement. The work was completed between the months of ********* through **************. Thrasher installed a full perimeter water guard, laterals and a super pump at the Customer's Property fulfilling the terms of the Contract. To Thrasher's knowledge, for three years, the Customer did not experience water issues.

To Thrasher's knowledge, sometime in ****, the condition of the Property changed due to the high water table. Thrasher and Customer entered into a second contract on ****************** for Thrasher to complete additional work. In *************, Thrasher installed an additional sump pump, drainage lateral lines and well ducts.

From ********* to **************, Thrasher received two additional service calls and tended to the calls. In *************, Thrasher attempted to enter into a third contract with the Customer but the Customer declined Thrasher's offer to complete additional work.

Thrasher did not hear from the Customer until *********** when the Customer complained to the BBB. Thrasher takes a lot of pride in its work and we value every Customer. We try to ensure that each and every Customer has a wonderful experience. There were outside circumstances that Thrasher could not control that continued to affect the work completed. We are just thankful that we feel that this has now been resolved.

05/23/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I feel the quality of equipment and lack of knowledge of employees where not good and because of it caused a lot of heartache, damage and time lost.
In *************** I walked down in my basement and discovered a small puddle of water on the carpet (the size of a dinner plate) and decided to be proactive and call who I thought would be the best to get it fixed before the snow melted and it got worse. A guy named *** ****** came here, inspected and came up with the best plan. I decided to have them put in a new sump pump as *** stated it would keep all water out of home. I agreed to pay ******* for this knowing their were cheaper pumps out there. Thrasher could not get me in schedule until ********* since they were so busy.Three days before the crew was scheduled to be there the entire basement was saturated with water. My kids and I vacuumed up the water as it continued to flow in. Called a contractor who said I have to buy a sump pump as this one was not working. Bought a cheap one for 3 days to get by until Thrasher could get there. We tore out all the carpet and got ready for them. The crew came out as scheduled. They did what I thought at the time was the job hired to do. After they left my son went into basement and noticed the floor drain was plugged with mud. I called Thrasher up and they immediately sent a tech out to inspect it. He said they did not plug the drain and I would need to hire a plumber, (the drain worked fine before they came and they dug a lot of mud to make a bigger hole for the pump.) He also said he did notice the pipes the guys just put in were leaking so had to reinstall those pipes. Few days later I was outside where the pump pipes drains into yard and noticed all the water going back into the house as pipe was not long enough. I bought a gutter extender and connected it thinking that would help. Now I was thinking all was working fine, put all furniture back in basement and on ******** I went downstairs and noticed water all over the basement again. Thrasher is closed on the weekends so spent 2 days vacuuming water up just so I could do it again as it kept coming in as fast as we could suck it out. Called Thrasher first thing Monday morning. Scheduler there said soonest she could get me in would be Tuesday afternoon. I asked if they could come out asap. She said no. A few minutes later she called back saying someone would be there this afternoon. I got my son to come over as he could be there and I was stuck at work. I expected a tech guy to come and figure out where the water was coming from and to stop it. But instead they send a sales person **** ******. He inspected the area and spent couple hours figuring out the strategy to stop the water. I spoke with **** on the phone as he explained his findings. When I got home my son went through the things needing to be done at a total cost of $*********. He highlighted the for sure things to be done at a mere $*********
Upset, I called a contractor for a second opinion. He came out immediately that evening and also inspected the same areas. He said that Thrasher is taking advantage of you. There is nothing wrong with the porch slope and showed me on his level. A little caulk in one corner may help. He was upset that the pipe leading outside was so short. All of the water goes right back to the basement. And if the pump is working there should be no water in the basement. He then went inside and noticed the plugged drain and said where did all the mud come from in here. I told him Thrasher did it when they installed the pump. He said I did not need all their fancy stuff just needed the stuff I have to be working properly and he would take care of it for me and it would not cost even close to their quote. I feel taken advantage of and upset I even called them in the first place. The cheap pump would have been the way to go and would have saved me a lot of money. I thought if you paid for the best you would get the best and this was far from the truth. Now we have to fix all the problems they created. I will not use Thrasher ever again and will certainly never recommend them to friends.

Desired Settlement
I do not trust Thrasher or their employees. It would be easy to say I just want it fixed but don't really want them in the house to mess anything else up even more. With that being said I think the only other solution would be a monetary one to pay someone to do it right and/or to refund the money paid to them.

Business Response
Better Business Bureau

RE: Case # *********

To whom it may concern:

This response follows up the customer complaint filed with your organization on **************. As President of Thrasher, Inc., our company takes great pride in our work and we go above and beyond for our customers to ensure their experience is satisfactory to say the least. At the outset of this letter, I would like your organization to know that this matter has since been resolved.

