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Xotic PC

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Customer Complaints Summary

40 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 20 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues6
Billing / Collection Issues2
Delivery Issues5
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service26
Total Closed Complaints40

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Complaint Resolution Log (40)
09/26/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I purchased a laptop, it does not work at all and the company will not respond to refund, resolve or replace this $*******.
I ordered a laptop from Xotic PC on *********, I paid additional money to have it rush build so I would receive it timely. I received this package on Tuesday *******. I notified Xotic PC on ****** the computer would not work, I was told an email would be sent in 24-48 hours to resolve the issue. After 48 hours I still did not receive any email. I called again on *******, I got an email saying I needed to complete a request to have a repair order for this laptop. The laptop did not work at all when I received it. I am asking for a return shipping label to return the laptop for a refund. I finally got a rep to answer an online chat, he said the issue has to be changed an rerouted for a refund. This has been a run around and I still don't have a working laptop.

Desired Settlement
I would like a return shipping label and to have my $******* refunded in full.

Business Response
Hi ****, I know you have been in contact with our Customer Loyalty Team recently, but I wanted to let you know we are sorry for the issues you've experienced and that we want to come to a resolution for you and make it right. If you would like to contact management, the email address is **********************. We

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I wish to withdraw my complaint. We have received a full refund. Thanks

07/06/2016Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Disregard for product warranty of defective product purchased from Xotic PC.
Purchased a ********************* laptop for $******** from XOTICPC with customizations (Order #*********) on **********
along with 3 Year Parts & LIFETIME Ltd Labor Warranty 24/7 Tech Support w/ LCD Accidental Damage Protection.
It arrived defective with vertical lines in the display. I submitted an RMA through XOTICPC and paid $** to ship
the laptop to ******** for repair. ******** has the laptop and is able to reproduce the issue but they
require payment for the repair because the laptop has been opened/customized. XOTICPC has not
arranged the payment and has ignored my requests for resolution.

Submitted an RMA request on ***********
***** - Xoticpc support asked for me to check the bottom of the laptop to confirm S/N
****** - I was finally available to check the laptop, sent S/N to Xoticpc
****** - ******** RMA instructions were sent to me from XoticPC but the RMA # was blank. I didn't notice that RMA # was missing at the time.
****** - I finally had time to package up the laptop for proper shipment and realized the RMA was blank. Sent an email asking for the RMA details.
***** - Received RMA instruction with the RMA# this time
****** - Shipped laptop to ********
****** - Received ******** receiving record for laptop
****** - I contacted ******** asking for status. ******** replied that they had been trying to reach me via email
I checked my junk mail folder not expecting these to be there since I had received the receiving record in my inbox.
They want me to pay for the repairs because the laptop has been customized.
Email from ****** *******:
Dear Customer,
Due to the lid of the laptop has been opened once.
Please see attached form for the quote.
If you deal with the quote, please fill out the form and email back to us.
Thank you

From me to XoticPC support (I also forwarded ********** emails):
I got an email from ********. They want me to pay for the repairs because the lcd had been modified by your company.
I have purchased a warranty from XoticPC for this laptop and it was defective upon receipt.
I want it fixed and I should not have to keep paying for a laptop that has still not been usable. I will forward the emails from ********.

*** After not hearing back from XoticPC, I chatted
Yes, are you able to check on support ticket *****?
Hello! Is there anything I can help you with?
I have an issue regarding my order *********
12:30 PM
It was defective upon receipt and I have an RMA in progress with you and ********
Hello, this case is under review, but I have not yhet received a reply
ok, well ******** wants $*** to repair it
I hope to hear back on it today\
that's because it's been customized by you guys
are you going to deal with ******** for me?
I have not yet heard back but I think that should be the case
ok, good. i've told ******** to not ship it back to me yet
I cannot guarantee anything live though
I have to wait to hear back on it
12:33 PM
i'll check back tomorrow
Sounds good, if I hear something before then I'll forward to you right away

