Misleading Advertising, Products and Services Middle TN Can Do Without - Feb 2014

February 05, 2014

BBB Identifies Misleading Advertising, Products and Services Middle Tennessee Consumers and Businesses Can Do Without.  Your Better Business Bureau has identified the following businesses as offering services and products, which have resulted in numerous complaints alleging misleading ads/offers, unsatisfactory services and misrepresented products.

Each business identified in this BBB Accredited Business /Media Update has been contacted by BBB concerning their business practices, unresolved customer complaints, and failure to discontinue the cause of customer complaints.

Dream Flights USA – BBB Rating: F
615.578.3000 & 615.630.1840 – 468 Forrest Park Circle, Franklin, TN 37064

Have you ever dreamed of taking loved ones on a scenic route up high in a hot air balloon? Dream Flights USA offers balloon rides in many states of the country, but don’t act too fast to purchase you’re flight from Dream Flights USA.

BBB has received numerous complaints that allege consumers purchased vouchers from Groupon, Living Social, or directly from the business for hot air balloon rides; however, several consumers indicate the company has failed to follow through with honoring the vouchers. The company responded to complaints stating they have five years to honor the vouchers and has provided several excuses not to honor them, such as thunderstorms, wind and rain. Many consumers feel as if their dreams have floated away because the company will not issue refunds.

Altius Management – BBB Rating: F
615.369.7725 – 1102 17th Ave S, Suite # 303, Nashville, TN 37212


Are you into creative arts and enjoy helping fund new projects? Before you invest in this crowd-funding campaign be prepared to not receive the promised product.

Crowd-funding investors allege over $25,000 dollars were provided to raise money for a project to produce a custom deck of playing cards.  After the fund raising campaign ended, participants were promised the product would be delivered shortly thereafter; however, after months of waiting the custom desk of playing cards has not been produced.  Complaints also allege failure of the company to provide accurate information regarding the status of the project when consumers became concerned with the delivery delay.

National Investigator Services aka AML Group – BBB Rating: F
615.752.5691 – 615.530.6761 – 615.752.5967 – PO Box 7227, Nashville, TN 37203

“Department of Investigations” or “Officer of the Court” are the titles this company uses to scare consumers into paying supposed debts. With threats of felony fraud charges, consumers are pressured via phone to provide credit card numbers to avoid jail time.  

BBB verified that this company is not properly licensed to provide debt collection services and is in violation of the Federal Trade Commission’s Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In addition, they have failed to resolve numerous complaints on file with BBB.

Personalized from Me to You – BBB Rating: F
888.689.6861 – PO Box 23, Alexandria, TN 37012  

We all enjoy buying loved ones personalized gifts, and Personalized from Me to You claims they can monogram almost anything you can imagine. Before you decide to buy the perfect gift from this company, BBB has some news for you.

Over 20 consumers have complained to BBB about this company’s customer service and delivery practices. Specifically, complaints allege that the business cannot be reached, and they fail to respond to email messages or telephone calls. Consumers also state they are unable to check on the status of their orders and have not received the promised merchandise in the time quoted by the business.

Grants Now USA – BBB Rating: F
888.502.2572 – 1960 Madison St, Suite J - PMB 329, Clarksville, TN 37043

Are you interested in starting your own business and need help with developing a plan? Grants Now USA claims they can help, but BBB has warned entrepreneurs several times about this company’s poor business practices.

Numerous entrepreneurs who paid for grant writing services complained to BBB alleging the company's customer service is very poor. Some complaints indicate the company fails to complete the promised business plan, or if the customer does receive the business plan, it is incomplete or poorly written. Other complaints allege failure of the company to deliver grant packages or issue refunds.  This company charges fees ranging from $199 - $349 for its grant writing services, but what the business doesn’t tell you is that grant information services can be obtained FREE OF CHARGE through the federal government.

Drum Supply House USA aka Drum Maker – BBB Rating: F
615.251.1146 – 800.639.3786 – 730 McFerrin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206


This company offers to “Build, Upgrade, Repair or Customize You’re Own Drums!” with “Friendly Service” and “Fast Shipping,” but nearly 40 drummers have contacted BBB claiming all you will receive from this company is “drums” of trouble!

BBB first issued its alert on this company in November 2013.  Consumers continue to complain that they paid up front fees for drum parts and supplies; however, the company fails to deliver the items as promised. All complaints indicate poor customer service in that the company only provides excuses as to delayed delivery and fails to follow through with stated promises.

Lexi Enterprises – BBB Rating: F
270.618.5266 – 919 Mayhew Rd, Scottsville, KY 42164

Does your car need a new engine? Are you having problems getting from point A to point B because your car is in need of repair? BEFORE you take your car to Lexi Enterprises, BBB wants to notify you of the company’s failure to take care of their customers.

Specifically, complaints allege consumers purchased engines and/or parts from the company, but upon installation, they found the items to be faulty. When trying to reach the business for assistance, numerous messages are left requesting a call back; however, the business fails to follow-up with resolution requests. Other complaints allege failure of the company to honor warranties.

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