On **************, the day after this complaint was filed but prior to us receiving the complaint, the customer's son called our office and spoke to *********, Vice President of Thrasher. Her son indicated that he was frustrated for a number of reasons. He told Mr. **** that his mother's home had water in the basement and a contractor had told them things about the work Thrasher had done that upset the customer. The things that were said ultimately proved to be untrue, but at the time they upset the customer.

Mr. **** told her son that he would take care of things and immediately took action. Mr. **** arranged for one of Thrasher's employees to meet the customer's contractor that afternoon. Our employee explained to the contractor how water gets into the basement and why the customer needs the solution we proposed. After the meeting, the customer and contractor agreed that the solution Thrasher provided made sense.

Our employee gave the customer $****** to hire a plumber to snake her drain and also to go out for dinner at Thrasher's expense. She appeared to be very happy with this. On ******** our company is returning to complete additional work.

Unfortunately the customer submitted the complaint prior to speaking to Mr. ****. However, we are just happy that this is now resolved and we could help the customer to ensure that her experience turned out to be great.


President, Thrasher, Inc.

07/27/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Breach of contract
Had the salesman come out 3 hours later he gave me the price I signed the contract and paid the deposit.2 days later he came back and told me I owe over ***** more.The salesman dropped the ball it isn't a ****** mother of *.Nonstop phone calls this can become a legal issue.

Desired Settlement
Do the work I payed you for.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ************- President
Contact Phone: ************
Contact Email: ***************************

I am not sure what is going on here. I have no record of any price changes. Our records show a contract for $**** and that is it. We called to confirm the job and you confirmed. Not sure what the mix-up is, but we are scheduled to be there today to do the job.

The only thing I can think might have been brought up would be about the city of **************. They tend to be very picky about how jobs are done and maybe the Thrasher representative was trying to explain that they may require other work as part of this project, but I am doubtful that will happen. I am sorry for any miscommunication.

If your desired outcome is as you stated in your complaint, "Do the work I payed you for," then I don't think we are going to have a problem. Not sure why the BBB is involved, but I am happy to arbitrate if necessary to make you happy.

If there are other issues you are welcome to call and talk to me or any other manager within our company.


02/06/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Workers not cleaning up after themselves, items in home damaged.
Concrete that was broken up in my basement for installing anchors was not cleaned up. Finding pieces of concrete in window wells, in the front yard and all over my basement floor. Some kind of material was used to fill in wholes in my foundation, well that material was found on other walls (drywall) that was not being worked on. We had to sand the drywall down to get this material removed. Also dirty handprints were all over other walls (drywall) again that was not being worked on. Have shelves on my basement walls and was told many times that those would be fine and that the crew could work around them. Well sections of the shelves were taken down and damaged, unable to use parts on the shelves, alot of time and money went into building those shelves. With all the different people that I talked to with Thrasher I would get alot of I dont know about that I will have to get back to you, no one seemed to know about the products that was being installed and I felt taken advantage of. This is not my line of work so I am going to ask many questions and I expect answers.

Desired Settlement
I dont feel that I should have to pay full price for work that should have been done by their employees, instead it was work done by myself. My property was damaged and more work for me to replace.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: **** ****, C.O.O.
Contact Phone: ************
Contact Email: ************************
Since receiving a customer survey on ***** indicating dissatisfaction by the homeowner, numerous attempts have been made with no avail to contact her by phone and by email to remedy the situation.

In the meantime, we have issued a refund in the amount of $******, which was overpaid by the homeowner on *****.

We will continue to reach out to the homeowner, as it is our intent to reach amicable resolution on this matter.

We will gladly update this posting when that outcome has been reached.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I just received an email from Thrasher on *******, I am working on a response to them. The refund of $****** was for items that was purchased at the start of the process, it was items that we later found out that was not able to be used for the kind of anchors that were being placed into my basement. The refund had nothing to do with my complaint. A reply to Thrasher's email was sent on *******.

Final Business Response
After many attempts to reach the homeowner by phone and by email, the homeowner replied to us on ******* via email, indicating that is the best way to reach her.

We replied to her (via email) with two potential options for resolution ... either we could return to fix the shelves and reimburse the homeowner for cleaning, or we could reimburse her for both repair of the shelves and the cleaning.

We received no reply, but reached back out to her on the ****. On the ****, the homeowner replied that she would like to be reimbursed for both the shelves and the cleaning, and has asked for a few more days so that she can look into the cost for repairing the shelves.

We are now awaiting her response, and will reach out to her if we do not hear back by the end of the week.

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