*** After still not hearing back from XoticPC, I chatted with them again
Hello. I've got a status request on this one out, one moment while I check on it for you.
Its taking a ridiculously long time to get my RMA resolved
Sorry about the wait, my boss has been in contact with ******** on the issue, and they're trying to claim it wasn't a defect.
He agrees with you, that it certainly was their problem and that they need to fix it, unfortunately ******** has not yet agreed.
The matter has already been escalated and I hope to hear back a positive resolution on it. I do apologize about the wait,
and have attempted to convey to them your frustration at the time this resolution is taking in hopes that it will move things along.As soon as I hear something I'll be sure and reach out to you, if someone else has not by that time.
--- I've not heard anything back

Desired Settlement
I would like for the defective laptop to be repaired properly and shipped back to me in a timely manner at no charge
refund my purchase price of $******** so I can purchase a similar laptop somewhere else.

Business Response
We are sorry for the miscommunication and any lack of communication. It seemed the manufacturer did not understand the situation and we had to work with them over time to resolve the issue. This has been worked out with the manufacturer and this should be fixed and sent back as soon as possible. Sometimes the manufacturer will reach out directly but we encourage all of our customers to go through us and let us handle any of these issues. If there are any other issues please let us know.

07/06/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

**** Laptop has been sent out 3 times for repair in less than 2 years of owning laptop. Last 2 repairs have been unsuccessful. Poor customer service.
I purchased an **** laptop from XOTIC PC in ****. In **** after less than 1 year of owning the laptop, it had to be sent out for repairs (screen blinking). It was out for repair for 1 month. In early **** it needed to be sent out for repairs again. Again for screen blinking and now 2 additional repairs (headphone jack not working, and Wi-Fi adapter not working consistently). After receive the returned laptop back from the 2nd repair, while the screen blinking issue was repaired, the headphone jack and Wi-Fi adapter issues were NOT repaired. The laptop was sent back a third time for repairs. The third shipment was stopped at the local ***** facility by XOTICPC and a request was made to send the laptop back to me without out XOTICPC receiving it the third time to make the necessary repairs. There has been no communication for explanation from XOTICOC for 2 weeks. This laptop is still under a purchased extended warranty.

Desired Settlement
I would like my laptop that has been sent out for repairs 3 times unsuccessfully to be replaced with a brand new laptop of equal or greater value, quality, performance, and technical specifications. This new laptop should be covered under a new warranty that is extended for a total of 3 years starting from the date of receipt of the new laptop.

Business Response
We are sorry to hear of these issues. Unfortunately with any products there can be issues, that is why manufacturers provide warranties on their products. It is our job to ensure that these products are fixed and communicate to the manufacturer on your part. We have requested that the manufacturer replace the entire motherboard since there has been multiple failures. If you have issues with your product please let us know and we can work with the manufacturer. Currently your system is currently at **** getting the motherboard replaced. Again we are very sorry that these issues occurred, let us work with the manufacturer to get them resolved.

Consumer Response
My laptop was finally returned to me yesterday ******* and all seems to be fixed. ****** from XOTICPC helped turn this very bad situation around by staying on top of the repair progress and keeping the lines of communication very open. I only wish he had been involved from the very beginning as it might have avoided a lot of back and forth and lost time and expenses on everyone's part.

Final Consumer Response

06/17/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Shipped me a computer accessory item that was not adequately detailed on their web site and was missing a part and now they won't refund me.
I ordered a $**** ***************** laptop. Took about two weeks to ship and I was kept informed along the process. However, due to personal reasons, I had to place my order on a weekend using only the website, which didn't really provide enough details in my opinion.

The computer arrived and mostly works well. There are definite problems with the ****** wireless and **********...BSOD code 0x000001d8 (which apparently is due to ******** drivers), problems where **************** won't display at all (which is apparently due to booting when no wi-fi is enabled) and finally having DNS not resolve pages at times (workaround is disable bandwidth control on ****** wireless).

Overall experience with computer was decent other than above hassles. However, I didn't get to use the $** dollar USB laptop cooler I ordered until about 6 weeks after arrival. Once I opened the box, there was no cord for the USB. The only port on the cooler unit was a circular DC input. So either they sent me the wrong cooler or sent one without a USB to DC in adapter cord. Either way, it was wrong. Also, it was total cheap junk! Would have never ordered it if their website actually showed any photos of the accessories you're getting.

So, I contacted their customer support multiple times and they simply refused to do anything about it since it was beyond their return period. I buy a $**** computer from them, they ship me the wrong/missing-parts unit and they won't budge a lick. At this point, it's clear to me that they make their profit off selling ****** accessories that are intentionally not detailed or photographed on their site. It's like the profit car dealers make on the options.

I won't ever purchase from XOTIC again. This is terrible business tactics. I'll be sure that all of the guys in my gaming group also avoid this company if I have anything to do with it. Apparently it's worth it to them to stick me with this useless $** cooler rather than keep me as a valued customer.

Desired Settlement
I simply want my $** back credited to the card I used for purchase or via a pre-paid **** card. Either way. I am stuck with a worthless piece of trash.

Business Response
We are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the notebook cooler. We have returned it and processed your refund on ******. We do have images of the accessories on our website however we are in the process of making them easier to access. If there are any other issues please contact us and we will resolve.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Although I still think there are flaws in presenting information on their web site, they did go well out of their way to resolve the issue and were in constant contact with me until resolved. So, I accept their response.

04/21/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Total disregard by Xotic PC concerning a refund.
I placed an order on **********. A week went by without being able to contact them and having heard nothing. Finally getting through on ********** and after a few suspicious customer service issues I decide to cancel. This takes forever. I'm finally told that I should have a refund within 3-5 days, and my laptop has not gone into assembly. I should also be receiving a confirmation via email.

On **********, the very next day, I have gotten nothing from them via email so I contact them again. I'm told by the same rep that everything should be fine. He verifies that my order has not shipped.

********* " I just had one of them pull your cancellation ticket so it should be showing here in the next half hour or so". Meaning that it will be cancelled in 30 mins.

The rep then tells me that the order moved into assembly the day before. When I point out to him that he told me two days before, specifically, that it had not shipped. He tells me that he never said that. Here is a quote from him:

********* " Nope, it hasn't shipped yet - I just wante dto make sure. he supposedly checked" 09:38 *********

After I quote it for him he tells me that I can call him a liar if I want and then actually says he doesn't care. He mentions that I'm just interpreting things. So after quoting him directly saying two different things he says this:

********* " In any event, you can call me a liar - that's fine. I really don't have much left in me at the moment to care..."

He then hangs up on me. After a few attempts that don't get picked up I get an answer from *******

******* admits that he doesn't read through the chats with his customer service reps, but calls me a liar and says that he doesn't see any problems and only good customer service. Eventually he gets around to asking me what I want. I tell him that I want a refund in the time I was initially told. Which he agrees to:

******* "i'll get it up to our refunds team without a fee it'll be refunded within 3-5 days from today" 11:58 *********

Expecting a refund I start calling my bank every day for a few days prior to this. They confirm on every single day that they see nothing coming.

I wait a full 7 business days without having heard a word from them to get in contact with them again on *********. I get a different rep who tells me this:

"*********: I guarantee its already refunded and your payment source has just not processed it back." 11:59 *********

According to him everything is done on their end.

Seven hours later I get a refund confirmation that has supposedly been processed after 7PM on a Friday night, that same day of *********'. So apparently they've all lied and really don't care. The refund has got through just today. On top of that, the refund is for less than the full amount.

Desired Settlement
Acknowledgement that your employees lied noting all of the specific instances. (the quotes are already there).

Immediate same day transfer of funds for the full amount of the original order at XoticPCs expense.

Business Response
We are in contact with *****, There were several mistakes made and we own up to those and have communicated with ***** as well. We have worked out the details that have transpired through all chain of events and have given us much to work on. We feel like some of the communication was an honest mistake and the other issues have been corrected internally and have proven to be good training materials for future use. We appologize for the experience that you received and have refunded your account in whole. We would like to make up for the inconvenience and to thank you for the feedback that you provided by at least offering you a laptop at a deep discount even though this was not your intention or what you want. Again we appologize for the experience and will use this as a training experience going forward. Thank you again.

Consumer Response
From: ***** ********
Sent: Wednesday, ************** 4:10 PM
To: ***********
Subject: Re: Case **********-Xotic PC

Hello, thank you.
I would like to add this:

"XoticPC has contacted me directly and I consider the matter well-handled and resolved."

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10/03/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Got a laptop about 2 years ago from xotic pc, and when I got it, I had lots of issues with it not being able to charge.
Got a laptop about 2 years ago from xotic pc, and when I got it, I had lots of issues with it not being able to charge. When I contacted them, they said to have **** support help me fix it. after going back and forth I have no more warranty and have had a laptop that has not been able to charge at all. I always have to have it plugged in. on rare cases it would charge. but 95% of the time I would have to plug it in to use it. I recently opened the laptop up to see what could be wrong with it. On the side of the motherboard where the screw was suppose to be that held the motherboard down by the power connection. there was no screw. so it has been not secured for this whole time. I put a screw in its place and I was able to get the charge rate to work around 50% of the time, but it is buggy. I have spent around $***** on this laptop. not a laptop that does not function correctly. This whole thing has been a huge hassle to deal with and a major inconvenience.

Desired Settlement
I would really like to work something out with them. mistakes do happen I just don't want to be out ***** on a broken product.

Business Response
We apologize for the issues that you have experienced. I know that you have been working with our Customer Loyalty Manager to resolve those issues. If you want to contact our management team you can do so at **********************. Thank you.

08/01/2016Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Mislead, misdirected and delayed. I ordered nearly a month ago, have been given repeated inaccurate information, and my product still hasnt shipped.
Order number: *********

I've been mislead and given the runaround for weeks. It took days to process my payment, and I was told over the phone my order would probably get to me by the end of that week. I ordered three weeks ago now. I specifically ordered parts that were NOT on backorder, because promptness was important to me. I was never told my SSD was on backorder, and the sales page showed it was in stock.

When I called weeks later when my order was still in Stage 2, I was told there was a backorder on my SSD but that it would be shipped soon. I called again a day or two later to clarify, and was told the SSD was out of stock until ********. I complained about the lack of information and the fact I had been mislead to believe my parts were in stock, and said I wanted to cancel if the order could not be shipped soon, and that I would not be paying a cancellation fee because XoticPC misrepresented that the parts were in stock and I ordered on that basis. I asked if I could be given a list of other SSDs so I could order one that was in stock. I was told I would be sent an email with a list.

I never got the email, so I contacted customer service again, and they told me that my ***** was going to be shipped that day and that I would receive a tracking number when they had it. Three business days later there was no tracking number, so I contacted customer support again. Now they tell me my ***** still hasn't shipped and it is still in Stage 2.

Fast processing and delivery was important to me, but XoticPC has really dropped the ball. They should have at least informed me throughout the process, let me choose another SSD, etc. Instead, they've just delayed the process further by misleading me to believe my ***** would be shipped soon.

I will never go through this hassle with XoticPC again, and I do not recommend them. The only good thing about this situation has been that their customer service is friendly and usually pretty accessible. Unfortunately they do not actually solve the problems.

Desired Settlement
I want my order shipped, I want free rush delivery and free rush shipping, and I want an apology for the deception and a promise of better future service.

Business Response
We are sorry for the delay in communication after your order was placed. On your initial order when the order was placed it had a back ordered part with the ETA listed on the website. I would greatly appreciate it if you would send me a screen shot of your order in your account on xotic to ensure that you can see this even after the order was placed. I know the ETA was listed on the processor when the order was placed however I want to see how that got relayed to you. We appologize about the delay and we try to make these back orders more transparent for the customer. Again I appreciate you taking the extra time to help us in this process and your patience.

07/08/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

I paid for a laptop they didn't have in their possession. Claims it has been discontinued.
They take your money for a laptop they don't own. Then they place an order and wait for it to be shipped to them. Then they put in parts such as extra ram or a different hard drive. Then they ship it out to you. This process takes weeks apparently. It took them 8 days after they took my money to tell me the laptop I had ordered had been discontinued. I then picked out another laptop with slighly worse specs and paid $*** more and am still waiting. They offered to "rush" the production, but not rushed shipping or any compensation whats so ever. In fact they are trying to convince me the laptop I'm getting now is better. It has more ram, 64 gig instead of 32. But the Video card is only 3gb instead of the 6gb I had ordered for the other laptop.

At this point it's been 11 days and I don't have a laptop, and my new one hasn't even been ordered by the company yet since they are closed on the weekends. So If I'm lucky I'll have my laptop in another 2 weeks from now. $**** laptops shouldn't take a month to get it.

Desired Settlement
I want a refund for the $*** payment made to order a computer that is not the one I had originally ordered.

Business Response
We are sorry that we were not able to fulfill your first order. Our inventory fluctuates constantly and there are times when we run out of product after and order is placed. We work with several distribution centers to fulfill our orders and sometimes there are delays in hearing back. In this situation we ran out and so did all of the distribution centers. We offered you a similar laptop with the exact same specifications at a lower price than your original order, however you placed an order for a laptop with better specifications. I am sorry but we cannot refund you the difference between the original order and your replacement order because you ordered a significantly better machine. If you would like to get a similar machine we can get one for you even cheaper than what you originally paid. Please contact us if you are interested.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Can I upload the emails? Clearly they are trying to spin the story. This is not how it went. In fact the replacement l ordered was also ordered... Aka not in stock as they claim. So 2 for 2 laptops they magically don't have in stock... Because they don't stock any in house and send out for them all. They actually offered a more expensive laptop that I could pay for, a larger version of the laptop I had ordered, but I had to pay the difference.

Here is the first email I received after they had notified me they were out of what I wanted.

"Hello ****! Thanks for your email! :)

Are sold on the 15.6 inch screen or would you be willing to move up to 17.3inch ********? Below are the steps you would take to replace your original order.

First, I will have you find the model and customizations you want with the machine.From there proceed to checkout choosing the "purchase order" as the form of payment. (will not ask for payment details). For the purchase order leave your old order number and input in the comments "Per Xotic PC please transfer funds from order xxxx" Than go ahead and submit the order. If there is a balance due we will reach out to you for payment details. If a refund is due it will be applied 3-5 business days after shipment. "

As you can see, they didn't offer me a lower priced laptop, they offered me a more expensive version of the laptop I wanted and I would have to pay the difference. I can't help that this company is dishonest and lying to try and save face. They made mistakes and were unwilling to do what was write by the customer.

Final Business Response
We are sorry if there was any miscommunication. The ******** laptop was in fact cheaper, we included the part about "If there is a balance due.." Because if you would have customized the machine to make it more expensive then there would be a balance due. However if you would have picked the same customizations it would have been cheaper. **** explained this over the phone with you as well. The second laptop was not discontinued and was shipped out 4 days after the order was placed. We also explained that if you would have selected similar customizations on the second order as the first we could have worked on comparing the price however you wanted to go with the more expensive upgrades on the second order. We did include free RUSH service and a free bluetooth headset as well for the inconvenience. Again we appologize if there was any miscommunication.

06/13/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Laptop sent for repair to Xotic PC was returned with missing parts and no explanation. Attempted 2Nd rma with no such luck. Quite disconcerting?
I purchased my first laptop from Xotic PC in ********, but two months later it crashed and I sent it to Xotic for repair only to have it returned with a missing CD player and still not working. The device worked overnight installing ******* videos. Then wouldn't wake beyond a black screen. You haven't treated me well nor kept in contact, thanks for helping waste a few thousand tax payer dollar's. The better business bureau with all rating sites will hear of this.

Desired Settlement
I'm sorry, you sold me a broken laptop. *********. You lied and stole from me. It's been a month.

Business Response
We are sorry that the laptop got sent back without the DVD player. The laptop had to be sent to the Manufacturer to be repaired and they were supposed to send it back to us, unfortunately it was sent straight to you. We sent you a label to have it shipped back to us for no charge and have not heard back from you. We have been trying to get in contact with you through phone and email to try and get this resolved and still have not heard from you. We can get this resolved as soon as the laptop arrives at our facility. We will include some free items as well for the time loss since it had to be shipped to us again. We appologize for this and are trying to get this resolved as soon as we hear back.

04/12/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Company canceled sale after receiving my order for no justifiable reason.
On *************, I placed 3 order with them thru ******. They are #*******************, *******************, and *******************. The next day the Xotic called me 3 times violating ******* terms and conditions. Xotic wanted me to cancel my order in exchange for some game codes or a t-shirt. They provided no legitimate reason for this request. I was informed by ***********, Sales Manager, that they weren't going to fill the order. After contacting ******, I was informed that when a customer cancels an order, they cant leave feedback, but if the Seller (Xotic) cancels then I can leave negative feedback and they get reviewed and can face removal all together from selling on ******. 3 phone calls and 2 emails were sent to be trying to bribe me with the game codes so I would cancel the order that for unknown reasons wouldn't be fulfilled so they could protect there corporate image on ****** and I couldn't leave feedback. After filing a complaint with ******, Xotic canceled my orders. My Credit card has already been charged and the transaction and purchase complete. They just wouldnt ship the item. The only reason I can see is that once they received my personal information, they has some sort of discrimination against me as a person, I dont know. They have also done this to 3 other people that I have been able to find out so far.

Desired Settlement
I would like the the products that I have completed orders on.

Business Response /* (***0, 5, 2016/03/17) */
We appologize for this issue. One of our employees mistakenly updated a price in error when uploading information to ******. ****** states that as a third part seller that we are protected in these instances and have the right to not fulfill these orders. We contacted ****** immediately after we discovered this issue for them to advise of a direction. ****** directed us to contact you and either have you cancel the order, we could also cancel them ourselves or simply not ship the unit and after 30 days they would fall off. No money is transferred from ****** to us until an order ships and tracking information is posted. Since we did not ship the product there was no money collected on our part. I am not sure of what ****** does with the payment since the transaction is done on ****** and all money is collected by ****** and paid to the third party sellers after an order is shipped on a monthly basis. We wanted to contact you personally and explain the situation over the phone as emails can be emotionless and be construed. ****** instructed us to contact you as apart of their advice in handling the situation so that is what we did. We offered the unit at Cost with no markup and some promotional items to compensate for the error. Most companies would just cancel the order however we wanted to do something because of the error. This transaction took place on **********, all money is paid to ********** and we must abide by ****** rules and regulations when selling products on their website. We made sure to contact ****** before handling the situation to ensure that we followed their guidelines and handled it appropriately and to their guidelines.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The employee your referring to is your sales manager. ****** has multiple screens you have to pass through and confirm before the item is listed. Also ****** states you are to never contact the buyer by phone which you did multiple times. The only reason you wanted me to cancel the order is so I can't leave negative seller feedback and you tried to bribe me with a price you said was cost however over the phone I instructed your sales manager to check ********** for the same item and it was $*** cheaper than what you stated was cost. So where do the lies end? You just don't want to fulfil the order after you received all my information for whatever reason. HM discrimination much?

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